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Stroll: Seventh or eighth possible before hydraulic issue ended qualifying

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In the round-up: Lance Stroll believes he could have qualified as high as seventh on the grid at Zandvoort had he been able to take part in Q3

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Seventh or eighth possible before hydraulic issue ended qualifying

Lance Stroll believes he could have qualified as high as seventh on the grid at Zandvoort had he been able to take part in Q3.

The Aston Martin driver comfortably progressed into the final phase of qualifying but failed to complete a lap after the team discovered a problem with his car in the garage, leaving him tenth on the grid.

“It was a hydraulic issue,” Stroll confirmed.

“We’ve got to look into it. The main thing is it’s a bit frustrating we didn’t have that shot in Q3. I think here is such a track position race that it’s nice to really try and climb up as far as possible. And I think there was a P7 or P8 in the car.”

Correa podium “a long time coming” after return from life-threatening injuries

Juan Manuel Correa scored a second place finish in the FIA Formula 3 sprint race at Zandvoort, his first since returning to racing following a long recovery from serious injuries.

Correa suffered severe fractures to his lower legs, as well as other injuries, in the 2019 Formula 2 Spa crash that led to the death of Anthoine Hubert. His condition meant he was placed in a medically induced coma to ease his initial recovery and he underwent over 100 surgeries to fix fractures and muscle damage.

Correa returned to racing in 2021, scoring five points finishes in F3. Coming second at Zandvoort marks his best placing since the accident.

He said that “it feels very special” and that although he could be disappointed with second from partially-reversed grid pole, the result had been well-deserved after thwarted chances.

“Of course, I would have loved for it to be a win,” said the ART driver. “I think we were close but Caio [Collett] had a little bit too much for us today, but nonetheless, I think is a long time coming this year.

“We’ve been close, we’ve been a bit unlucky and the season was cut short with a fracture. So to come back and to be competitive in the last few races was our goal. So I’m happy about it and yeah, very emotional. Also, Zandvoort it is a very special event, an incredible track. So I’m thrilled to be here.”

Quotes: Hazel Southwell

Dirt on track ruined final lap – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo explained that dirt on the track kicked up by a rival car left him unable to improve his final qualifying lap, leading to his Q1 elimination.

The outgoing McLaren driver was knocked out in 18th in Q1, half a second slower than team mate Lando Norris in fifth. Onboard footage showed he passed through a dust cloud at turn 13 on his final lap of the session.

“The lap was decent,” said Ricciardo. “It was trending to be good enough to get me through.

“But [Lance] Stroll dropped a left rear on the entry of 13, I think, and brought a lot of dirt on the track, so I basically lost all the time there. And I think [Sebastian] Vettel was just behind me and actually he spun for the same reason and I think Lando was then two cars behind and he even lost some time as well. From what I was told. So basically that was where the lap got away.”

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With the Las Vegas GP circuit undergoing minor amendments to add more corners towards the end of the circuit, some racing fan offers this explanation.

The only reason I can think of is that there isn’t enough run-off area on Sands Avenue because the elevated Las Vegas monorail is situated right in the middle of it in that specific spot. Other than that, disappointing.
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12 comments on “Stroll: Seventh or eighth possible before hydraulic issue ended qualifying”

  1. Here in the U.K. Channel 4 reported that two flares were thrown onto the circuit. These people are behaving in a dangerous and uncontrolled manner with these flares. If the Dutch authorities cannot manage them, maybe the race should be taken away.

    More examples of unacceptable behaviour by so called Max fans, after Austria. Not that Max himself has anything to do with this.

    1. @phil-f1-21 During Sky’s coverage they said that the fan that threw the flare onto the track that caused the red flag had been identified and forced to leave the circuit.

      The 2nd one was on the track at turn 1 atfrom memory the start of Q3 but quickly rolled down the slight banking so was off the track without causing any disruption.

      Ted Kravitz also said that fans were been told over the PA system not to do it and that anyone found to be doing so would be escorted from the circuit and banned from coming back as well as been ineligible for a ticket refund. Same message was also displayed on the big screens.

      1. @stefmeister The 2nd flare was thrown onto the track at about 1:30 from the end of Q3. Fortunately it rolled off the track and didn’t need the session ending.

        Whether they’re Max fans or not, the F1 and the FIA need to get very firm over the use of flares before there is a major incident. Not only are they distracting, they could end up causing a Bradford fire type of incident.

      2. Well that’s something then @stefmeister. I just don’t see why anyone thinks this would be a fun thing to do. Idiots if they do this. The FIA needs to make sure these incidents are being dealt with.

    2. Let’s start with removing Silverstone from the calender then, seeing as ‘fans’ misbehaved even worse there.
      Didn’t get picked up by the mainstream media, but it was way worse than what happened at Austria and Zandvoort.

      1. Really? Because I’ve volunteered there since 2014, and have never seen anyone doing something as abhorrent as throwing a projectile onto the circuit.

        I’ve never seen or heard sexual or verbal abuse whilst there either.

        But yeah, of course, it’s a mainstream media conspiracy.

  2. I like Zhous’ superimposed picture with two pigeons. I have absolutely no idea what it’s going on. I guess the pigeons refer to the second phase of qualifying??!? Whats happening here? Why is he on the track? The fact it has had me staring at it for more than a minute means it’s surely better than the usual picture of a bike ride in the south of France at sunset that gets churned out.

    I have no idea what Zhou is on about – but I like it.

  3. We looked at the camera angles and Lewis was going through the pit lane when it happened. I don’t know if somebody threw it at him but it happened before he actually was at that point.

    So what’s Toto saying here exactly? Either he saw it was thrown at Lewis which would make the entire thing at least twice as bad.
    Or he doesn’t know and then it’s a very bad suggestion to make.

    I hope that the organisers get a grip on it with the security.

    They did (at least in case of that first flare), which should make more headlines. Both as a warning and as reassurance.

    1. The flare was nowhere near Lewis, it happened in the Arena part. Only one of the Williams I think was on track, and a few turns back at that.

      Also, they are not ‘cans’ they are paper sticks, like a rolled up magazine.

    2. So what’s Toto saying here exactly?

      It seems he is just trying to flare up the animosity between Max and Lewis fans.
      Or maybe a smokescreen to hide why their car wasn’t competitive at the start of the season.
      But I doubt that the local fans care as they are on an orange cloud with their man on pole.

  4. Lethal indeed.

    Zhou’s tweet is both funny & weird. Nice photoshop anyway.

    COTD: Ultimately, this is the only realistic & logical explanation (or anything runoff space-related), but still disappointing.

  5. I am highly impressed with Correa’s podium. This would have been a really important one for him given it was only about 3 years and 3 days since his tragic incident with Hubert and the serious injuries he incurred.

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