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2013 Le Mans 24 Hours

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    Here’s the LMP2 Zytek Z11SN-Nissan which Caterham motorsport will be running for Alexander Rossi, Tom Kimber-Smith and Eric Lux:

    Caterham Zytek Z11SN-Nissan, 2013

    I take it this is the same Eric Lux who’s the part-owner of Genii and therefore the Lotus F1 team, formerly Caterham’s rivals for the use of the name ‘Lotus’. And, of course, the same Eric Lux who Adrian Sutil hit with a champagne glass in a Shanghai nightclub.

    Fer no.65

    So Lux races for Caterham and owns Lotus, who isn’t Lotus really, but took the name off Caterham who used to be Team Lotus, but nows owns Caterham cars too.



    Nope, it is in fact a completely different Eric Lux!

    Not a problem I’m used to myself – as far as I know there are no other Keith Collantines.


    No, different Eric Lux. This Eric is a driver for Greaves in the ELMS and drove for several other teams in the ALMS, mostly in LMPC. He is of no relation to the Eric Lux of Genii.

    EDIT: Beat me to it


    Isn’t there Lotus LMP2 as well? Lotus vs Caterham in Formula 1 and Le Mans!


    Apparently Caterham are doing this to gain some experience and insight with an aim to start producing customer LMP cars next season. Sounds good to me!


    I am still missing Peugeot and waiting for Porsche because i think that Toyota will need a lot of luck to beat Audi juggernaut. On the bright side, GT battle will be awesome.


    In fairness I think that was always true of Peugeot when they were racing against Audi as well – on any given race, it was generally taken as a given that Audi would be the winners when all things went smoothly.

    However, Toyota have successfully lobbied for some tweaks to the equalisation formula (mostly around fuel tank capacity) since the last WEC round, so it’s possible this will go some way to redress the balance. With mostly long straights, the very highly developed aero package of the Toyota will have more bearing on the laptime than the added torque that the Audi enjoys, so I could see this being a very close race. What Toyota really needs though, is a three car team, each of which manned by at least two absolute top level drivers. As it stands, they have one very good line up, and one half decent line up, but the Audi line up is strong across the board – all of the Audi drivers are top class and as fast as anyone out there. Toyota need strength in numbers if they’re really to get in amongst the Audis and stop them from running their own race.

    Still, I predict a very good battle. I remember the sense of shock which went around the circuit last year when not only did the Tototas match the pace of the Audis, but after a few hours they took the lead and looked like they had a pace for which Audi had no answer. It’s a shame that things went downhill from there, and I certainly expect Audi to be far stronger this year. But what Toyota managed to do in their debut year really should not be underestimated. They’re the real deal, make no mistake.

    R.J. O’Connell

    How do some of you watch endurance races?

    I’m not saying that to be condescending, because I have Le Mans on my bucket list and I want to enjoy it, but it just seems like it’s impossible to watch a 24 hour race and really get into it unless you’re really there.


    I watched 23 hours of the race last year (I needed a quick nap!) and I enjoyed it, watching it on television as well as monitoring progress online keeps it interesting.


    I have watched 22 hours in 2011 because the race was exciting from start to finish and because I had some coffee in 23:00.


    Because things are often happening all down the field- the great thing about le Mans is that if the ‘battle’ for the lead is actually a walkover, there’s a good chance that another category is being hotly contested. Also, due to the huge field there will often be several teams and drivers which you would like to see do well. The last couple of years have been absolutely fantastic in terms of the battle for the lead (at least it was last year if you cared which of the Audis won, which I did).


    apparently one of Audis crashed during practice.

    Looking forward to this. Camping at Le Mans should be fun, hope the weather is good.


    Saw that too. Wonder who was driving, if it’s McNish, I also wonder what Audi is thinking.

    Edit: Joest Racing said on Facebook itwas Duval who both set the fastest time and crashed the number 2 Audi.

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