2022 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2022 Australian Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc leads the drivers championship by 34 points ahead of George Russell after the Australian Grand Prix, while Max Verstappen falls to sixth place.

F1 drivers championship after the 2022 Australian Grand Prix

1Charles Leclerc71
2George Russell37
3Carlos Sainz Jnr33
4Sergio Perez30
5Lewis Hamilton28
6Max Verstappen25
7Esteban Ocon20
8Lando Norris16
9Kevin Magnussen12
9Valtteri Bottas12
11Daniel Ricciardo8
12Pierre Gasly6
13Yuki Tsunoda4
14Fernando Alonso2
15Zhou Guanyu1
15Alexander Albon1
17Mick Schumacher0
17Lance Stroll0
17Nico Hulkenberg0
17Nicholas Latifi0

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F1 constructors championship after the 2022 Australian Grand Prix

3Red Bull55
6Alfa Romeo13
10Aston Martin0

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2022 Australian Grand Prix

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24 comments on “2022 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. What a weekend for Leclerc’s campaign. Neither Verstappen nor Sainz scoring a point and Russell now his closest rival.

  2. Charles must be pinching himself. He’s been brilliant thus far.

  3. I can’t find Vettel on that list or has he won it.

    1. I guess he wasn’t classified at the end, therefore not counting yet in the standings

  4. A big shame for the championship Max lost 36 points purely on reliability. It’s not ever yet, but 71-61 would have looked a lot better than 71-25.

    1. Absolutely, he’s been driving conservatively as well, aiming for the championship, too bad the car has terrible reliability, worse than mclaren 2005, at least that was the fastest car.

  5. Interestingly mixed up orders.

  6. What a weekend for Title rivals..

    LeClerc nearly 3x more points than Verstappen.

    Mercedes struggling so much they are actually P2 in both championships..

    And Ferrari nearly 2x more points than RedBull, only team with similar on track pace.

    This will be hard to beat now over a season.

    1. If you think about it, if you finish 3 races and the opponent finishes 1 it’s normal to have 3x the points, if in similar places.

  7. Charles Leclerc now has more points than the drivers in second and third in the championship combined. The last time this happened was Malaysia 2011 (Vettel over Button and Hamilton), although Rosberg equalled the points total of second and third in China and Russia 2016. The only other time since 2003 that the championship leader has had more points than second and third combined was Fernando Alonso in 2005, after San Marino and Spain. Before 2003, the different points systems made this stat much easier to achieve, and was completed over a whole season by Michael Schumacher in 2002 and 2001, by Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 (with the help of Schumacher’s disqualification), by Jackie Stewart in 1971 (who also equalled second and third in 1969) and by Juan Manuel Fangio in 1955. The stat would also have been achieved by Alberto Ascari in 1952, Juan Manuel Fangio in 1954 and 1957 and Jim Clark in 1963 but for dropped scores.

    1. @f1frog Thank you, I do love these stats.

    2. Another thanks

    3. RandomMallard
      10th April 2022, 13:08

      Wow that’s really interesting. Top work and another thank you

    4. Yes, I don’t count 1997, there was still a battle for the championship and hence schumacher’s score should count into this stat, otherwise it would look like a dominant season, it wasn’t. Otherwise interesting stat.

  8. Charles seems to be running away with it. I would have liked to see what he would do under pressure later on like Max or Lewis had to do last year but the Ferrari is too quick and Carlos sadly isnt doing a good job.

  9. Aston is in a worse place than probably Haas last year!

    Time to re-build with new drivers, new engineers, everything.

    1. I wonder if this is the first investment lawrance stroll lost on.

  10. RandomMallard
    10th April 2022, 13:17

    Russell looking very sneaky in P2 there. Shows that the consistent can trump the fast but unreliable (although I’m very aware we’ve only had 3 races).

    Nice to see some points on the board for Williams as well. Earliest points score in a season for them since 2017 I believe, being one race earlier than Baku in 2018.

    And Leclerc with almost double the points of anyone else, and as f1frog points out above, more points than 2nd and 3rd combined, and, after only 3 races, I believe a larger lead in the championship than either Verstappen or Hamilton had at any point last season (Leclerc is 34 points ahead, and I think the largest gap in 2021 was 33 points after the Silverstone Sprint). Looking very good for Ferrari so far.

    1. Well, if the reliability is this across the whole season I have no doubt mercedes will finish ahead of red bull, the only way they can recover is by improving it.

  11. @sumedhvidwans They seem to follow Toyota’s route. Massive amount of money and lot of promises and a huge team but still the results are miserable

  12. More stats from F1’s site:

    • Leclerc leads the drivers’ championship by a larger margin than anyone did during any point in the 2021 season – 34 points.
    • No Ferrari driver has led the championship by more than the points available for a single race victory (25 points) since Fernando Alonso in 2012 (though Alonso didn’t go on to win the title).
    • Leclerc took a grand slam today (win/pole/fastest lap/led every lap), making him only the second Ferrari driver in the last 18 years to achieve this. Alonso was the last to do it in Singapore 2010.
    • All four of Leclerc’s career F1 wins to date have come from pole position.
    • Ferrari have won three of the last four races in Australia – Sebastian Vettel did it for them in 2017-18.
    • Perez had never previously finished in the top six on this track in his nine previous visits.
    • Thanks to Russell, Mercedes maintain their record of being on the podium in every Australian Grand Prix in the hybrid era.
    • With Hamilton following Russell home in P4, Mercedes were the top scorers in this race with 27 points.
    • Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas came home in P8 – that’s the third time he’s finished eighth in Australia in the last 5 races here.
    • With P9, AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly secured his first-ever points in Australia.
    • Alex Albon took P10 – Williams’ first point of the year and their first in Australia since 2017.
    • Williams’ result means Aston Martin are the only team still to score in 2022.
    • With his Lap 2 retirement, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz ended a 17-race points streak and a 31-race finishing streak (both were the longest active streaks).

    1. I find the leclerc pole + win stat interesting, indeed he always looked like a better qualifier than verstappen in similar circumstances, and it’s quite impressive to always win from pole.

  13. Papa Stroll’s toys would be flung miles out of his cot is Aston Martin don’t score over the course of this season…

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