(L to R): Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin; Carlos Sainz Jr, Ferrari; Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2023

Caption Competition 210: Speaking with Sainz

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Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz Jnr have a good personal relationship as the only two Spanish drivers on the Formula 1 grid this season.

But what was Alonso saying to the Ferrari driver before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix? Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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61 comments on “Caption Competition 210: Speaking with Sainz”

  1. So you thought a move to Ferrari would be good for your career too, huh?

  2. If you do not finish in front of Leclerc, I am going to speak to your madre.

    1. ollie studio45
      25th March 2023, 16:16


  3. – Do you think the former King of Spain who fled to Saudi Arabia to avoid tax laundering charges will come to see us?
    – I don’t know. If I were him I’d have chosen Switzerland. It worked very well for me!

  4. Derek Edwards
    25th March 2023, 10:20

    Your season looks like it’s already going down El Pan…

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      25th March 2023, 21:10

      Got a giggle

  5. “Don’t complain about Leclerc dominating you, he deserves it.”

  6. Ricardo Lopes
    25th March 2023, 10:41

    I’ve been there, Carlos…

  7. Folding your arms, it doesn’t hide your boner…

  8. MB (@muralibhats)
    25th March 2023, 11:10

    I am faster than you

    1. @muralibhats Ha! Very nice.

    2. ollie studio45
      25th March 2023, 16:23

      this one too

  9. Alonso: “Never judge the bull by the horns, Carlos”
    Carlos: “I wish your car had an ejector seat like a real Aston. I always liked to see you fly off.”

  10. I know what will cheer you up…
    Dos cervezas por favor.

  11. To be able to succeed in F1 Carlos you got to grab them by the cahones.

  12. Electroball76
    25th March 2023, 12:52

    Double world champions! We have a lot in common. Your dad and me.

    1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      25th March 2023, 21:10


    2. lol, that’s good

      Double world champions! We have a lot in common. Your dad and me. OTH, you remind me more of Lance.

  13. “You look as happy as I did wearing that t-shirt….”

    1. Iol, I like that.

  14. “You got a watch!?
    All I got was sunglasses!”

  15. “No Carlos. I am your father!”

  16. “Call me Lance again and you die”

  17. Coventry Climax
    25th March 2023, 14:42

    Créeme, he pasado por eso. No te quedes con Ferrari si alguna vez quieres ser campeón del mundo.

  18. Mess up your current team then change, it’s the best way to get rid of a competitor and eventually get a good car!

  19. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    25th March 2023, 15:52

    We now present the only two Spanish matadors not allowed to touch a Red Bull!

  20. Alonzo: Wont you just check if my DRS flap is opening properly. I can’t seem to catch the Red Bulls.

  21. Electroball76
    25th March 2023, 16:08

    “The thousand-yard stare. A Driver gets it after he’s been in the Ferrari for too long. It’s like you’ve really seen…beyond. I got it. All Ferrari drivers got it..”

  22. It’s funny, but so true
    I’d rather be 80 year old me than 20 year old you (c)

  23. Us Spanish guys just get better with age. Yes, at my age I can still hook a hot girlfriend, but stop looking at her.

  24. I see your razor doesn’t work well either.

  25. I am still beating you, son.

  26. FA: I heard that Charles is leaving next year. I can be available if the car is good.
    CS: Ah man! really? You just switched and have the second-best car today.
    FA: Don’t tell anyone but we went all in with the development budget. There are not going to be any upgrades for the rest of this season for us. Stroll might get some but not me.

  27. I told you, being good and driving a top car is not the only thing you need to succeed in F1.

  28. Is that Russell coming up here?

  29. Alonso: “I bet you wish your dad was an investor rather than rally driver.”
    Sainz: “…”

  30. Hola, Carlos, great race today, huh?

  31. Alonso: “it’s no big deal. So you didn’t the invitation to Rafael Nadal’s yacht party. Checo will ruin it anyway.”

  32. The true meaning of Alonso’s quip about his career being in red finally resonated with Carlos.

  33. You should be very proud to be part of this team, and know that coming sixth with Ferrari will mean more than coming sixth with another team.

  34. So lifelike!
    One of Madame Tussauds best.

  35. Pssssst…. Carlos.

    Just stand and look as boring as possible. Then there is no way they will take a caption competition photo of us!

  36. Hey, listen! Stroll will be world champion soon!

  37. The first time hurts the most, it will get better eventually.

  38. Can you believe organizers invited us to public execution?

    1. I promise you Carlos if I knew it was yours I wouldn’t have accepted.

  39. ‘Leave Ferrari today Carlos’

  40. Fernando: Carlos!!! Carlos!!!!! Are you okay? This is not about my corn on my foot isn’t it?

  41. Don’t worry, Lando’s going to call you. No, you didn’t do anything to upset him. It’s Zak. He wasn’t exactly the “smooth operator” he hoped.

  42. Lawrence is pulling off miracles, just like your father did. But I guess the whole “apple doesn’t fall far” stuff is nonsense judging by their kids.

  43. “…and that’s why I never use email anymore.”

  44. ALO: “Can’t you ask Red Bull about a possible move?”
    SAI: “I don’t think they’d want me back”
    ALO: “I wasn’t asking for you”

  45. “Did you know F1’s new fuel is going to be made from potato peelings? Does your contract had a clause which says you don’t have to peel the potatoes?”

  46. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    26th March 2023, 21:14

    Are you still sulking about the “Yes, bye bye” comment?

  47. If you tell me to cross my arms for the picture once more, I swear….!!!! For the last time, my watch doesn’t match my outfit.

  48. Alonso – “And then they said.. let’s wait till the next regulation change.. that’s when we’ll challenge”

  49. ALO>SAI: Remember, I eat you for breakfast!

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