Pre-race press conferences: What would you ask?

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    Line-up for Japan:


    Jenson Button
    Nico Hulkenberg
    Pastor Maldonado
    Charles Pic
    Jean-Eric Vergne
    Sebastian Vettel


    Pat Fry (Ferrari)
    Dave Greenwood (Marussia)
    James Key (Toro Rosso)
    Tom McCullough (Sauber)
    Paul Monaghan (Red Bull)
    Jonathan Neale (McLaren)


    Three champions in the Abu Dhabi press conference:

    Fernando Alonso
    Valtteri Bottas
    Romain Grosjean
    Lewis Hamilton
    Adrian Sutil
    Sebastian Vettel

    And some of the smaller teams on Friday, plus Paul Hembery’s return:

    Cyril Abiteboul
    John Booth
    Paul Hembery
    Franz Tost
    Claire Williams
    Martin Whitmarsh


    I see this thread has gone a bit quiet, and speaking for myself I find it much easier to criticize journalist for coming up with inane question than coming up with interesting ones myself.

    To Romain Grosjean I would ask: having tried to get through Q1 on the prime tyre for the last couple of events, would you consider doing soft in Q1 and Q2, and then Q3 on the prime for this weekend, which may well be another one-stopper for you?

    To Lewis Hamitlon I would ask: your executive director Toto Wolff has stated that for this weekend you need a car with good traction and straight-line speed, yet this seems to be an area that Mercedes have struggled with in recent Grand Prix. Do you think that can be solved for this weekend?

    To Sebastian Vettel I would ask: Sebastian, over the past four seasons you have amassed four world titles and won over thirty victories. Can you envisage a point where it would make you happier to not win, if only for a little while, in order to be able to enjoy titles and victories as much as the first ones?

    To Paul Hembery: Paul, from the first of January it will require unanimous agreement from all teams to test tyres with a non-historic car. How much tyre testing do you still want to conduct before the official pre-season testing starts, and do you plan to that all in 2013? Also, do you think it will be possible to test with a 2013 car once the season is complete?

    Neel Jani

    To Bottas: You’re coming to the end of your first season in Formula 1. Which has been the most toughest aspect of the sport for you to learn? Is it the tires or PR activities or something else?

    To Vettel: Sebastian, after getting in the habit of winning races after races and titles after titles, do you think a driver’s psychology changes to the extent where he would find loosing even more difficult?


    Apparently drivers on Melbourne Thursday press conference are Vettel, Ricciardo, Hamilton, Alonso, Magnussen and Massa.


    It is, and the line-up for Friday is:

    Eric Boullier (McLaren)
    Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari)
    Christian Horner (Red Bull)
    Remi Taffin (Renault)
    Claire Williams (Williams)
    Toto Wolff (Mercedes)


    If I had to ask each driver a question about the upcoming Melbourne GP this is what I’d ask:

    Vettel: When will you get the first points of the season, in your view?
    Ricciardo: How confident are you entering your first race with Red Bull?

    Hamilton: Win?
    Rosberg: Do Mercedes have the upper hand or will Williams and Force India overcome you?

    Grosjean: Crash?
    Maldonado: Crash, retirement from car failure or loose wheel?

    Alonso: Are you as far behind Mercedes as people say you are?

    Perez: Improvement from Mclaren?

    Bianchi: Points?


    Here’s the line up for the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend:


    Valtteri Bottas
    Kamui Kobayashi
    Daniil Kvyat
    Pastor Maldonado
    Kimi Raikkonen
    Nico Rosberg


    Cyril Abiteboul
    Federico Gastaldi
    Paul Hembery
    Monisha Kaltenborn
    Graeme Lowdon
    Franz Tost


    Malaysian right?

    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – I corrected your post to avoid confusion :)


    @bradley13 Thanks!


    For the Malaysian GP I would ask:

    Vettel: How much of an improvement do you expect, and if there is an improvement, will you be challenging Mercedes for the win?

    Alonso: After a fourth place finish in Melbourne, will your upgrades get you challenging for a podium, or even a win?

    Rosberg: You won in a fantastic, but expected, style in Melbourne, will you once more be at the front of the pack? And if you are, who will come out on top, you or Lewis?

    Grosjean: You made it a lot further than expected at Australia, do you think a race finish, even a few points, might be on the cards here in Malaysia?

    Magnussen: A dream start to a dream career, a podium on your maiden grand prix, do you think that you can again impress the world of Formula 1 by finishing in the points or on the podium?

    Perez: You were, honestly, quite a longway off the pace of your team mate in Australia, do you think that you’ll be so far behind again?

    Sutil: You chose a one-stop strategy in Melbourne, but it didn’t really get you any closer to the points. Are you going to try the same again, or do you think that a two or three stop will work best here at Sepang?

    Vergne: You qualified well, you raced fairly well and more importantly you finished inside the points and beat your team mate. Will you be able to repeat that here in Sepang?

    Massa: You were taken out at the first corner in Melbourne, but before that you showed great pace, qualifying in 9th. Valterri showed the teams sheer pace by climbing up to finish in 5th. Can you take a few points this weekend.

    Bianchi: Max outqualified you last race, although you did have a few electrical issues with the car, will you be able to turn the tables back to where you were in terms of performance against Max last year?

    Ericsson: Do you think that the teams’ reliabililty issues are sorted yet, and if they are, will you be able to gain ground in terms of constructors’ standings.


    Some interesting developments this weekend as Charlie Whiting will be in one of the press conferences as will a representative from Honda:


    Fernando Alonso
    Esteban Gutierrez
    Lewis Hamilton
    Sergio Perez
    Daniel Ricciardo
    Adrian Sutil


    Yasuhisa Arai (Honda)
    Andrew Cowell (Mercedes)
    Pat Fry (Ferrari)
    Rob White (Renault)
    Charlie Whiting (FIA)


    Alonso- how do you cope when everything else around you fails?
    Gutierrez- have you needed treatment for PTSD after Pastor’s missile attack?
    Hamilton- you said Vettel only won so much because of the car, are you victories due to the car or skill?
    Sutil- what do you actually give to the sport?

    Bradley Downton

    Ricciardo – Seriously, what would make you stop smiling?

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