Las Vegas, 2022

Las Vegas GP to offer more general admission tickets – without view of race

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In the round-up: The Las Vegas Grand Prix promoters will release additional general admission tickets for November’s inaugural event but they will not offer a view of the race.

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In brief

Las Vegas GP to offer tickets without view of track

The limited number of general admission tickets for the Las Vegas Grand Prix have sold out. While the promoter intends to offer more, these additional tickets will not give buyers a view of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit during the race, instead giving access to a “watch party” nearby.

“We were unfortunately only able to accommodate a limited number of on-track general admission (GA) tickets for the inaugural race,” the promoter said in a statement supplied to RaceFans. “All 1,800 of these GA tickets were made available for purchase during both of our on-sale periods, which included all pre-sales and the public on-sale and have sold out due to extremely high demand.

“Although not on-track, we do expect tickets to be made available later this year for a one-of-a kind watch party on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. This event will allow fans to enjoy the excitement of race weekend, together with live music and entertainment acts from celebrated artists, at a cost-effective price point.

“Details of this experience will be made available in the coming months, and, with respect to future race years, we remain committed to exploring opportunities to create additional on-track GA tickets.”

Wolff “couldn’t wish for better support” from shareholders

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says the team have “so much support” from team shareholders Ola Kallenius from Mercedes Benz and Sir Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos.

Mercedes have endured a second successfully disappointing start to an F1 season, well behind rivals Red Bull who have dominated the first two rounds. But Wolff says the pair continue to offer unwavering support.

“The people in charge in Mercedes and in Ineos, they are high performance individuals – be it in the core business or in sports,” Wolff said.

“We have all been through downs and ups and there is so much support from them in order to get us back on track. Neither Jim nor Ola or all the others that are associated with this – you couldn’t wish for better support.”

Rules tweaks for 2023 made cars “tricker” – Magnussen

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen says that 2023 cars are “trickier” to driver after aerodynamic rules were modified in a bid to curb porpoising.

The FIA tweaked rules governing ride heights and car floors for 2023 to try and reduce the level of porpoising drivers experienced in the new ground effect cars last year. Magnussen says they may have also affected handling and the ability of cars to follow closely.

“I think that the cars have become a little trickier this year with the tweaks that that there was to the rules and the floor,” said Magnussen. “They’re a little more sensitive in a few areas like wind – when you get a gust of wind, you can feel that a little more, in traffic with dirty air and stuff like that. So, there are definitely weaknesses that we’re working on.”

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Comment of the day

With Carlos Sainz Jnr having no time for complaints over Red Bull’s apparent domination of F1, @drycrust shares the Ferrari driver’s views

I like Carlos’s perspective. F1 is also a technology race, so the onus is upon all the other teams to catch up. We don’t want rules that will slow Red Bull down. It is sort of ironic that the teams which were closest to Red Bull last year, Ferrari and Mercedes, also have the least amount of aerodynamic testing time (after Red Bull) with which to try and catch Red Bull.
When we look at the way Mercedes dominated F1 from 2014 through to 2021, I have to suspect Red Bull will continue to dominate the podium places for the next few years. It is the responsibility of all the other teams to improve their cars so they can catch Red Bull.
Stephen Crowsen

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Guilherme Teixeira, Marc and Thomas Lindgren!

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  • 32 comments on “Las Vegas GP to offer more general admission tickets – without view of race”

    1. “Although not on-track, we do expect tickets to be made available later this year for a one-of-a kind watch party on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. This event will allow fans to enjoy the excitement of race weekend, together with live music and entertainment acts from celebrated artists, at a cost-effective price point.

      I’m a Yank and am disgusted by this Las Vegas race. What a farce, with ticket prices, room rates, and even tickets to a race you don’t get to see. Stay home and, if you have to watch it, do so on TV. This whole thing is an embarrassing money grub. At 1:00 am on the east coast of the U.S.

      1. Formula E at Battersea Park in London was similar. GA got you into the fan park with Big Screens and was the site of the podium presentation.

    2. It’s so crazy this race is happening in the United States and for those of us on Eastern US time, it will take place at a more inconvenient time than if the race were being held in Europe or even the Middle East! How did they mess this up so badly?

      1. @danarcha The timing is solely about European viewers & besides, 01:00 on a Sunday is less inconvenient than the same time (or hour range) on Monday as is the case with, for example, East & Southeast Asia for the daylight North American, Sao Paulo, & Saudi Arabian GP, with the Bahrain GP also thereabouts.

        1. @jerejj @danarcha The race time is so that they can race down the strip and show the lights of the strip, making it more about the show.

          This race just appears to be all about the glitz of Vegas rather than the racing.

          1. Racing under artificial lightning is generally about that, but 22:00, specifically, is about the Europe audience.

            1. petebaldwin (@)
              25th March 2023, 11:04

              Definitely. The race starts as 6am in the UK so people can watch it – any earlier and they’d start to quickly lose viewing figures.

              They’ll change whatever they can to accommodate this race but they won’t be willing to upset Sky.

      2. Aot of F1 fans are fortunate.
        We about the 153 degree east meridian are pretty much condemned to 1-2 AM winter Monday morning races. We’re very adaptable.

    3. AntonLivous
      25th March 2023, 2:11

      Good for you Brazil. You’re also home to one of the highest wealth gaps, zero economic mobility, and packs of homeless children sleeping in the streets, hoping to steal some food the next day. But good job on the LGBTQ+ thing. Accepting someone’s lifestyle is much more important than people dying of poverty while your elite class can’t even spend all their money.

    4. Wait, they had only 1800 tickets? The race has only 1800 spectators?

      1. 1800 tickets without a view of the track…… Definitely worth the price!

      2. No. 1800 GA tickets.

    5. Is GA an endangered species?

      Montreal is wonderful – if you’re in a grandstand – but unless you’re one of a couple hundred people there when the gates open its a bust. It once was great for GA. Even walking the course is becoming impossible.

      At least the stands are priced rationally. See you at the hairpin!

    6. I wonder what happened to Sean Kelly?

      Regarding COTD, I agree in principle. The onus is indeed upon other teams to catch up & any rule changing to hinder a team that does well would be wrong, as success should never get punished.
      Ferrari & Mercedes have the next least aero testing time makes catching up harder for them than AM with the 4th-most presently. Mercedes wasn’t dominating even slightly in 2021 anymore.
      Still, their consecutive success streak shows RB will likely enjoy successive success through at least the remaining PU & aero rule cycle.

      1. I think he had some kind of issue with his back @jerejj – he got in hospitald due to it.

    7. I guess this is just evidence that F1 is appealing to people beyond fans of the sport. What genuine fan of F1 or any motorsport for that matter would pay for entry not to see cars trackside? Especially in the current economic climate… it seems utterly bizarre. But I guess there are some rich people out there who can afford pointless things just to get on the hype train…

      1. It depends on the setup and the price. Organized outdoor watch parties for big events usually have an even better atmosphere than the actual event.

    8. We’re increasingly going to see races where tickets purchased model is not going to be a main revenue source or the event. Domenicali is building a house of cards here.

    9. “Without view of race.” – What greater stupidity can Americans come up with?

    10. The FIA should target Red Bull. Early 00s Ferrari and early 10s Red Bull’s reigns were both shorter than they could’ve been and interrupted by competitive seasons (2003 and 2012) because the FIA went after the leading team. They should’ve been more aggressive in weakening Mercedes during the turbo hybrid era. F1 is both a constructor’s and driver’s championship, and this should be respected, but part of respecting this is not letting the constructor’s championship ruin the driver’s championship for long periods of time. This wasn’t much of a problem in the 80s and 90s when the driver market was far more fluid, but now it means potential WDC drivers like Ricciardo, Leclerc, and Norris waste huge portions of their career in subpar machinery while Lewis and Max rack up massive win totals. Hopefully the CFD restrictions and cost cap will resolve this on their own, but if Red Bull can win thirteen races more than everyone else spending 400k (even 1.8 mil depending on how you view it) more than they’re allotted this probably isn’t the case. Alonso’s WDCs are the only without the influence of Brawn or Newey since Senna in 1991; it’s silly to let eighteen drivers waste their careers for their sake.

      All that being said I think this is something the FIA needs to do between seasons and not during them for the sake of perception. Off season rules changes are much easier to defend and look much less desperate than in-season rule changes, arbitrary or not.

      1. Increasing was in RB favour which i already thought last year as Newey is good with high rack cars combining with groundeffect what were they thinking by listening to Mercedes.
        Ferrari lost it’s racing speed by eating his tyre and Mercedes need a low floor height …..

    11. some racing fan
      25th March 2023, 7:20

      Man. I am disgusted by this Las Vegas race. As an American I want to put a bag with eyeholes over my head. If anyone needed further convincing to not go to this scam of a race, look no further.

    12. Will I think you might want to edit this bit:

      Mercedes have endured a second successfully disappointing start to an F1 season,

      Mercedes have endured a second successive disappointing start to an F1 season,

      Unless you were suggesting they deliberately aimed to have a disappointing start

    13. petebaldwin (@)
      25th March 2023, 10:58

      This should be called the Liberty GP as it seems to be everything they want the show to be… I hope it fails miserably and it gets the pushback it deserves from those silly enough to be conned into paying to attend.

      1. + 1. They are raising the prospect of Atlantic City as well now. F1 doesn’t need 4 races in the US. It fact it doesn’t need 3.

        1. Saudis seem pretty confident of Jeddah staying and Qiddiya being added as a second additional GP.

          1. petebaldwin (@)
            25th March 2023, 18:13

            I’d be surprised if that didn’t happen to be honest. 1st race of the season at Jeddah and the final race at Qiddiya.

    14. Broccoliface
      25th March 2023, 11:34

      Did they specify a price for said “fanzone” tickets? If it was like £20 it’d not be too bad an idea, aping the international football tournament model.

      But it’s going to be like £400 isn’t it?

    15. This is the future of F1. Sadly, this is the future generally. I could live without F1, but everything is getting crazy these days. Crazy, overpriced and under-delivered. What’s next, radio broadcast only for 1000 bucks a year, 50k for video stream, 500 for a photo from a race (low-res, random scene)? Forget about it. Some strange kids will be paying to be seen there, but for how long can F1 keep their interest in these events? There’s always the next thing. Current strategy seems to be max income short term over bigger income long term, with steady growth. Then sell the rights before the balloon explodes.

    16. playstation361
      26th March 2023, 18:16

      So much in Las Vegas.
      Okay. Its party time.

    17. Las Vegas GP to offer more general admission tickets – without view of race

      Should just stick to medicine. Seems highly unethical.

    Comments are closed.