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Aston Martin will present real F1 car at today’s launch

2022 F1 season

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Aston Martin will become the first Formula 1 team to present a genuine 2022 car at its launch later today.

Haas and Red Bull have already held their 2022 season launches, but neither showed its 2022 car in the flesh. Haas showed renderings of an earlier iteration of their VF-22, while Red Bull unveiled a show car in its new livery, and admitted the car they will race at the season-opener “is not going to look very much like this”.

Aston Martin will therefore break new ground with their launch this afternoon when it reveals its AMR22 in its genuine form. The team’s head of communications Matt Bishop confirmed on social media they will be “launching and unveiling our real race car”.

F1 teams are reluctant to reveal much of their new machines due to the significant changes to the technical rules which have been introduced for the 2022 season. Even with the first test of the new season less than two weeks away, the contenders are unwilling to reveal details of their new designs which could provide valuable clues to their rivals.

Following Aston Martin, McLaren will be the next team to present its 2022 challenger. However one team, Alfa Romeo, will not hold its launch until after the opening three-day test session at Circuit de Catalunya.

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2022 F1 season

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15 comments on “Aston Martin will present real F1 car at today’s launch”

  1. Good, finally a team really showing an F1 car this season.

    1. Yup, sort of exciting right @bascb

      I guess they don’t think that with a week to go teams can learn all that much from the general look of the car; like McLaren already said, they all expect a lot of development over the coming month’s so maybe with some bits shielded, or as earlier versions on the car, there’s not all that much risk to it, if the car is fully ready that is, it is after al still a week and a bit to the test/shake-down :)

    2. so eveyone can copy not very smart or its 1 of 5 teams who didn’t had it right… according the …..source somewhere in fia.

    3. Totally agree. the RB launch isnt even a launch. Its a concept car. Its not even worth paying attention to at this stage.

  2. opening three-day test session at Circuit de Catalunya.

    Wait, your Bahraini cheque didn’t clear? You’re not supposed to mention the totally-not-a-test happening in an undisclosed location!

    1. …the what?

  3. Ah, meaning their own car and not a Mercedes clone?;)

    1. Last year’s Mercedes isn’t legal to drive at this point.

      1. Lol wasn’t their 2019 car I think it was, too cloney to be legal too?

        It will be interesting to see how they’ve done making their own car again, and I do wish them the best.

  4. I expect a good improvement from the team, they have a good aero team around them, certainly good enough to be in upper end of the midfield fight as they have shown for season after season, with only a disadvantageous regulation change going against them last year. I expect they’ll take over the role Alpha Tauri played last year, annoying Mclaren and Ferrari from time to time. Their big issue is I don’t have a lot of faith in their driver line up, Vettel is capable of outstanding performances, but they are infrequent now, and Stroll is generally poor with the odd good race in him, he’s never developed any consistency in his performances. With Alpine having Alonso and Ocon, Mclaren Norris and Ricciardo, and Ferrari Leclerc and Sain, I just don’t see how they can beat them. They’re more likely to end up tusseling with Alpha Tauri whose driver line up is more comparative mostly due to Tsunoda’s inexperience

  5. This is good for us, a little bit of pre-season fun, but perhaps naive of them since everybody else hide their cars. Well, Mercedes probably knows every detail already anyway, but the true competitors may find it interesting.

  6. At what point have we got! Teams bragging about being honest and unveiling their actual car in the launch season.

  7. petebaldwin (@)
    10th February 2022, 14:12

    Watching the launch now. I’ve heard speeches given at funerals where people sound more upbeat than Stroll Sr. does on this. If a 12 year old gave a presentation of this quality at school, they wouldn’t get above a C. Really really bad….

  8. Well, it doesn’t look like the concept car, more notificable differences. Well done AMR!

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