AlphaTauri Las Vegas Grand Prix livery, 2023

AlphaTauri becomes sixth team to reveal special Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

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More than half of Formula 1’s 10 teams are running revised liveries for this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

AlphaTauri has become the sixth team to show off a new design for the first race at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, and theirs is one of the most drastic changes revealed so far.

The Red Bull junior team has done away with its familiar dark blue and white colour scheme, replacing it with a black paintjob with white stripes. It will use the new look for the final two races of the 2023 season, which concludes at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi next week.

The car’s style is based on a new range of fashion produced by the Red Bull brand in conjunction with designer Brendan Monroe.

The five other teams who have changed their car liveries for this weekend are Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Red Bull, Alpine and Williams.

Pictures: AlphaTauri’s Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

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11 comments on “AlphaTauri becomes sixth team to reveal special Las Vegas Grand Prix livery”

  1. This is the AlphaTauri farewell livery.

  2. Looks great. Side note, I would make a brilliant testing livery, very hard to see aerodynamic surfaces over the sidepod/engine cover area.

  3. Looks like they’ve taken the old Doctor Who title sequence from the 1960’s and plonked it on the side.

  4. Oh look, another black livery. It seems half the cars on the grid are now predominantly black and it’s actually paint, not just a choice to have bare carbon.

  5. Hmmm….Sergio Perez at the Alpha Tauri livery reveal. Why would he be there?

    1. For next season promotion offcourse you can’t start early with that enough…….

  6. It would be ironic if the only team that doesn’t change its livery for this event ends up being McLaren.

    1. It would be, but you’re too late I’m afraid!

  7. Wild guess: is the grand prix gonna be run with blacklight (sections)? All these liveries seem to have layers that would work perfectly under blacklight.

  8. I am confused. Looks more AlfaZebra than AlphaTauri!

  9. Is this design supposed to be a fingerprint, and is it an homage to CSI?

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