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Low-drag car should help Alpine in McLaren fight at Monza – Alonso

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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Alpine continued to extend their advantage over McLaren in the battle for fourth in the constructors’ championship with a double points finish at Zandvoort, and the team’s drivers are hopeful of doing the same this weekend.

Fernando Alonso finished sixth at Zandvoort, remarking he found it “a little bit easier” to pass drivers on-track last weekend, crediting the A522’s inherent straight-line strength which should serve it well at high-speed Monza.

“We have low drag in this car it seems,” he explained. “Especially compared to McLaren, we seem quite good on these long straight circuits.

“So let’s see [at Monza]. I want to keep going in the points. This was the 10th consecutive race in the points, so let’s make 11.”

Esteban Ocon started ahead of Alonso on Sunday but finished behind his team mate, saying he “lost a good eight or nine seconds in the beginning” of the race trying to prolong his opening soft tyre stint.

“It’s a bit of a shame, but it’s still a good recovery,” he said. “Coming back with both cars into the points from where we were, it’s a solid effort but, today there was much more possible on the table.”

“Sixth was definitely [possible],” he added. “So that’s what we are going to try to chase again in Monza.”

Alpine have now drawn 24 points ahead of McLaren in the constructors’ standings, which Ocon calls a “very, very satisfying” gap.

“We were clearly not at ease [at Zandvoort] in comparison to the McLarens, but we still managed to out-score them. So it’s very positive. But we could have out-scored them more. That’s what I see.”

Ocon also sees an opportunity to grow that gap further at Monza. “Hopefully, it will be as strong as Spa-Francorchamps. If we look at last year, Monza was a place that we were not as quick as Spa. So hopefully we can turn these things around and get some stronger qualifying and race pace together.”

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2022 Italian Grand Prix

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7 comments on “Low-drag car should help Alpine in McLaren fight at Monza – Alonso”

  1. I would actually really dig seeing both Alpines at the front and having a go at winning :-)

  2. As long McLaren uses Daniel Richardo then Alpine is going to win from McLaren eay. Daniel lost all faith and have to do his best to keep Lafitti behind him.

  3. Pat Fry is always behind decent cars, mclaren thought they were giving the next step but looks like they have stood still.

    1. Pat Fry is always behind decent cars

      @peartree the Ferrari F2012 wants to speak to you.

      1. @fer-no65 I didn’t say great did I? by decent, I meant, it won 3 races.

  4. I think McLaren have already given up on this year and the rest of the year for them is development for next year now. I’m sure they’d have loved to beat Alpine but it’s not possible with Ricciardo in the second car.

  5. How is Alpine’s marginal lead over McLaren “satisfying”, when McLaren is basically a one car team?

    Another very poor year by Alpine, with not a single podium result. Considering they make both the car and the engine, they should be fighting for wins, not barely make it into the points (both drivers have an average finishing position of 8th).

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