Pre-race press conferences: What would you ask?

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    Keith Collantine

    I seem to increasingly see complaints from people about the nature of questions drivers get asked by journalists in the pre-race press conferences.

    With that in mind, what would you ask the line-up for the China press conferences?

    Here’s the list of who’s appearing – post your questions below and we’ll see who gets asked what:

    Thursday drivers’ press conference

    Romain Grosjean
    Nico Hulkenberg
    Sergio Perez
    Nico Rosberg
    Adrian Sutil
    Mark Webber

    Friday team representatives’ press conference

    John Booth
    Ross Brawn
    Christian Horner
    Franz Tost
    Claire Williams


    “Well Adrian, the last time you were here it ended a bit unfortunate, are you planning any after race parties this time around?

    – Well Mark, now that you have enjoyed the Surf in Australia, and had time to read up on your team saying everything is fine, is it?

    – Nico, if you were leading the race 1-2 with Lewis in front but on nackered tyres, saving fuel and 10-15 laps to go, would you heed instructions from Ross to stay behind?

    And another one for Mark: Given your experience with Team orders, what would you advice Nico to do in that situation?


    Let me add to that:

    Romain, in an interview with the BBC Kimi mentioned that he could have beaten you, but for car damage that resulted from tussles earlier in the race. Do you agree?

    Nico Hulk – an exiting start to the season so far, we all enjoyed your close racing with Kimi last race. Do you think you will be fighting Romain and Kimi again this race?

    For Perez: how / when did you find out that this car was really a hard nut to crack?


    Mark – Christian will be sitting here tomorrow… do you maybe have any questions for him?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    “Mark, why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?”


    “Adrian, Force India have arguably been the surprise package of the season so far, so I’d like to ask how you would feel if you got hold of some Champagne on the podium on Sunday?”

    That gag is too cheap and comes a bit too soon I think…:p


    “Sergio… Can it categorically be stated that it is ‘Checo time?'”

    I May deserve to be taken out the back and shot for that joke.


    Nico Rosberg – Nico, we are returning to the track where you are defending you’re first victory. How do you feel coming into this racing weekend?
    Adrian Sutil – You have been strong in the dry in qualifying. Do you feel you can score a position on the front 2 or 3 rows if Qualifying is dry as predicted?
    Sergio Perez – We hear McLaren have pin-pointed the issues with the current MP4-28. Do you feel you can start winning races or getting up near the front when we head to Europe?
    Mark Webber – We all know what went down at Sepang. How has the team come out of this dilemma in your perspective?
    Nico Hulkenburg – You’ve qualified 11th and 12 in Melbourne and Sepang. Do you feel you can go better and make Q3 in Shanghai?
    Romain Grosjean – You have made a much better start to the season, finishing both races and scoring points compared to last year’s DNFs. As you are getting the upgrades Kimi recieved in Malaysia, how much more confident does this make you feel going into the upcoming races?


    Rosberg – You led here in the last three races, got a podium in 2010 and got your maiden victory last year. What is the reason that you’re so good on this track?
    Sutil – You’ve been with the same team for nearly 100 races. Do you feel the need to try something different, similar to Lewis, even if it’s a sideways move just for the sake of being in a different environment, or are you happy to perhaps even see your career out at Force India?
    Webber – The whole Malaysia thing has cost you 14 points in the battle with your teammate. We know Seb’s very hard to beat over a season as it is, so how costly do you think these 14 points will be and do you at all expect to get them returned at some point?
    Grosjean – In similar conditions in Melbourne the E21 was probably the car to beat. Are you thinking of race victory this weekend?
    Hulkenberg – We heard you complaining to your team after the Malaysia GP on team radio, and saying something was unacceptable. Can you tell us what you were refering to? Is efficiency and getting everything out of the package perhaps a difference between your new and former team?

    Can’t think of anything for Perez at the moment. Not the best of questions but I think they’re a bit more curious and interesting than the usual boring PR.

    Aish Heydrich

    “Hello Mark, do you feel threatened by your team’s decision of bring da Costa as a reserve driver? Has Red Bull been protecting Vettel like you said on the podium in Malaysia 3 weeks back?”

    “Mr Horner, do you think you’ll be able to tell Mark to move over any time soon for Vettel, or is that option now completely out?”


    Nice topic!

    My questions:
    RG: You have had clean races so far this year. Have you changed changed your approach in starts? Also, are you happy with your performance so far?

    MW: After last race’s ”scandal”, have you discussed with SV and your team about what happened?

    AS: Two strong performances this year. Do you believe that Force India can take a podium this year? Have you found which the problem was in Malaysia with the pitstops?

    SP: After two bad, for McLaren’s standard, races, are you happy with your move to McLaren? Do you believe you can challenge for wins later this year?

    NR: You won here last year. Do you believe you can do it here again?

    NH: What was ”unacceptable”, as you told in the team radio at the last race?

    JB: Bianchi seems to be impressive so far. Do you expect more from him? Do you think that Chilton underperforms?

    CH&RΒ: Is everything OK now with your drivers?


    Just read the transcript and noted that Grosjean and Perez didn’t get asked any questions from the floor.

    Keith Collantine

    Here’s the line-up for this weekend – anyone got any questions?


    Jenson Button (McLaren)
    Paul Di Resta (Force India)
    Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
    Pastor Maldonado (Williams)
    Charles Pic (Caterham)
    Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso)


    Eric Boullier (Lotus)
    Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari)
    Paul Hembery (Pirelli)
    Monisha Kaltenborn (Sauber)
    Martin Whitmarsh (McLaren)

    Max Jacobson

    Maldonado, has your insurance premium increased due to the nature of your driving in Formula 1?


    So Jean, after being given a proper spanking by Dan and making contact with Mark last weekend, is it safe to assume you won’t be let within 10 feet of that second Red Bull seat?

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