“No drama” between Ocon and Alonso after hard-fought Spanish GP battle

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In the round-up: Former team mates Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon say there’s no hard feelings over their hard-fought scrap in the Spanish Grand Prix.

In brief

Ocon calls Alonso scrap “good racing”

Ocon defended his position firmly when Alonso took seventh place off him on lap 51. But while Ocon’s late move drew criticism from some commentators, Alonso said his former team mate raced him no harder than other drivers.

“If it was different on TV, I don’t know,” said Alonso in response to a question from RaceFans. “I overtook Zhou, Tsunoda and Esteban and for me they felt all the same.”

Ocon said he had “a good fight with Fernando,” in Spain. “I enjoyed racing with him. Once I saw he was on the right side, I backed off because I knew I couldn’t keep him behind. I managed for two laps but after I had to let him go.

“It’s been pretty normal, all good. There was no drama at all, it was good racing. I’ve enjoyed and I will enjoy many more battles with Fernando.”

Alfa Romeo discover Bottas had damage

Valtteri Bottas’ Spanish Grand Prix was compromised by damage he picked up on the first lap of the race, his Alfa Romeo team believe.

“Now we’ve got the car back we think we have seen there’s some damage on the floor and probably from lap one when he had some incident there in a fight during lap one,” the team’s head of track engineering Xevi Pujolar told media including RaceFans on Sunday. “So we were carrying all that damage and we had a bit of inconsistency which he was feeling.

“Initially we thought it was just the traffic because we can see in this car, especially when we are with the hard tyres, it can be a bit tricky when you hit traffic and then you may lose a bit of a temperature in the tyres and then is a bit difficult to recover the pace. But it was not only that, it was a bit more because even in free air he was struggling like this.”

Bottas started the race 16th and finished 19th with only Logan Sargeant’s Williams behind him. “Now we have seen that problem we need to investigate a bit more what could have caused that and then what it was in terms of pure performance,” said Pujolar. “So we’re looking into that and also for him to understand his feeling.”

Early lead means little in competitive field – Palou

Palou has a long way to go to regain title
IndyCar championship leader Alex Palou played down the significance of his 51-point lead with 10 races left in the season.

“There’s a lot of races to go,” said Palou, who has taken two wins, a fourth place and three pole positions in the last three rounds. “We got the lead two races ago, now suddenly we have this amazing lead.”

“On the same way that we go up, there’s somebody that can go up as well, and we can go down,” the 2021 champion continued. “That’s IndyCar. That’s the high competition that we have here.”

Asked who his main rival for the title is this year Palou said: “Dixon, Ericsson, Power, Newgarden, McLaughlin, Pato [O’Ward], I could keep going. I wish I could only name you one, but unfortunately or fortunately, I think that’s the cool thing about our series, there’s more than 10 drivers that I’m looking at.”

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Comment of the day

While many were please to see Formula 1’s director take over for the Monaco Grand Prix last week, some were not impressed with the job they did last weekend.

At one point I thought they were doing it on purpose. Missing actual overtakes (no new tire/old tire DRS muggings) just to show Verstappen on a cruise, or a close up of Hamilton’s race helmet running in no mans land. It just keeps getting worse.

Another example, car rejoins the track after pitting. What do we want to know? Where does he feed in, where are the others, what are the gaps? I can’t tell because I’m checking to see if he has a bit of lunch stuck between his teeth. Stop it with the close ups already

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Paradoxos, Jenny O’G and Saurabh!

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9 comments on ““No drama” between Ocon and Alonso after hard-fought Spanish GP battle”

  1. To add to COTD: Previously, the absolute best camera angle (IMO) at Monaco was the low zoomed shot of them coming through Swimming Pool flicking left and right. It’s almost like they deliberately refused to use any camera angle used previously to show them “this is how it’s done”.

    1. On the other hand… this is the first time I’ve seen the steepness after the tunnel visualised so well. I drove it in my little rental and was taken aback at the sudden drop, remarking “now I see how Raikkonen hit Sutil”.

    2. Some camera angles were the same as before (for example, the two before Massenet), while others were only slightly differently positioned on the same trackside.
      Overall, I didn’t mind the camera angle changes, as the previously unused ones were also good.

    3. Camera shots were MUCH beter then before while there is room for improvement ofcourse.

  2. Yes, good racing & nothing dramatic after all. The matter would’ve been different had that rightwards move happened earlier on the S/F straight before the pit wall end.

    Bottas also had damage in the Saudi Arabian GP & to a lesser extent, Azerbaijan GP, but he nevertheless got outperformed by Zhou again.

    I don’t mind showing a lone leader or 2nd-place runner occasionally & didn’t feel like anything got lost because of these, even less so when showing a driver leaving the pit lane.

  3. This defensive move, when a slower car “pushes” a faster car off track, is ridiculous.
    Weaving in front of the other car down long the straight to brake slipstream isn’t allowed, but forcing the other car off the track, while they are side by side is OK…

  4. I agree!

    Ocon has always been a dirty driver. As long Is he is allowed to keep pulling this kind of BS, he won’t stop. He should have been penalized – it was very obvious.

    I’m waiting for the day when he gets a dose of his own medicine.

    1. Perez gave him a dose by putting him on the wall at Singapore once. He got away with the move on Sunday because Alonso avoided contact, but if there was any contact, Ocon would have gotten a penalty. Which is what makes penalties given by stewards so inconsistent.

  5. Hearing that Bridgestone are planning to put forward a bid to take over the F1 tire supply from 2025.

    Also hearing that there’s at least 1 more tire supplier (And it isn’t Michelin) that has put out feelers but not yet made a formal bid.

    As of yet Pirelli haven’t actually submitted a bid to stay as they weren’t sure they would need to if there was nobody else but if there are other viable bidders they will have to.

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