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Sauber teases “exciting team identity” announcement on New Year’s Day

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Sauber, whose Formula 1 team competed as Alfa Romeo until the end of this season, will make a further announcement regarding its new identity once the new year begins.

Last week the FIA published its official entry list for the 2024 F1 season which confirmed the former Alfa Romeo team had been officially entered as “Kick Sauber.” While the team is run by the Sauber Group, it included the name of a sponsor, streaming platform Kick, as part of its chassis brand for next year.

However in a social media post on Tuesday the team indicated it will share more details about its plans on 1st January 2024, telling its followers: “If you think you already know, think again.”

“It seems our recently released team name has been getting a lot of attention,” it continued, adding an apparent reference to another of the team’s sponsors, Stake, whose owner founded Kick.

“While we’re not ready to unveil the final result yet, we are aware of what’s at stake. Rest assured, we’re on a mission to unleash the most exciting team identity this team has ever seen. Gone are the days of the short and sweet. We’re cooking up a feast.”

Audi is due to take over the branding of Sauber’s F1 entry in 2026. Team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi previously stated the manufacturer’s logos will not appear on their cars before then. Last week it was announced the team’s 2024 car will be called the Kick Sauber C44.

Sauber is one of two teams changing names for next season. AlphaTauri’s chassis name has changed to ‘RB’ on the entry list for 2024. However a team spokesperson told RaceFans the new two-letter designation is a “placeholder” for their final name. Red Bull, which owns the team, trademarked the name ‘Racing Bulls’ in September.

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19 comments on “Sauber teases “exciting team identity” announcement on New Year’s Day”

  1. I’m ready to bet my own house it won’t be exciting at all.

    1. I’ll second that.

    2. I’ll also bet your house that it won’t be exciting.

    3. Being in need of housing, I sure hope that it’s going to be exciting.

      But being realistic, that is about as likely as you actually giving your house to me after losing that bet.

    4. As you seem to be as betting (wo)man, you might actually get excited with an increased Stake presence ;)

    5. @fer-no65

      “I’m ready to bet my own house it won’t be exciting at all.”

      Given that the judgment will be your own, there is little chance that you would confess to being excited by the name even if you were.

      However, I am hoping they change the name to “Sauber Exciting F1”, as that would be less easy to wriggle out of.

      1. @cairnsfella I’m so confident I’m gonna let you decide whenever it’s exciting or not.

    6. Yeah, I figure the most excitement will be with the IT guys having to make sure that “event” is streamed smoothly, if any.

  2. Archibald Bumfluff
    19th December 2023, 16:33

    The full team name:

    Stake team F1 Sauber Kick Grand Prix Made-in-Switzerland Fiat Scuderia Power Trains Team

    or something catchy like that

  3. I don’t have much expectation or excitement for the new team name. Sauber has always been one of the more boring team, along with Toyota, even during their Red Bull years.

  4. I couldn’t care less how you’re going to call yourself. I called you Sauber before, I call you Sauber now, I’ll call you Sauber at least until you become Audi. I can’t remember the last time your team was exciting, even compared to Haas. Adding Kick to your name only makes you a bit funnier.

  5. Ahhh – I love it when the marketing department gets all fired up about their own ideas – probably fueled with so many white lines that the FIA won’t have to worry about any track limit infringements next year. Just a shame that once you Sauber up and the hangover kicks in – things often aren’t as great as you imagined it. But who knows maybe the nailed it this time.

  6. What? “[…] the most exciting team identity this team has ever seen. Gone are the days of the short and sweet.” How is a longer team name any better than a short one?

  7. Just put “Your Name Here” on the front wing.
    That’s been your business model for years anyway.

  8. Stake House. You heard it here first.

  9. Team ALDI

  10. Kind of strange to be excited until Audi finally come in. This team is stuck in limbo for the next 2 years and we’re counting the days till it happens.

    They’re here, but I honestly don’t care.

  11. It’ll be black and neon green and somewhere in the press release they will reference the C12 and C13.

  12. the most exciting team identity this team has ever seen

    Oh I can’t wait !
    Has any team identity ever been exciting ?
    PR talks these days …

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