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2022 British Grand Prix championship points

2022 British Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 34 points from Sergio Perez after the British Grand Prix.

2022 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen181
2Sergio Perez14734
3Charles Leclerc13843
4Carlos Sainz Jnr12754
5George Russell11170
6Lewis Hamilton9388
7Lando Norris58123
8Valtteri Bottas46135
9Esteban Ocon39142
10Fernando Alonso28153
11Pierre Gasly16165
12Kevin Magnussen16165
13Sebastian Vettel15166
14Daniel Ricciardo15166
15Yuki Tsunoda11170
16Zhou Guanyu5176
17Mick Schumacher4177
18Alexander Albon3178
19Lance Stroll3178
20Nicholas Latifi0181
21Nico Hulkenberg0181

2022 F1 constructors championship standings

1Red Bull328
6Alfa Romeo51
9Aston Martin18

Standings with 10 out of 22 races complete.

2022 British Grand Prix

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23 comments on “2022 British Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Throwing away 13 points for Leclerc by keeping him out, it’s almost a brilliant level of messing up the WDC chances.

    1. Ferrari has honed this special craftsmanship for years

    2. This was even worse than Germany and Italy 2018, where Ferrari sat by as Räikkönen had zero care for the team interests. Leclerc must be beyond frustrated with the way Ferrari ‘handled’ this race. They somehow managed to mess the strategy up so badly that Leclerc finished behind Pérez; the guy who had to drive all the way from the back of the field.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        3rd July 2022, 19:17

        @cashnotclass – He’s be right to be frustrated but he also has to remember that he screwed up qualifying and it’s his own fault he was stuck behind Sainz in the first place.

        You can’t keep making mistakes if you want to win the title.

        1. @petebaldwin That’s true, but at the same time the team has to make a choice in this situation. They can sit by as Sainz holds up Leclerc to make him ‘pay’ for his mistake, but in doing so they risk losing the win to Hamilton. Or they can let both Sainz and Leclerc do their best pace by swapping them around, and thereby increase the chance of at least one Ferrari staying ahead of a then obviously faster Hamilton.

          1. Honestly I liked how ferrari handled the situation, with sainz aiming for his first win but being slightly slower, they asked him to do a 1.32.2, don’t remember exactly, he said 1 more lap, they said ok, he didn’t manage (.5), and they told him it’s not good enough and swapped, they seemed fair to both drivers.

    3. 13 point more 19 points if charles would win 25 point and Max got 6 points difference is 19 points (and the fast lap i didn’t included as he could get that one as well.

  2. Great result for Max with his broken car👌

    Amazing racing and fun today

  3. Did we actually find out what the issue was? Not a Max fan but He clearly had that wrapped up.

    1. @stjs16 His race engineer said it was bodywork damage at one point.

    2. Hé reported he drove over some debris.

      1. Haven’t heard all the post-race stuff but I thought it was floor damage.

        1. Yeah Max said he drove over some debris he couldn’t avoid that ripped his floor

  4. How Ferrari sold one more race! First driver without priority!? Charles gave them everything but his naivety and believing will cost him his life and nerves!
    Disgusting team who will not win any championship!
    They gave a limp driver to won!

    Lewis drove like a Goat!
    Clap for Fernando and Lando for trying! 👏

  5. The only way Max was not winning this race was bad luck.

  6. Ricciardo☠️ 15 points. Second to last on the road today.

    1. I think RIC is definitely on the way out of F1. His lack of performance this year, when benchmarked to Lando is unacceptable. GP2 driver….GP2 driver….

  7. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    3rd July 2022, 18:56

    Does really show a 46-point lead is absolutely nothing at this stage. Drive over 1 bit of debris and you lose 12 of that advantage. One more DNF for Verstappen and a P2 for Checo and he’s within striking distance.

    All this talk from the ‘experts’ about how it’s a done deal: we’re not even halfway through the season!

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd July 2022, 19:20

      No-one thinks it’s over – some just say it to try and plant the seeds that it’s an “easy win” for Verstappen to diminish any success he has. It’s miles from over yet.

      1. Not for all of us. The car is most likely the best overall in race trim, but he actually does a very good job, probably impossible to do better. Pretty sure he would have won today too.

      2. I absolutely consider the championship verstappen’s to lose and I don’t do that to diminish his success, considering he’s one of my favourite current drivers, it’s just that ferrari keeps proving time and time again that operationally they’re pretty weak (in this race simply talking about the leclerc SC episode), if you add that red bull has better development across the year there’s no way. I think leclerc and verstappen are pretty similar in driver’s strength and perhaps even the number 2 drivers are similar to each other, now that sainz improved.

    2. This happened to Verstappen but could have happened to any of them still on the track. Just unlucky at that moment. Bottom line, bad luck can cost you a WDC.

      1. If Max didn’t overtook Sainze (that happened just before hitting the debrie) then Sainz would collected that debrie ….

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