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Name chosen for Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit

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In the round-up: The new circuit in Las Vegas which Formula 1 will race on for the first time in November has been named after the famous Strip which the cars will race along.

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Las Vegas circuit name confirmed

The organisers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix have confirmed their application to trademark the Las Vegas Strip Circuit title for their new track has been approved.

The name reflects the famous strip renowned for its many hotels and casino which F1 cars will race along at speed of up to 340kph. The new event, which will be the first for 38 years to take place on a Saturday, is the penultimate round of the championship.

Starting well the best way for Alfa Romeo to score points – Pujolar

Alfa Romeo’s head of trackside engineering, Xevi Pujolar, says the work the team has done addressing the poor starts it made last year is the best thing the team can do to help score points.

Valtteri Bottas took four points in the opening round in Bahrain in eighth place after gaining four positions on the opening lap. Last year Bottas lost more combined places on lap one than any other driver over the 22 rounds.

“It’s something that we have been working on over the winter,” Pujolar said, “trying to improve the starts and lap one. That’s what we want to have for both cars moving forward.

“If we can start in the top ten, but then keep or gain positions like this, getting out of the traffic is the best way to be able to reach points.”

Vips replaces injured Harvey at test test

Juri Vips stepped into Jack Harvey’s Rahal Letterman Lanigan car for a private team test at Barber Motorsports Park yesterday. Harvey was not cleared by IndyCar’s medical team following the injuries he sustained in the season-opening race at St Petersburg.

Harvey was involved in a multi-car crash when he was unable to avoid Rinus VeeKay’s car which had hit the tyre wall and was hit from behind by Kyle Kirkwood, who flew over the rear of Harvey’s car.

Harvey was supposed to participate in the three-car test for the team but former Formula 2 driver Vips was drafted in to replace him. Harvey will be evaluated again by IndyCar’s medical team ahead of the next round at Texas Motor Speedway on April 2nd.

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Comment of the day

With Jenson Button expressing he’d love to see F1 cars get lighter in future, @niefer envisions their ideal image of how they wish Formula 1 could be…

Oh, I’ll give Button props for this, as I also see F1 as about lighter, powerful and slender cars. I almost can’t stand those truck-ish monsters that has lost good chunks of their visual appeal and speed feel.

I remember not long ago cars alone were what drew attention for any newbie, let alone building hype for a fresh season, this without even hitting the Tarmac yet. Instead, now we apparently count on fakish-flix shows to do it.

Since a man can only hope, amongst thousands of things that could produce a better product, I just wish cars went to synthfuel powering at least a flat or straight-six, ground effected, with DAS no DRS, lighter and smaller rims, a clear canopy in lieu of halo, maybe even an active suspension to deal with porpoising, and absolutely no eco-harmful batteries. And with one of the few straight regs being about narrowing front wings.

Yeah, dream on kid, but I still want it on the record. Maybe it echoes through somewhere or someone someday.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Patrickl and Chapmankillie!

On this day in motorsport

Ayrton Senna fought with Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher in the 1993 season-opener

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20 comments on “Name chosen for Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit”

  1. New Vegas is more than a city – it’s the remedy to mankind’s derailment.

  2. Interesting choice of name for the Veas Circuit, I thought they’d call it the “Cash Dollar Money Investment Banker Poser Car Go Fast Vrrooom More Money International Circuit”.

    On a more serious note, anyone who hasn’t watched the first 20 or so laps of the 1993 South African GP needs to get to YouTube asap to look it up, it was a fabulous race to kick off the season.

    1. Yes, I think I watched them a few years ago, was interesting and one of the very few battles between schumacher, senna and prost.

    2. So they went with the Strippers part of Las Vegas ….. very bad name indeed.

  3. Fans with American Express cards will get first access starting at 10am March 20, with the general public getting their shot at 10am March 24. Fans who signed up for the race’s priority interest list, paying the $7.77 donation fee, will get access March 22, with varying assigned access times.”

    ‘Donation fee’? A ‘donation’ to what exactly? What a scam.

    1. The best part is that paying this ‘donation’ doesn’t even guarantee a person will be able to buy a ticket. As per their own FAQ:

      Everyone who joined the Las Vegas Grand Prix Priority Interest List will receive information regarding the sale and ticket selection process as it becomes available. Interest for tickets could substantially exceed our seating capacity. Therefore, securing a spot on the Las Vegas Grand Prix Priority Interest List does not guarantee that a fan will ultimately be able to purchase tickets.

      This whole circus is beyond caricature. But I suppose that’s Las Vegas’ main selling point, so it kinda fits.

      1. How do I get on the Las Vegas Grand Prix Priority Disinterest List?

        1. @bullfrog You could buy tickets to Disney World for the weekend; it seems November 18th is regarded as Mickey Mouse Day. Come to think of it, perhaps they scheduled the Las Vegas race on that date on purpose.

  4. Las Vegas – It’s a strip circuit

    1. Yes promoting the Strippers which is a big bussiness in Las Vegas ….

  5. Switching to electric wheel guns was a good move by F2 & hopefully, F1 will follow suit sooner than later.

    Good thing C43 got added to consoles earlier, so I’ve already driven that car.

    I wonder what circuit is in its building phase in the FIA Foundation’s upper right image if that is a circuit nowadays.

  6. Grid girls back to strip (gp)? ;)

    1. On more serious note LVGP could be one where they would suit but I get we are well past that time but I bet there will be some dressed as grid girl as it goes with the city flow. I would be quite dissapointed if Vegas doesn’t provide the most glamorous, most over the top, most shiniest, most sexiest (don’t know if I can use that word), most neon GP of the histroy of any sport. They have marketed it so I hope they do as they say.

  7. That’s a shame, I was hoping they’d name it the Autodromo Sigfried y Roy.

    1. Hah! That would get my vote! Would give plenty of room for taglines “a circuit with a bite!”

  8. WRT COTD: while I can understand this to some extent, I think this would lose most car manufacturers from the sport. It may keep Ferrari, but Mercedes, Renault, Honda…

    Car manufacturers use F1 as marketing, but it’s only effective while there is an apparent similarity between the F1 cars and their road-going counterparts. When all manufacturers are moving away from pure ICEs into hybrids and EVs, I doubt many would want to take part without some element of this. Without them, a lot of money is lost from the sport, a lot of prestige, and F1 begins a decline from “the Pinnacle of Motorsport” towards “ancient technology”.

    Now, they do need to work to reduce the weight of the cars. I just don’t see how ditching an advanced power unit in favour of a big lump of iron will be beneficial in the long run. Sure, it may appeal to the older generation whose idea of the best cars involved noise, smoke, oil… But it will alienate a younger generation who see the best cars as something quite different.

    IMHO, they may as well dictate using steam engines.

  9. Re: the name of the Las Vegas circuit, apparently it was a toss up between that and the ‘Style Over Content Circuit’…

  10. Should have called it.

    The Liberty Media vanity project show over sport cringe spectacle Las Vegas GP because thats what it is.

  11. The best, most original and unique name couldn’t save this race.
    And they didn’t even come up with it.

  12. “The organisers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix have confirmed their application to trademark the Las Vegas Strip Circuit title for their new track has been approved.”

    I was expecting “Tiffani – with an ‘I’ … “, so not a million miles off.

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