Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2022

First pictures from the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix.

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8 comments on “First pictures from the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend”

  1. Wow Herbie Blash has aged

  2. I generally don’t get why people (voluntarily) over-dress in 20-something C.
    I’ve also wondered for quite a while why drivers sometimes dress in driving suits on pre-event Thursdays despite not doing any on-track driving on these days?

    1. Because they have to? (the drivers, that is)

      1. @miguelbento They only do that on random occasions rather than generally.

    2. Electroball76
      17th March 2022, 17:27

      Lewis is dressed up cooler than a DeLorean, so he doesn’t feel the heat!

    3. Anon A. Mouse
      17th March 2022, 18:29

      Some people don’t feel the heat as intensely as others. In an extreme example, in my 7th/8h grade days I would routinely wear an all black hoodie in 90F (32C) – 105F(40C) temperatures or higher. Partially foolishness, partially not feeling the heat. These days though, give me arctic weather.

  3. Is ist just me or is Stefano Domenicali slowly turning into an Italian Bernie Ecclestone?! ;)

  4. I luv chicken
    17th March 2022, 20:54

    Jean Todt always wore a sweater.

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