BBC or Sky when both are live?

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    There seems to be a common pattern emerging of people watching BBC pre and post analysis with Sky for the race for the one and only reason of Brundle.

    This could leave Sky with a really big problem, if it becomes the norm for so many, in that there is no advertising revenue to be made in an uninterrupted race. The advertisers will obviously notice this and stop stumping up the cash to promote on the bits of the progam next to no one is watching. No cash = no SKY F1. I think they need to improve a lot and fast to make this work for them.


    I watched it on Sky. I haven’t really seen much of BBC this year but it’s pretty hard to beat Brundle and Kravitz, who are awesome and insightful as ever. Crofty seems to be doing a good job as well, even if he’s slightly mistake-prone. And Davidson’s very insightful with his relatively recent F1 experience.


    The BBC commentary during the race was surprisingly good.


    Need your help, people. Did anyone catch the ending montage for Bahrain on SKY F1? Need to get the song they used. :)

    If anyone could also share what song the BBC used for their montage later, that would be very much appreciated. :)


    There seems to have been a significant improvement in the quality of Sky’s output, they were getting much more analysis into their post-race coverage. Simon, Martin and Damon also seem to be gelling too, however I still think the BBC have the best lineup.


    Good to see Martin Brundle on todays BBC F1 forum


    @jimmyt Why was he on the forum?


    DC was talking to him off camera so they just grabbed a quick word with him asking on his thoughts on the season so far.


    I havn’t watched much of the BBC coverage, only odd 10mins here and there. The sky coverage I feel is fantastic, there seems to be a lot more efort put into interviews at each circuit, but interviews off circuit are fantastic. I feel that they are really making the sport alot easier to understand for new people to the sport which is what we want. There’s a lot more coverage time, aswel as the sky f1 channel always on hand. But I do miss the cheeky Eddie, jake and dc, you could always count on Eddie asking the most awkward of questions that we all wanted answered, and he really stuck by the f1 fans, with DC & Jake always trying to soften the blow of some of his remarks. I like simon and martain, but feel that damon hill is really lacking in trying to complete sky’s line up, but hope with time they can grow. For coverage I pick sky, but for presenter line up, BBC. But maybe with everyones remarks, next time I’ll watch bbc and record sky+.


    I got the BBC song, so I just need the SKY one. Thank you! :)


    Or you could tune into the BBC F1 Forum and get both ;)


    Ian Lockwood

    Its BBC pre& post and Sky during the race for me too where possible. I though Sky’s post race analysis was cringeworthy yesterday. With all that went on in the race, the post race analysis featured ages outside the Lotus garage (fair enough given their performance) but with no real searching questions. After that it was down to Red Bull, only to find no-one around (all too busy talking to the BBC?). Pen interviews with Hamilton didn’t query how he saw the incident with Nico. Didn’t hear from Alonso or Massa at all. The bizarrely spent ages with Lazenby guessing how much the cars in parc ferme were worth (before admitting he didn’t have a clue), then talking about how dusty they looked. Damon Hill then gave us the benefit of his illustrious F1 career insight by talking about packing the cars into freight boxes. Lazenby meanwhile was visibly counting down the time until he could go off air.


    Isn’t it great that we get the best of both worlds online, with things like Ted Kravitz’s notebooks and the BBC Forum there.

    Thanks @PJ for putting the Brundle clip on. That forum’s a really enjoyable half-hour, I thought – worth a look if you’re in the UK, and all the better because Eddie Jordan’s not there. He’d have ruined the enconter with Brundle, and without his questions they can talk to more people.

    Didn’t realise they did one that many hours after the race, so I’ve only just watched it. It carries on in the same tone with Jo Ramirez, Jaime Alguersuari, the Force India and Marussia bosses, Ben Edwards joins in and there’s a forklift driver who’s gone from catering to Caterham and knows his freight better than Damon Hill.


    I think sky’s coverage has come on amazingly in just a few weeks, mind you! There is now some depth to the analysis, and I actually like it, in my mind the sky coverage really does feel like a privalige and exclusive, and I personally like the over the top graphics etc!
    The interviews were a bit hit and miss but its all about practise!


    Lets face it they basically pinched the BBCs format pretty much exactly. The only difference between BBC and sky coverage is we now have to shell out for all that stuff we used to just get given :). Funny watching the respective tv teams dodge each others camera shots and Ted and Gary fighting over the interviewees. (Ted Kravitz obviously isnt to be found jogging around the track on a thursday after all those pies!)

    If anything those old season review programs have reminded me how much better old F1 was though its quite funny seeing young Ron Dennis, Schumacher, Barichello, button, Jordan, Anderson, Newey, Whitmarsh, Raikonnen etc etc and even a then rookie massa still being told to move over out the way of team mate 10 years later!! Get Montoya back in F1 for amusement i think.

    Also a shame Natalie Pinkham managed to shatter the illusion of being at least partially intelligent until she opened her trap and asked when high tide was in monaco! omg lol. And treating Pic like a baby on the f1 show last friday hahha

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