Christian Horner, Bahrain, 2024

Horner meets Verstappen’s manager following father’s criticism

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In the round-up: Red Bull’s Christian Horner met with Max Verstappen’s representatives after the three-times champion’s father called for the team principal to stand down.

In brief

Horner reaches out to Verstappen

Horner met with Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen, according to a PA Media report. The world champion was urged to publicly back Horner last weekend by FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The apparent rift between the Verstappens and the team has prompted speculation the driver may leave them before his current deal expires in 2028. Reports claims he has an option to leave if Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko does not remain at the team. He told F1 Insider: “I won’t stand in Max’s way.”

Meanwhile Horner has threatened legal action against a magazine over its coverage of Red Bull’s investigation of him. The publication previously made claims about husband and wife Toto and Susie Wolff – the Mercedes team principal and F1 Academy CEO respectively – triggering an FIA investigation which was swiftly dropped after the other nine F1 teams publicly and unanimously denied the allegations against Mercedes.

Castroneves reveals Indy 500 livery

Helio Castroneves 2024 Indianapolis 500 livery
Helio Castroneves 2024 Indianapolis 500 livery

Helio Castroneves has presented the livery he will use in his 24th appearance at the race this year. The Meyer Shank driver, who will turn 49 before the race, is seeking a record-breaking fifth win in IndyCar’s most prestigious round.

Beganovic explains nightmare start

Ferrari junior driver Dino Beganovic has revealed what went wrong when he was swamped by the field at the start of Saturday’s Formula 3 feature race. The rookie had taken pole position on his debut in the category.

“It was a nightmare,” he said. “For some reason, the car was stuck in first gear all the way to turn two. We don’t know why at the moment, but of course it’s something we are looking into.”

Having fallen to 30th and last, Beganovic recovered to 13th by the end of the 22-lap race. “The pace was just amazing all race,” he said. “The car felt great here in Bahrain and we had so much potential for everyone to see, so we’ll take that to Melbourne and just keep pushing.”

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Comment of the day

Are Alpine really going to be able to turn things around after losing or firing so many top staff in the past eight months?

The Alpine team is a weird one. Up to now, they’ve been sort of hanging around that ’empty’ part of the grid behind the big teams but ahead of all the ‘adding so much value to F1’-backmarkers. But that never really changes…

Makes one wonder if they want to keep doing this after 2025? Where’s the plan, the investments?

Wouldn’t be surprised if they call it quits and sell the team.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Idr, Jarred Walmsley, Tommyb, Jake and James!

On this day in motorsport

  • On this day in 1977 Tom Pryce and marshal Frikkie Jansen van Vuuren lost their lives in a shocking crash during the South African Grand Prix

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44 comments on “Horner meets Verstappen’s manager following father’s criticism”

  1. Tom’s putting it in now.

  2. The only thing that’s really racy this season is Horner’s somewhat unusual relationship with his staff.

    1. I read here and there a few pundits calling him horny spice over the years….I goes the shoe fits

  3. This Horner story keeps giving every day. Wonder how long it will last?

    Also, if there’s one thing I love about Indy Car it’s all the brands I never heard of. I feel like the sponsorship departments at Indy Car teams must be working HARD to find these companies and good on them for it! Much rather see brands I don’t know than the ones I don’t like (-8

    1. This Horner story keeps giving every day

      Does it though? It’s dead at this point, a photo in the dark with two people talking in the paddock, a meeting with a drivers manager? Please, could be talking about anything, none of it means anything… The media is reaching, their patheticism in full view as they milk the story for every possible click and it’s sad that people are eating it up.

      Crazy that people would complain about official statements or direct quotes being reported, but find this kind of “news” worthy of any discussion.

      1. dead? did you miss the leaked text screenshots last week?

        1. Did you miss afterwards Gerri showing up to the race, Horner saying confidently that nothing has changed from Red Bull’s statement, and nothing else occurring other than Jos’ statement (the only interesting development.) Everything since is rampant speculation.

          Nothing at all has suggested Horner’s position is threatened (especially since Jos walked back his statement) so until something actually develops it should be dropped and focus back on the racing.

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            5th March 2024, 6:02

            The whole thing is very fishy to me. I hope Red Bull swept didn’t sweep harassment under the rug.

      2. I think you are so right. There isn’t anything anymore. Internally the book is closed and they have moved on. The press holding on to it and coming up with even more false statements like a meeting taking place, which is duhh a regular meeting since they work together. It is grasping for straws and in a rather pathetic way. Best would be for Racefans to stay away from this. I know it is just the quoting of other media, but still… it’s not very classy all of this.

  4. Formula 1: $145m a year for $1.5-2bn value
    Formula E: $14m a year for $30-40m value

    So yeah, 10% of the cost for 2% of the value. ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ is a manual for the Formula E CEO, and most CEOs in general.

    1. 2% of the value

      How to lie without using any statistics, by simply making up a random small number…
      Lying is the name of the game for anyone who works in marketing and sales – F1 included.

      F1 teams aren’t anywhere near $1.5-2bn in value either, BTW.
      Everything is worth what its purchaser pay will pay for it… In F1’s case, nobody is buying a team for anywhere near that kind of money. Substantially less than one third of that, actually….

      1. notagrumpyfan
        5th March 2024, 11:27

        F1 teams aren’t anywhere near $1.5-2bn in value either, BTW.
        Everything is worth what its purchaser pay will pay for it… In F1’s case, nobody is buying a team for anywhere near that kind of money. Substantially less than one third of that, actually….

        The most recent equity investments in F1 teams valued Alpine at EUR833M (USD900M) (link).
        A team further up the grid and/or if excluding debt (corporate value rather than equity value) and/or a full buy-out (at a premium) will undoubtedly tip that over the $1B.

    2. notagrumpyfan
      5th March 2024, 7:30

      Company values are never based on costs! And certainly not on an artificial subset of total costs.

      Free cash flow, profitability, growth potential, IP, barrier to entry are beter indicators for overall value.

  5. Drive To Survive $$$

  6. So some Ferrari mechanics were around the parc ferme fencing for the podium ceremonies, even though no one seemingly was.

    Perhaps Renault Group should sell Team Enstone to Andretti.

    1. I think if there is going to be a closed grid, with 10 as the limit, there definitely should be some method of relegation.

      It’s entirely unfair to the point of ridicule (as many have been happy to) that FOM can say Andretti can’t compete because they won’t be competitive, while the likes of Haas and Alpine circulate.

      1. Coventry Climax
        5th March 2024, 9:38

        Yeah, but at least investigations show the message was brought correctly…
        Some say F1’s not in a bad state at all. I say it’s in a sad state.

  7. If Horner holds on to Ford and completes the take over, and manages to get a hold of Sainz and Alonso, the dude is a genius. I would love to see Verstappen fighting Mercedes engineers, and Lewis taking it to Alonso, bring it on !

    What does look good are Checo’s prospects for wins this year !!!

    1. Oh man, I can I have some of that cope please?

      1. Built Ford Tough.

  8. No Jos this weekend. Game over, Christian 1 – 0 Jos

    And spare me the ‘oh gosh I’m too busy rallying ‘ :)

  9. I’m honestly struggling to see what Jos’ endgame is here.

    The Red Bull holding company conducted what they say was an independent investigation with the aid of a third party and Horner was cleared, subject to a right of appeal which sits with the claimant. Red Bull in Thailand, the majority owner whole business, have publicly supported Horner. The race team are said to be supporting Horner according to credible journalists. This doesn’t sound like a team being “torn apart” as alleged by Jos. In addition, Red Bull have provided Jos’ son with the quickest car by a country mile, again, so I assume he has no grievances from a sporting perspective. I can only assume Jos is either:

    (a) trying to claim some sort of moral high ground to force Horner to leave, which is dangerous for a man with a history of violence, including against women, who was also hardly a model parent to Max; or
    (b) getting annoyed at all of us internet warriors saying Max is only winning because of the car he is driving so he is trying to use Horner’s conduct as some sort of lever to get Max out of the long term deal he inked with Red Bull so he can try win with someone else.

    Either way, this whole thing is getting really tiresome.

    1. well Christian probably wants Jos out of the garage, where he’s a nuisance hanger-on campaigning for Max all the time. So the whole thing is most likely Jos trying to hang in basking in his son’s glory, and having to try and get rid of Christian to do it

    2. Or he is not dissatisfied at all with Horner… I mean, I didn’t hear him say it. I heard the media telling me he said it, that’s all.

    3. notagrumpyfan
      5th March 2024, 14:08

      I can only assume Jos is either:

      (c) being used by others in this power game.

      PS he wasn’t on the original entry list of the Rallye of Hannut.

      1. ha, great spot! The rallying is an excuse and Jos is toast

    4. @geemac Other theories are available…
      One is that this is all a ploy by Verstappen Senior for Horner or Marko or Newey to leave, in which case Verstappen Junior (male variety) has an escape clause (yeah, I don’t know why he’d go either) and can go to his own ‘dream team’: Mercedes. I can understand Verstappen moving in a few years if there’s a dodgy Red Bull engine on the way, but otherwise, I don’t get it, unless it’s just huge money from a Mercedes deal and/or a way to lever an even bigger contract from Red Bull.

      1. Yes Max isn’t going anywhere until at least 2026.
        He chances of winning this year and next are excellent.
        In 2026 RBR/Ford will build their own engine – that sounds sketchy so Max will probably leave then.
        I still can’t figure out why RBR didn’t stick with Honda but glad Aston Martin will be their new customer.

    5. I would just point out that no one knows if Horner was “cleared”. We just know what management decided to do, at the direction of the owners, at whose pleasure they serve. No one has seen outside counsel’s report or even knows what their scope of work was and what information was provided to them. This is the ask for transparency by Ford and other F1 stakeholders.

  10. A brilliant article in today’s Guardian regarding the Christian Horney controversy:

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        5th March 2024, 14:44

        Thanks, I had no clue what the word peccadillo meant or that it even existed. Now I know both.

        I wonder if Horner will do another season of Drive To Survive and if he will allow them to bring the subject up.

        Here’s my favorite quote:
        Your chances of racing an F1 car are roughly equal to your chances of going into space.

    1. This was my (least) favourite bit.

      There is no pyramid here, no community asset to protect, no grassroots to nurture. Nobody goes down the park at the weekend to play a little F1 with their mates.

      Couldn’t be more wrong, obviously never been to a go-kart track, or even had an inkling to enjoy the thrill of driving a car with even an ounce of aggression.

      It’s a pretty bad hit piece, petty name-calling and seeking retribution for what they even admit is still unverified accusations. How can you possibly call for someone’s head when you don’t even know what they’ve done, let alone be sure of. This is the real trial by media that should be derided, not random us wondering what he did it and what might happen from the comment section.

      a sport whose huge costs and global footprint render it dependent on identifying the most lucrative income streams at any given moment, and asking as few questions as possible about them

      Maybe if they care at all they should ask more questions, more often. You know, journalism. Not just jumping on the bandwagon for the clicks.

      1. “still unverified accusations”
        They’re still unverified in the sense the papers can’t print the pics Horner sent, but they all have the pics at this point, and while they could possibly be deep fakes, I don’t think there’s much doubt or wondering what happened. The issue is how you feel about the team principal sending inappropriate pics.

        1. The issue is how you feel about the team principal sending inappropriate pics.

          You are obviously begging the question here.

    2. At this point I think ‘Brilliant’ is reserved for when a media outlet does not cover this soap but ignores it since it is not news worthy and also not true.

  11. Here is an article that should be in the round-up. It was on the Road and Track site for a day, until they took it down because a sponsor complained. It is an excellent take on the current state of F1, and should not be silenced:

    1. that’s a great read, thanks. Lot of insight

    2. Wow, thanks for posting that @ferrox-glideh I can see why the ‘sponsor’ might have complained, not what they were expecting or wanting, great writing and insight into the huge wealth bubble F1 floats in.

    3. A really good read, and I’m really glad to have read it – Thanks.

      (I was about to Sign Up for the whole shebang but got redirected to yet a different site to join before I even got anywhere near Car and Driver – No thanks).

    4. Great article.

  12. Everytime dads without any experience are involved in Sports It means trouble.
    Carlos Sainz (senior) is the opposite, he does not say anything. But verstapen (dad) is a disgrace.

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