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The 2013 F1F GT5 Le Mans 24 Laps (Saturday, June 22)

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    That was interesting. I’d chosen a car with massive top speed but was a tank in the corners. Had a manic first lap which saw me miss my braking point at the first chicane then nearly wiped out Supernicebob’s spinning Sauber at Porsche.

    Had done no wet practice and about 2 laps of night practice beforehand, so it was a struggle when both of those things were thrown at me. I ended up in just about every gravel trap. Got confused about what tyres to use, with my final set of wets being horrid. Had a fantastic moment where me and Alex binned it at the same corner, but I was on my own for most of it.

    Good fun though. Think my car could have been pretty handy in the dry, alas.

    Dan Thorn

    Mixed feelings over that. The opening laps whilst it was dry were fun (although I took a while to stop running onto the grass in braking zones..had a few spins early on like that, sorry for any collateral damage) but once the rain came down I got confused. The dry tyres wouldn’t keep any heat, but Mag said we wouldn’t need wets so I carried on. As the rain got heavier though the dry tyres became harder to drive, so I tried the inters. They were grippier, but much slower. The rain got heavier so I tried full wets, which were hopeless. Went back to the slicks which were the fastest but now quite tricky to drive because the front tyres stayed stone cold and it just understeered everywhere. Was thoroughly fed up so I cranked up the TC, switched on the ASM and n00bed it to the end. I think if you’re going to have wet races, have proper grip levels. The field properly spread out as it rained and slightly spoiled it for me, would have preferred if it was completely dry.

    The second half of the race was pretty good though. Had some great battles with Bob and Spud and I was trying to beat them with strategy but they were just plain faster and both were ahead of me on the final lap. Then Spud crashed at Indianapolis and Bob span at the final chicane and I snuck through to take a cheeky 4th. Shame Mag had to leave cos he’d have been right in there too. Thanks guys for waiting for a couple of little taps that were had, very fair and good racing with you guys :)

    Hate to end on a downer but I’m disappointed with the conduct of a certain racer. Not naming names but I was knocked off a couple of times by them (one costing me 20 or 30 seconds and depriving me of a fight with any other cars for most of the race) caused by them gong for overly ambitious and aggressive moves into corners where you simply cant overtake. I wasn’t waited for, let back through or anything. I also witnessed several examples of corner cutting and I’m disappointed at this typical public lobby attitude.

    Congrats to Chops for dominating and to our podium finishers. Many thanks to Mag for organising a fun event, and I’m happy to have beaten the combination of real racing driver/fake Launcestonian ;)


    I’d also like to apologise to anyone I hit. I missed a few braking points and was quite erratic in the early stages and also in the dark. I’m not sure who @dan-thorn is referring to specifically, but if it’s me then I unreservedly apologise.


    The race was very fun for the first couple of laps, but the rain really ruined it for me, especially as the issue with the grip levels was thoroughly confusing. I’ve not done any wet weather driving in this game before, and I think if you’re going to have rain as an option in a race then you need to have accurate grip levels that require real tyre chooses dependant on what you eyes are looking at (ie: streaming rain).

    In a for fun race like this it would have been so much better to have the weather remain dry, or at least have only a small chance for rain.

    Aside from that, the first third of the race was fun, that boost thing kept the field close and the racing was fair aside from Slr who used me as a brake at Mulsanne corner during the wet weather, leaving me scrabbling in the gravel whilst he carries on his merry way.

    But yeah, the rain was crap.


    @ajokay I am truly sorry about that incident, I remember I was so focused on slipstreaming you that I forgot about the next corner and hit you in the braking zone. I’m not a dirty racer by nature, although I will admit that it doesn’t normally cross my mind to wait for someone after unintentionally taking them out, I will address this in the future however.


    @slr no hard feelings, it’s all good. It just I do this week-in, week-out in a league and I guess I’m jut used to waiting or being waited for if there is some kind of contact that really disadvantages someone. I had to be more cautious at the cornersand braking zones, especially in the rain as the corvette had less downforce than the LMP’s.


    Thank you very much for a lovely game of racing…

    The first few laps were totally bonkers, as they have been before in this race I think.Pretty sure I managed to find a Sauber’s width between two others on the way down to the first Mulsanne chicane. I lost it on the first lap stupidly taking to the grass before the Porsche curves to find some room, but with the boost I was quickly back in the mix. And then it was up and down from there as I kept on making mistakes and then coming back through.

    I think I may have been one of the first to pit and that put me back a bit, but allowed for some space and after a few laps I found myself in the lead after Chopsman pitted. As the rain was coming down I was able to build a bit of a gap, though it didn’t feel like I was going especially fast. As my tyres went and Chopsman came back up my lead dwindled, and then I had a pretty awful lap with several errors (and I bit of a battle lapping Teo which didn’t help!).

    Completely ignoring what Magnificent Geof said before the race, I opted for inters (they were already selected) but that was a terrible choice, so I did an awful lap on those before pitting again for more slicks and fuelling to the end of the race. By this point I was over 2 minutes off the lead. From there I managed to catch up a bit again, and had some good racing, but the all too frequent mistakes kept on pegging me back, especially at the first of the last two chicanes.

    With a couple of laps to go I was just behind Slr vying for that final podium spot, but my tyres were quite old by then and it was very tough. I fell back from Slr, and and got caught up with Spud and Dan which was good fun. I got back ahead of them on the last lap for fourth, and had a bit of a cushion, but still locked up into the chicane and spun in a totally lame fashion letting them both through.

    So, the rain was a big pain as has been discussed above, but it’s part of how we do it and Chopsman really, really deserved that win so well done to him. Thanks to Mag for organising it all, and everyone for taking part. Perhaps we can organise some more endurance races (Spa? Daytona? Nurburgring?) in the future – not sure I can take these type of races on a regular basis though!

    Common Monsoon

    Sorry about missing my braking point into the first chicane of the Mulsanne straight. I did it twice when doing over 400 and on the second occasion I think I hit someone. Very silly accidents! Otherwise it was pretty clean from what I saw. Had some great battles with @supernicebob in the wet. Wheel spinning in 4th and 5th gear! It was so hard to accelerate in that race…


    Quite surprised i managed to finish i wasnt expecting that. i spent most of the race struggling underbraking the rain didnt exactly help.
    The short stint i did on wets was a mistake once i put inters on i was able to push. Spent most of the race around 4th place battling with slr and magnificentbob. The car towards the end of the race was superb maybe i.was on the right tyres at the right time as everyone else seemed to be struggling.


    Race was going pretty well for me, staying just behind the lead group out of the way of any contact. But then on like lap 9 I had to pit and stop there for 20 or so minutes as my dog was being a bit ill. When I got running again I was 5 laps down and it was chucking it down. From then until the end of the race I stayed out on one set of slicks and managed to claw back two laps by the end of the race, most of my speed at the end was probably down to the boost but I was surprised I caught so much back! Was a fun race at the start until I had to stop.


    @commonmonsoon just realised your avatar is a cat not a dog.


    Thanks all for a good race and kind words. Can’t say it was enjoyable as last year’s, most of it was just trying to manage the gap and not make a mistake in the wet. It makes you respect how hard it is for the real drivers when it is raining at night though! Luckily I managed not to make too many mistakes, had a minor spin but luckily ended up pointing the right way and on the tarmac, so I didn’t lose too much time. I also got lucky that no one had taken the second Peugeot 908, which despite being down on top speed was a demon in the corners!

    @supernicebob Yes, I’m definitely keen for more races – Spa, Suzuka, Daytona, Nurburgring, Laguna Seca, Monza, etc.

    @sato113 Sorry I couldn’t hook you up with a car mate, glad to see you at least made the race though. And thanks for being considerate when being lapped :)

    And finally, thanks to @magnificent-geoffrey for running the race again, pity you had to leave during the race as you were looking good for a strong finish. I hope the emergency wasn’t too serious!

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