Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Monaco, 2023

2023 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 39 points from Sergio Perez after the Monaco Grand Prix.

2023 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen144
2Sergio Perez10539
3Fernando Alonso9351
4Lewis Hamilton6975
5George Russell5094
6Carlos Sainz Jnr4896
7Charles Leclerc42102
8Lance Stroll27117
9Esteban Ocon21123
10Pierre Gasly14130
11Lando Norris12132
12Nico Hulkenberg6138
13Oscar Piastri5139
14Valtteri Bottas4140
15Zhou Guanyu2142
16Yuki Tsunoda2142
17Kevin Magnussen2142
18Alexander Albon1143
19Nyck de Vries0144
20Logan Sargeant0144

2023 F1 constructors championship standings

1Red Bull249
2Aston Martin120
8Alfa Romeo6

Standings with 6 out of 23 races complete.

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2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “2023 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

    1. I predict Alpine will eventually finish the season in P5 with a clear gap to both ahead & behind.

      1. Jere (@jerejj)
        28th May 2023, 6:15

        Will it be a straightforward 78 laps for Verstappen on Sunday? – Most likely.
        Or is Monaco going to serve up another of its surprises? – Also possible.
        Precipitation probability percentage in the 20s is low, so rain affecting the race is highly unlikely.

        1. @Simon What does my predictions for the race have to do with how well a team could finish in the WCC?
          You really can’t come up with anything better to responde than something entirely off-topic to this article.

          1. I somehow pressed ‘e’ into respond, inadvertently making the word more French-like.

        2. I shouldn’t say this but I love you too Simon

    2. If Aston are serious about 2nd in constructors…they need to lose Stroll…as Alonso cannot score enough points on his own to stay there

      1. Exactly. Get him out of the car, put him back in the factory and give him a ceremonial executive position. Imagine what a team of Alonso and Norris could be doing right now. Or even Alonso and Vettel had he stayed. It’s unfortunate that the second car is being wasted.

        1. I did think it was funny that Ocon managed to get a podium here as he’s the one they got rid off to put Stroll there in the first place.

          1. Good observation @sjaakfoo, funny indeed.

      2. @jop452 @spencer Easier said than done because no viable replacement alternatives necessarily exist for the time being & by viable, I mean better for the WCC points.

    3. Stroll is killing Aston’s chances for top 2 in the WDC, while Alonso has a chance to beat Perez in the WCC.

      1. @Sviat
        Stroll’s definitely limiting Aston’s chances, but I doubt Alonso has a realistic chance of outscoring Perez in the points over the season, given the relative car performance deficit.
        Only if Perez gets zero-point races often could anyone not in the RB19 finish P2 in the driver standings.

        1. Stroll was being babysat by Vettel, it seems. But with Vettel gone, the real Stroll comes out. When does the father have the talk with the son?

          1. Or when does the son say, Dad, thanks for everything, thanks for buying me a F1 team, but my heart just isn’t into car racing anymore, will you buy me a GPSail boat?

            1. The way Alonso is smashing Stroll this season… I reckon he’ll have that conversation with his dad before the season is over.

              Baby Lance was always a bit deluded when paired up against Massa, Perez and Vettel, where a few performances each season where he outperformed his teammate, gave him the confidence to think he’s actually a decent driver. This season, Alonso’s going to give him a reality check. I can’t see Lance recovering mentally from this season’s beating.

    4. Or where Vettel let him beat him just so the son wasn’t always embarrassed.

      1. He’s never getting that kind of mercy from Alonso. Stroll was probably hoping to beat Alonso in to retirement, but I could see Fernando make Stroll rethink his career choices.

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