BBC or Sky when both are live?

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    oh yeah and Johnny Herbert not Damon on sky, he was much better

    Andy Redden

    Must say, Canada was first time I watched all of Sky Pre and post race, and I generally think their coverage would be brilliant if it weren’t for Lazenby’s awkward, mundane, face – scrunching, laughing at own unfunny ‘jokes’ presenting.


    @andyredden-on-f1 I know, his face scrunching bugs me intensely.


    For pre and post race coverage my preference is for BBC and Sky for race commentary.
    Sky’s output, although longer is filled with repeats, previews of items and of course adverts.


    BBC everytime i have sky and do watch it if race is not live on BBC but the guy doing the commentary with brundle drives me insane constantly talking about the wrong driver

    wish we could have brundle and DC back together

    BBC team way better for pre and post race much more entertaining and not wooden like sky are


    I must say, I didn’t notice just how much Simon Lazenby looks at his watch throughout the Sky Coverage!

    The Sky Coverage is alright, and I do like the flashyness of the programme, but thats as far as that goes in exciting me!…also the F1 show, is just watching paint dry most of the time! Can’t they at least show analysis of the previous race?

    Andy Redden

    I think the F1 Show would be transformed if they got someone like Scarbs on there for their tech bits.


    @Andy Redden
    Great call, replace Georgie with Scarbs and the F1 Show will be just fine.


    I’ll revitalize this thread.
    Which coverage did you like best in 2012: BBC’s or Sky’s?

    Aled Davies

    Skys! I’ve watched it all season long and it to be fair Lazenby and Thompson’s knowledge has improved a lot, that as 1 of my main issues with it at the start of the season (admittedly I quickly forgave Georgie for that, I think im a little in love with her, shes amazing).

    BBC’s coverage sort of has this “Lads day out” feel to it with Eddie, Jake and DC doing things to try and come across as a bit wild. I want informative F1 programming, not a video diary of a bunch of guys mucking about. Eddie Jordan also annoys the s**t out of me, he talks complete nonsense 90% of the time and is always contradicting himself.

    Sky may have adverts but not during the main bit – The Race! I find their programming very good! I think they could ask crofty to use a different line at the end of the race though, every time is “ANNND (insert winning driver) WHO WINS (insert country/circuit) FOR (insert winning drivers team)

    Other than that im happy and will continue to watch sky’s coverage. I think they will get better too!

Viewing 10 posts - 106 through 115 (of 115 total)
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