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    In the beginning, Codemasters created F1 2010.

    And the Collantine Cup was without form, so Mag said: “let there be an F1Fanatic PS3 championship”. And there was an F1Fanatic PS3 championship.

    And Mag saw the F1Fanatic PS3 championship and called the F1Fanatic PS3 championship, the ‘Collantine Cup’. And Mag saw that the Collantine Cup was good.

    Then quite a lot of lag-induced crashing occurred intermixed with rare moments of actual racing and at the end of the season Common Monsoon had, somehow, become champion. And Mag saw that this was not quite as good.

    Thus, the Collantine Cup was now a proper thing. And a proper thing that everyone decided that they’d quite like to do again around the same period of time the following year. And so they did. And the year after that, too.

    Now, the Collantine Cup heads into its fourth season, not necessarily bigger, but better than ever. This year, we have the greatest and most talented grid of drivers ever to have been assembled in Cup history. Reigning champion JamieFranklinF1, former champions Common Monsoon and Aus_Steve and two returning powerhouses, Magnificent Geoffrey and ed24f1. Of the 15 drivers on the grid this season, seven have celebrated a race victory in the series.

    But all of the competitors have the same goal in mind. To be crowned Collantine Cup champion. Three different drivers for three different teams have experienced the feeling of being awarded an imaginary cup that doesn’t exist, but the competition to become the fourth will be intense.

    Because only those elite few who find themselves ultimately standing tall and proud atop the championship standings at the conclusion of the season will have bestowed upon them the ultimate honour – having their F1Fanatic username electronically dubbed over an instrumental of Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand. Because who wouldn’t want that?

    So without further ado, let’s meet the competitors who’ll be fighting for championship glory this time around.

    JamieFranklinF1 (Reigning Collantine Cup Champion)

    Races: 8
    Poles: 1
    Wins: 3
    Podiums: 6
    Total points: 139
    Highest Championship Position: 1st (Season 3)

    It takes a strong driver to become Collantine Cup champion. It takes an especially strong driver to come into the series as a newcomer and win his first race. And it takes an especially, especially strong driver to win the Collantine Cup at the first attempt.

    JamieFranklinF1 heads into his second Cup season as the reigning champion, and the one person everyone will be looking to beat. Although not the fastest over a single lap, JamieFranklinF1 has relentless race pace – as Common Monsoon discovered multiple times last year – which took him to three victories and six podium finishes last year.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: With Franklin seemingly just as fast on F1 2013 as last year’s game, if anyone else wants to win the Cup, they’re going to have to take it from Jamie first.

    Fun Fact: In order to keep his racing senses sharp, JamieFranklinF1 trains his mind using an ancient night time meditation method known as ‘sleep’.

    Bradley Downton

    Races: 3
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 9th
    Podiums: 0
    Total points: 3
    Highest Championship Position: 17th

    Last year was a difficult debut season for the lovable Bradley. Through no fault of his own, he was forced to miss a number of races and was one of the most frequent victims of Electrolite’s internet’s dodgy connection. However, when he did race, he enjoyed a memorable and closely fought battle with Magnificent Geoffrey at the final round at Interlagos.

    Downton has solid pace and will be looking to make up for lost races in Season 4. With JamieFranklinF1 as his team mate, it’s going to be a challenging year for the young lad, but with his recent performances in the other F1F series, there’s plenty for Bradley to be optimistic about heading to Melbourne this Sunday.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: He’s just won his first ever online F1F race in the alternative series. Who’s to say that the floodgates are about to be opened on a wealth of wins in the Collantine Cup?

    Fun Fact: Although widely believed to be the case, Bradley is actually not the inspiration for the name of ITV’s popular period drama series Downton Abbey.

    Common Monsoon

    Races: 24
    Poles: 3
    Wins: 7
    Podiums: 18
    Total points: 402
    Highest Championship Position: 1st (Season 1)

    The inaugural Collantine Cup champion, <strike>Dam</strike> Common Monsoon is perhaps the favourite to reclaim his crown heading into this season. Statistically the winningest driver in Collantine Cup history, Monsoon would have most likely won the Cup for the second time in Season 3 if it wasn’t for the fact that he failed to finish two consecutive races due to disconnection issues.

    While Monsoon could not renew his rivalry with Magnificent Geoffrey in Season 3, he found a much better rival in JamieFranklinF1, with the pair duelling for a number of wins last year. Expect to see these two battling it out for the title again this time around – if the rest of the field hasn’t caught them up over the long off-season, that is.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: He’s done it once before, he’s won more races than anyone else, had more podiums and scored more points. If anyone on the grid can deliver, it’s Monsoon.

    Fun Fact: Due to the fact that he has absolutely no life, Common Monsoon is the only driver ever to have competed in all 24 Collantine Cup races to date.


    Races: 20
    Poles: 7
    Wins: 5
    Podiums: 12
    Total points: 280
    Highest Championship Position: 1st (Season 2)

    Completing Team True Blue Fair Dinkum Sheds Aussie RAG Bull Racing is the Cup’s second champion – and arguably the most naturally gifted driver in the field – Aus_Steve. Steve is fast, an awesome racer, and #RAGs to an extent that few people can even comprehend.

    Aus_Steve only manage to make a few races in Season 3, but those that he did compete in he either won or was in contention for winning. With good buddy Monsoon next to him in the garage, Red Bull have the most formidable driving line up of any team in the Cup this season. It’s not a question of if Aus_Steve can win races, but how many.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because he #RAGs like it’s 1999.

    Fun Fact: When he’s not competing in the Collantine Cup, Aus_Steve can mostly be found winning the Victorian state Formula Vee championship. Like, seriously. I’m not even joking.


    Races: 19
    Poles: 1
    Highest race finish: 3rd (x5)
    Podiums: 5
    Total points: 203
    Highest Championship Position: 3rd (Season 3)

    The dark horse of this year’s championship, Electrolite is the driver many experts predict to be on the verge of a breakthrough. Statistically, Electrolite is the most successful Collantine Cup driver to have never won a race, and you can be sure he is going to be trying his damnedest to break that particular record at some point in Season 4.

    The one thing that works in Electrolite’s favour is that he has consistently improved his performances and his position in the championship every year since partaking in the very first round of the Collantine Cup in Season 1. Having shown highly impressive pace in pre-season testing, a lot of people are looking forward to seeing what the Sauber leader will be able to achieve this time around.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Eighth in Season 1, sixth in Season 2 and third in Season 3. If Electrolite carries this trend up into Season 4, we’re looking at our next champion.

    Fun Fact: A keen music producer, Electrolite’s debut album outsold Jaime Alguersuari’s first LP by a ratio of 3:1.

    Magnificent Geoffrey

    Races: 16
    Poles: 3
    Wins: 3
    Podiums: 10
    Total points: 261
    Highest Championship Position: 2nd (Season 1 & 2)

    Series founder. Inaugural race winner. OP writer. Magnificent. There are many words that describe Magnificent Geoffrey, but unfortunately for him ‘champion’ is not one of them. In fact, Mag is infamous for almost always finishing second, finishing both Season 1 and 2 as championship runner-up and recording seven second place finishes – more than any other driver.

    Magnificent Geoffrey returns to the Collantine Cup after taking a forced sabbatical in Season 3 to concentrate on boring, unimportant life stuff. A brief cameo appearance at the final round at Interlagos was unspectacular, with Magffrey taking his lowest finishing position ever. With renewed drive, Geoff will be looking to take the fight to the front of the field and show that he deserves to be considered one of the top drivers once again.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because as Chief Director of CCRAP, Magnificent Geoffrey has the ability to change the rules in his favour whenever he wishes.

    Fun Fact: It took Magnificent Geoffrey an unbelievably ridiculous amount of time to do make this OP and the video above, so much so that his girlfriend threatened to leave him.


    Races: 8
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 2nd
    Podiums: 2
    Total points: 93
    Highest Championship Position: =3rd (Season 3)

    If it wasn’t for a certain JamieFranklinF1, sato113 would’ve been last season’s Rookie of the Year. Alongside fellow rookie Alfie, sato113 put in some impressive and solid performances en route to recording two podium finishes and six consecutive races in the top five to finish equal on points with veteran Electrolite after worst results dropped.

    With a year’s experience under his belt, sato113 will surely be aiming for bigger and better things this time around. Having moved from Ferrari to McLaren for Season 4, sato113 will be looking to try and fight for victories this time around, although it will be tough with what is undoubtedly the strongest field in Collantine Cup history.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: When you’re channelling the do-or-die kamikaze spirit of Takuma Sato, how can you possibly lose?

    Fun Fact: The ‘113’ in sato113’s username relates to the average amount of tweets he sends to Codemasters’ Stephen Hood in any given week.


    Races: 14
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 5th
    Podiums: 0
    Total points: 54
    Highest Championship Position: =7th (Season 2)

    He’s super nice, mighty fine and very popular. supernicebob has been a firm favourite of the Collantine Cup fraternity ever since he first competed in the inaugural Le Mans 24 Laps in 2011. After making his debut in the Cup in Season 2, supernicebob has had a very entertaining time in the series, to say the least.

    Whilst not yet fighting for wins or podiums, supernicebob has proven himself to be a very fair and clean racer who always competes with the right attitude and spirit. His Season 3 escapades made for highly entertaining viewing on the Collantine Cup YouTube channel, and we all can’t wait to hear what sort of colourful language Bob will come out with this year.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Anything.

    Fun Fact: Another keen musician, supernicebob once appeared as a special guest on popular children’s television programme Sesame Street where he sang a song educating kids around the world about the hazards of ingesting Sodium monofluorophosphate.


    Races: 23
    Poles: 2
    Wins: 1
    Podiums: 5
    Total points: 189
    Highest Championship Position: 5th (Seasons 2 & 3)

    Another Cup OG, slr is now entering into his fourth season of Collantine competition. This could mean one of two things: either the Collantine Cup provides truly top-quality off-season entertainment for its participants, or slr is a total sad act. Safe to say, it’s probably not the latter.

    After famously winning the Season 2 finale by being the only driver in the field to one-stop, slr’s third season was only slightly less successful than his second, although he did retain fifth spot in the championship. With super-degradable Pirelli tyres making tyre conservation more crucial than ever in F1 2013, this could play right into slr’s hands. It’s going to interesting to see what he can achieve this season.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: He’s proven he can win before and with his deft touch at the wheel, slr could well be able to conserve his way to the Cup.

    Fun Fact: Despite the fact that slr has been a Collantine Cup driver for three years, no one is still entirely sure what the letters “slr” actually mean. It’s not like there’s any connection to Mercedes there, after all. Although slr is known to enjoy racing under the Jamaican flag, so it’s most likely got something to do with reggae.


    Races: 16
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 4th
    Podiums: 0
    Total points: 44
    Highest Championship Position: 8th (Season 3)

    Once again, slr is joined at the Silver Arrows by David-A. A precision racer in more ways than one, David-A is both a solid and consistent driver. After coming close to a podium finish at Singapore in Season 3, it’s obvious that David-A will have his eyes firmly set on breaking through with that all important first podium finish – or ever more.

    David-A has every reason to feel confident heading into the fourth season of the Collantine Cup after a decent showing in pre-season testing. He also had major success in the off-season, winning his very own GT5 Le Mans series against some very formidable opposition. That shows he certainly has the skills, if he can just make it work on F1 2013, then success is sure to follow.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: If the real life Mercedes team can leap from the midfield to victories this season, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect David-A to do the same.

    Fun Fact: If the Collantine Cup was held on GT5 and used Le Mans Prototypes rather than F1 cars, David-A would probably win.


    Races: 17
    Poles: 0
    Wins: 1
    Podiums: 4
    Total points: 146
    Highest Championship Position: 5th (Season 1)

    The final original driver on the grid, Shyguy1992 has been a permanent fixture at Williams since the very first Collantine Cup race. Although not having the greatest record of attendance in the Cup, whenever Shyguy1992 does make it to the grid, he always seems to put on a solid performance, often on or around the lower podium places.

    After a memorable victory in the final round of Season 1, Shyguy1992 has been looking for that elusive second victory ever since. Last year was a season to forget for the Shyster, suffering from a string of DNFs through little fault of his own. If he can get to the start line more regularly this year, you can expect to see him in the mix every Sunday.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because having one of the highest average finishing positions of any driver on the grid has to mean that he will be a contender if he has a full season for the first time.

    Fun Fact: Despite his username, Shyguy1992 has never been known to have any acute difficulties in talking to girls.


    Races: 12
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 6th
    Podiums: 0
    Total points: 35
    Highest Championship Position: 10th (Season 2)

    Silverkeg wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. To not crash is his real test. To race is his cause. He will travel across the track, driving far and wide. Each late apex, he’ll understand the power that’s inside the V8 engine in the back of his virtual machine.

    When duty called after Magnificent Geoffrey announced that he was unable to compete in Season 3, Silverkeg took a break from listening to Cher and helped to organise last year’s edition of the Cup with his team mate for this Season, Spud. That noble effort alone has won him a place in the Collantine Cup hall of fame, although for this season, he’s likely to be hoping to get there on the merit of his driving too.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because with a heart so true, his courage will pull him through.

    Fun Fact: When not racing in the Collantine Cup, Silverkeg is also Chief Communications Officer at GoatCorp, Australia’s leading goat-appreciation organisation.


    Races: 12
    Poles: 0
    Highest race finish: 8th
    Podiums: 0
    Total points: 15
    Highest Championship Position: =13th (Season 3)

    Loveable Spud may not be a regular contender for wins, podiums, or even minor points for that matter, but he encapsulates everything about the Collantine Cup spirit – just go out there and have fun. One thing Spud has over all his fellow competitors is that he is the only Cup driver to hail from somewhere other than either the United Kingdom or Australia – although whether this is in any way a help or a hindrance, we can’t really say for sure.

    While it’s going to be odd to see him out of his beloved Team Enstone for Season 4, Spud has likely found the ideal team mate in fellow Force India driver SIlverkeg, as on paper, these two should find themselves finishing around the same positions. Yes, that does actually sound rather patronising, doesn’t it?

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because as an Irishman, Spud is bound to have some bloody good luck.

    Fun Fact: Before a race, Spud regularly whips out his guitar for a quick blast of ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica in order to warm-up his fingers.


    Races: 9
    Poles: 1
    Wins: 2
    Podiums: 4
    Total points: 135
    Highest Championship Position: 4th (Season 2)

    The man who made a very big impression on the Collantine Cup during his first full campaign in Season 2, ed24f1 returns to the series after a one year sabbatical spent not really getting up to much of interest. After a one-off appearance at Montreal in the inaugural season, ed24f1 took two back to back victories at the start of Season 2 to romp into an early championship lead.

    Despite wicked pace and racecraft, ed24f1’s Cup aspirations faded in the second half of the season as his rivals got their act together, but he was still in contention for the championship right up to the final race of the year. That alone proved that ed24f1 is a man to watch as he makes his return to the series this year. Can he repeat his infamous Season 2 successes?

    Why he’ll win the Cup: As the only Australian driver in Cup history to have won a race but not taken the championship, would you really bet that it’ll remain that way at the end of this season?

    Fun Fact: As part of his round-the-world tour last year, ed24f1 spent one week living with a pack of wild wolves in the Alaskan wilderness.

    ShaneB457 (Rookie)

    Last but probably not least, the Collantine Cup welcomes its only rookie for Season 4, ShaneB457. While not much is known about the newcomer, Shane does come with a glowing recommendation from multiple current Collantine Cup drivers who have testified to his clean driving and, most of all, impressive speed.

    While it’s unknown at this stage whereabouts ShaneB457 will fit into the Collantine Cup pecking order, you can be sure that he will do his upmost to prove himself as an exciting new addition to the series.

    Why he’ll win the Cup: Because if Marc Marquez can take the title in his rookie season, so can Shane.

    Fun Fact: If all Shane does is turn up for one race and drive very slowly at the very back of the field and finishes, he will have already guaranteed himself Rookie of the Year honours.

    As ever, the fourth edition of the Collantine Cup will be contested over eight championship rounds, starting at the Albert Park circuit this Sunday and concluding at Interlagos in March. All races take place on Sundays at 11:00am GMT.

    After the traditional season opener, the series makes its way to Suzuka for the second round of the championship, before an extended Christmas break which will include the first ever Collantine Cup Christmas Classic non-championship event on December 22nd. In the new year, Spa-Francorchamps will host round three, before the Collantine Cup makes its first visit to Circuit of the Americas at the halfway point of the season.

    Monaco is the first of two back-to-back street circuits to start the second half of the season on February 2nd, followed by Singapore on February 16th. Monza returns to the calendar for the penultimate round, before the championship finale is held at Interlagos a week before the start of the 2014 Formula 1 season.

    Round 1: Melbourne, Australia – Dec 1st
    Round 2: Suzuka, Japan – Dec 8th
    Collantine Cup Christmas Classic: Brands Hatch, Great Britain (Non-championship) – Dec 22nd
    Round 3: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium – Jan 5th
    Round 4: Circuit of the Americas, USA – Jan 19th
    Round 5: Monte-Carlo, Monaco – Feb 2nd
    Round 6: Marina Bay, Singapore – Feb 16th
    Round 7: Monza, Italy – Feb 23rd
    Round 8: Interlagos, Brazil – March 9th

    As in every season, the race settings have been selected through a poll of all current Collantine Cup drivers.

    Race Length: 50%
    Car Performance: Equal
    Collisions: Full
    Weather: Dynamic
    Damage: Visual Only
    Penalties: Corner Cutting only
    Driving Assists: All allowed
    Parc Ferme Conditions: Off
    Qualifying Format: Traditional 15 minute open session

    Damage – Visual damage remains for this upcoming season. It is important to remember that although you may lose parts of your car as significant as the front wing, the performance will remain unaffected. If you are involved in an accident and sustain any cosmetic scarring, pitting for repairs is entirely unnecessary. However, remember that if you do suffer damage, your pit crew will replace noses and wings regardless of the fact their absence has no impact on handling.

    Do Nots – Connecting from many different corners of the globe results in some unusual lag, and it is unreasonable to expect you will finish every race without making contact with a fellow competitor. However, CCRAP’s leniency does have its limits, and there are certain things that could result in warnings and, in extreme cases, bans.

    First and foremost, it is important to recognise immediately that the Collantine Cup is, as much as it tries to be, not a cash reward or even a shiny trophy as its name suggests. Winning is fun, and it’s absolutely natural to want to achieve your best, but this series is about clean and fair winning (and losing!). As with previous seasons, deliberately making contact with other drivers, corner cutting, excessive weaving, driving around the track the wrong way, blocking others by parking your car across the track and other dangerous or unsportsmanlike behaviour is absolutely not tolerated. No-one’s perfect, and mistakes will be made, but as soon as you start consciously playing against the rules of fair play, you’re stepping over the line.

    Absences – Drivers that fail to attend races without giving prior warning will be given a warning that – if not heeded – may result in their seat being offered to a reserve. If it’s not possible to attend a race and you notify the others in advance, you will not be penalised.

    Forum Behaviour – The philosophy hasn’t changed since the very first season: if you have a grievance about something that happens on track involving another competitor, do NOT make angry, accusatory, childish comments in this thread. We do not accept or put up with that sort of thing in this series. That is your one and only warning. If you have an issue with someone else, first of all remember that this is a video game and if you’re really that upset by it, you should maybe reconsider your life priorities. Secondly, if you wish, contact the person with whom you have a grievance in private, either through F1F PM, PSN or another private channel.

    Penalties – For the first time, penalties in the Collantine Cup will be set to ‘corner cutting only’. This means that drivers will only get penalties from excessive incidents of corner cutting and not through any form of contact with other cars, accidental or otherwise. This means no more contentious or dodgy penalties for causing a collision, even if contact is made entirely accidentally or through a misunderstanding.

    As ever, while there may be loopholes in the penalty system, drivers are reminded they must completely refrain from exploiting them to gain an unfair advantage. Again, we’re here to have fun. But winning isn’t fun for anyone if it’s achieved through unsportsmanlike tactics. CCRAP reserves the right to review driving standards should anyone be seen to be deliberately racing against the spirit of the series. If you’re here to win at all costs, now is your chance to withdraw your entry, for overly competitive racing is not the purpose of the Collantine Cup’s existence.

    Although sometimes unjustified, penalties will not be overturned by CCRAP, as harsh as they may seem. However, if you can provide irrefutable video evidence of an incident that you feel resulted in an unfair penalty and the field unanimously agrees, we do reserve the right to overturn time penalties in such cases. But it is important to remember this will only occur in extreme circumstances. If you race fair and try to stay out of trouble, luck tends to even itself out over a season. Otherwise, be prepared to smile and move on. This is, after all, merely a game we’re playing for a bit of fun.

    Invites will be sent out at 10:55am GMT (5 minutes before event start). Drivers can join at any time between then and the 11:00am GMT start, but if a driver fails to enter the room within that time without notifying that they will be late, the race will begin and that driver will not be allowed to join the session.

    As ever, there will be a XMB chat room created for each Round of the Championship. You are strongly encouraged to join it, even if you have a microphone, so you can stay informed as to what is going on at all times. The use of a USB keyboard is strongly recommended if you have one available to help make typing easier.

    After qualifying, there will be a 2 minute wait to allow drivers to make a toilet break, get a drink or do whatever else is required to prepare for the race. During this time, no one is to select ‘Go to Race’ on the menu screen. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. If you start the race before everyone is ready, you WILL get a right proper telling off. Magnificent Geoffrey (or whoever is the nominated host for that particular round) will ask you all to confirm that you are ready to proceed before beginning the countdown to the start of the race.

    If you have a microphone, you’re welcome to use it but please keep it muted if you’re not talking during racing and keep comments to a minimum. If you want to apologise to or thank someone, that’s perfectly fine, but no one particularly wants to hear your conversation with your girlfriend, boyfriend, mum, pet tortoise or the force feedback on your wheel in the background.

    There will only be one attempt at each race with no restarts. In extreme cases where multiple people lose connection during qualifying, the session may be, as in the past, restarted.

    Once again, CCRAP Chief Director Magnificent Geoffrey is abusing his power to shift the calendar around him going on holiday. But rather than having a four week gap between the second and third rounds of the championship, we will instead be hosting a special one-off race around Brands Hatch Classic using classic 1980s cars.

    The first annual Collantine Cup Christmas Classic takes place on December 22nd and will be run to as close to usual Collantine Cup regulations as possible. As a non-championship event, this is just a one-off fun race in which no one has to partake in if they don’t want to.

    Drivers have free range to select any 1980s classic car available for the event they wish to use. It will be a great chance for all of us to have a different experience for a change and will be open to everyone as there will be no DLC required to be purchased in order to take part. The event will also be open to non-Cup drivers, so if you’re not a member of the Collantine Cup but you still wish to participate, you can!

    Not that many people need reminding, but the Collantine Cup does have an official YouTube channel in which a number of drivers like to upload highlights, clips and more of all the action that takes place over the season.

    Whether you’ve got a swanky capture card or just point your camera at the TV, it doesn’t matter! We at CCRAP always appreciate and enjoy looking back at all the crashes, smashes and amazing moves pulled off on each other. If you want to upload any footage of races onto the channel, simply message Magnificent Geoffrey, Common Monsoon or any of the guys who regularly upload onto the channel for the log in details.
    @JamieFranklinF1, @david-a, @shaneb12345678910, @ed24f1, @sato113, @spud, @electrolite, @silverkeg, @commonmonsoon, @aus_steve, @supernicebob, @slr, @shyguy1992, @bradley-downton

    Sorry it took so long for me to get this up!

    Just to remind you all, the season does get underway this Sunday at 11:00am GMT. Hopefully you’re all now looking forward to it as much as I am!


    @magnificent-geoffrey I wish there were live streams of the races. I don’t own Codemasters’ F1 series (or a PC strong enough to run it, for that matter) but is it actually possible for someone to just show up to observe the races and upload that live as the race goes, or at least just after the race, as a full-race video with multiple camera angles, or at least highlights of the race from external angles?


    This is the best. Absolutely loving it! It’s going to be a very intense and competitive season, for sure!

    Stephen Jones

    Hell yeaaaah K-Pop!

    Also this OP is blowing my mind.

    Common Monsoon

    A pleasing effort.


    Brilliant OP once again!!!




    Brilliant, cannot wait.

    Lucas Wilson

    Just popped over from the (is its name allowed to be mentioned? ) F1F Virtual Grand Prix Championship. Looks great, I couldn’t compete in the series, I am rubbish at this sort of stuff. I will be watching closely.

    Bradley Downton

    Oooooo, I’m all excited now! :P

    1. Who is hosting the races?
    2. Spud (thanks to addition of Shane) is now not the only Irishman ;)



    I wish there were live streams of the races. I don’t own Codemasters’ F1 series (or a PC strong enough to run it, for that matter) but is it actually possible for someone to just show up to observe the races and upload that live as the race goes, or at least just after the race, as a full-race video with multiple camera angles, or at least highlights of the race from external angles?

    Technically yes, you could have someone join in and just spectate and film the races, but the game’s spectator system isn’t very good, so you’d end up with a lot of disjointed footage and probably miss all the action! The best thing to do is to check out the thread after races. We tend to get video highlights up from different drivers in the days following a race.


    Looks great, I couldn’t compete in the series, I am rubbish at this sort of stuff.

    So are the majority of us.


    1. Who is hosting the races?

    Me. Using the best internet connection I’ve ever had for the Collantine Cup. So hopefully things will go more smoothly this year.

    2. Spud (thanks to addition of Shane) is now not the only Irishman ;)

    Oh, fluff. Sorry Shane. I’ll edit the OP later. :P

    Harry Westwood

    Hi, seeing as though there is an incomplete team, would you consider a late entry? :)

    Bradley Downton

    @magnificent-geoffrey – That is good news. Hopefully I won’t suffer any disconnections this year then :P, yeah, just thought I’d let you know so as to avoid looking a little bit silly ;) Haha


    Those press releases are just brilliant. Really enjoyed that video!

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