Ticktum returns to junior racing in bid for third Macau Grand Prix win

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Formula E racer Dan Ticktum will return to Formula 3 next month as he attempts to win the famed Macau Grand Prix street race for a third time.

Ticktum won the race in 2017 at the very last corner when leaders Sergio Sette Camara and Ferdinand Habsburg collided. He took a second win the year after and finished 13th in 2019 before stepping up from Formula 3.

Since then he had spent two years in Formula 2 and later progressed into FE. His surprise return to Macau on 17th-19th November with the Rodin Carlin team was revealed when the FIA published the provisional entry list for the event, which awards the FIA F3 World Cup.

Ticktum will go up against four current F2 racers: 2019 Macau GP winner Richard Verschoor and Roman Stanek teaming up at Trident, while Red Bull juniors Isack Hadjar and Zane Maloney will drive for Hitech GP and Carlin respectively.

A total of 14 drivers who contested the full FIA F3 championship this year will race in Macau, potentially putting them at an advantage since they know the Dallara F3 2019 car well. Prema will running F1 juniors Paul Aron, Dino Beganovic and Gabriele Mini, who will likely be their 2024 FIA F3 line-up.

Other championship front-runners include Franco Colapinto at MP Motorsport and the combination of Oliver Goethe and Pepe Marti at Campos Racing.

New Euroformula champion Noel Leon will race for Van Amersfoort Racing. McLaren junior Ugo Ugochukwu will make his F3-level debut with Trident as he steps up from Formula 4 where he was won the Euro 4 title and come second in the Italian F4 championship.

PHM Racing, which races in the FIA F3 Championship, will not attend the Macau Grand Prix and therefore the race will have a grid of 27 cars.

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1Richard VerschoorTrident
2Roman StanekTrident
3Ugo UgochukwuTrident
5Maxwell EstersonJenzer
6Charlie WurzJenzer
7Matias ZagazetaJenzer
8Dino BeganovicPrema
9Gabriele MiniPrema
10Paul AronPrema
11Luke BrowningHitech
12Isack HadjarHitech
14Hitech Pulse-EightHitech
15Josep Maria MartiCampos
16Sebastian MontoyaCampos
17Oliver GoetheCampos
18Noel LeonVan Amersfoort
19Sophia FlorschVan Amersfoort
20Tommy SmithVan Amersfoort
21Gregoire SaucyART
22Christian MansellART
23Nikola TsolovART
24Zane MaloneyRodin Carlin
25Dan TicktumRodin Carlin
26TBCRodin Carlin
27Franco ColapintoMP
28Mari BoyaMP

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8 comments on “Ticktum returns to junior racing in bid for third Macau Grand Prix win”

  1. Oh please stop giving this guy column inches.

    1. Money. It’s all about money in motorsport.

      If you have it, you can – evidently – always find some seat to showcase your lack of talent or class, whichever seems more appropriate.

      1. I never could stand Ticktum but as soon as he was dropped by Williams in 2021 as their reserve and development driver I started to miss him. I’m not sure why – maybe I missed the laughable controversy he created. His in-cockpit screaming complaints about other drivers or the car not behaving properly, were a mainstay in F2. Singing “Doo be doo be doo, Latifi is poo” during a Twitch livestream was just the excuse Williams needed to get rid of Ticktum after his poor performances in his 2nd and 3rd seasons in F2 and his continuous poor attitude on and off the track. (Latifi was a Williams F1 driver at the time.)

        Ticktum couldn’t afford any more mishaps following the shocking incident in 2015. The then 16-year-old was given a two-year racing ban (one year suspended) for what the Motor Sports Association deemed “a disturbing and dangerous episode”. In race three at the Silverstone round of the MSA Formula championship, Ticktum and Ricky Collard were involved in a first lap incident that dropped Ticktum to the back of the field. The safety car was brought out. Still under the safety car on Lap 3, Ticktum ignored 13 yellow flags, four double-yellow flags, and 15 safety-car boards in order to overtake 10 cars so that he could crash deliberately into Collard.

        Ticktum’s downfall is his own fault because he never learnt from his mistakes. In 2020, whilst racing for DAMS in the F2 Feature Race at Silverstone, he even went as far as threatening a similar action to his 2015 debacle. After being overtaken by Deletraz at Hangar Straight, Ticktum shouted over team radio

        “Next time that ***** tries a kamikaze move like that I’m going to crash with him! I’m never going to give him that much respect ever again.”

        When I think back on all this, I realise I don’t miss Dan Ticktum at all.

  2. Get Alex Dunne & Callum Voisin in there.

  3. what is the date of the MAcau gp?

    1. November 19

  4. Betting on number 14 Hitech Pulse-Eight in the Hitech car.

  5. I want to Ticktum personally sponsored by Samuel mother * Jackson!

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