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Silverstone announces new, 10-year Formula 1 grand prix deal

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Silverstone has announced it has extended its Formula 1 contract for another 10 years.

The British venue, which held the first round of the world championship in 1950, will see the final race of its current contract take place this year. Its extension ensures Silverstone will remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2034.

The deal is the latest in a series of long-term contract F1 has announced with race promoters. Last year it also announced a 10-year deal with the promoter of a new street race in Madrid which will join the calendar in 2026.

The race is organised by the British Racing Drivers’ Club. Its chairman Peter Digby said “this contractual security will provide a solid base for the further development of the venue as we continue to improve and transform the circuit into a year-round international motorsport and leisure destination.”

Four of the 20 drivers who will compete the upcoming season either race under British licences or were born in Britain: Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon.

“The 2024 Formula 1 season will start with nine BRDC Full and Honorary members on the grid and the importance of our continued support of young drivers is particularly evidenced by the success of Lewis, Lando, George and Alex,” Digby added.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said “Silverstone is an iconic venue at the heart of F1 history and as it approaches its ninth decade hosting grands prix, the event continues to attract fans from around the world for fantastic racing on track and the amazing fan experience off it.”

“I would like to thank [Silverstone CEO] Stuart Pringle and the Silverstone team for their hard work and dedication to take the British Grand Prix to new heights and I look forward to working closely with them as they look to further improve the facilities and fan experience over the next ten years.”

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18 comments on “Silverstone announces new, 10-year Formula 1 grand prix deal”

  1. Ferrari / Lewis / Silverstone is going to be an odd sight, prancing horses and union jacks everywhere. It’s so well attended and obviously produces one of the best atmospheres on the calendar, it seems a no brainer. It’s nice we seem to have moved on from the Bernie vs. BRDC years.

    1. Reminds me of the Ferrari / Mansell / Silverstone years

  2. RandomMallard
    8th February 2024, 14:05

    That is fantastic news.

  3. Excellent news!

    If I start saving now I might be able to aford a race by 2034…

    1. @olpeculier – you forget inflation….. Prices will be higher then 1000 pounds in 2034 (double + 50%)

  4. Another good reason to stop watching F1

    1. What a weird comment

      1. Sam Crawford I couldn’t agree more with you.
        Such a post would be understandable if the opposite outcome were true.

    2. I hope you’re joking.

  5. Not my favourite track by any stretch, but keeping the GP at Silverstone is definitely preferable to ruining one of the UK’s other great circuits trying to bring it ‘up’ to FIA Grade 1 standard. Or trying to make a street circuit happen.

  6. Good news I think. Silverstone does tend to produce pretty exciting races. It would have been mad not to renew the contract and would have put a lot of people off of F1 for good.

  7. Not my favorite track but I guess it could be worst

  8. Not a huge fan of the new(ish) first few corners, but the rest of the track is great and works well with modern F1 cars. Good to see it remain on the calendar for a long time.

  9. F1 president and chief executive Stefano Domenicali said Silverstone “is an iconic venue” which is “at the heart of F1 history”

    Same as Spa. Now just sort out a deal please…

    1. Strongly agree.

      Maybe a good sign that other old favourites are getting new deals. Suzuka (last week) was “a special circuit and part of the fabric of the sport.” Wonder if there’s a DomenicAI that generates these phrases?

  10. Fantastic news! Probably produces the best races these days, with the possible exception of Interlagos

  11. Good to see Domenicali does pull his head out of his a$$ from time to time.

  12. Great news

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