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    SoLiDG: “And of the active drivers I’m a Hamilton fan. He’s imo the fastest and most gifted guy out there. He will take down a few titles for sure!”

    Good to hear that. I also think Hamilton is the most naturally gifted F1 driver on the grid, it seems like he is just born to race! That’s what I like about him and why I support him. Racing is his passion and that is all he cares about :)


    I was always a big Schumacher fan, from when I started watching F1. I think my first F1 memory is him driving into the side of Villeneuve, which probably means I started following him because he was the only driver I recognised, but he impressed me greatly in his battles with Hakkinen in 1998 (Probably still my favourite ever season) particularly because the Ferrari wasn’t as quick as the Mclaren.

    After Schumacher retired for the first time, I switched my allegiance to Hamilton and Mclaren, who are probably now my favourite team. Button definitely seems to be the more personable of the two drivers as he seems to have some sort of personality and seems to be that bit more laid back than Hamilton.

    That said, I’d quite like Webber to win the Championship this year. He’s funnier and less of a stooge than most of the other drivers, and anything that irritates the Red Bull management has got to be good. Listening to Jackie Stewart talk about how hard it was for him, coming back after his broken leg, also impressed me.


    I like quite a lot of the drivers, there’s only a handful I don’t like: Kubica, Alonso, Button, Di Grassi. I say I don’t like Kubica and Alonso but that’s more them as people than drivers, I think Alonso is probably the best driver on the grid.

    Favourites though are Hamilton and Vettel, Alguersuari and Buemi, but really liking Chandhok this year too, and I’ve got a soft spot for Sutil :-D

    My favourite team is Toro Rosso :)


    I’m a huge Vettel fan, as some of you may know. But I also support Hamilton too, and Alguersuari. There isn’t any driver on the grid that I hate though, I’m not a huge fan of Button, Trulli or Alonso. However, like Katy I think Alonso is one of the best drivers on the grid and he is starting to grow on me now he’s at Ferrari.

    Favourite team would be Red Bull or McLaren. I’m a fan of both of them, so it’s hard for me to pick just one (may seem odd when they are both close competitors, but that’s just me I suppose, lol)


    I’ll have a McLaren top on at Silverstone this year but I like a lot of the teams and drivers.

    Easier to say who I’m not fond of.

    Vettel doesn’t do it for me, I don’t like all the hype. I don’t think he’s delivered yet to be worthy of it. He also showed some of his true colours, that he believes he is the chosen one and everyone else should gift him the wins.

    Barrichello, I don’t like his tantrums. Bad mouthing Brawn last year, throwing his steering wheel out of the car this. Don’t think he cares that much about the work his team do when all is said and done or at least when he has a chip on his shoulder he doesn’t consider others.

    Alonso, as a person although I think he has redeemed himself a bit after his spoilt brat season at McLaren. It’s now down to the fact he seems so miserable all the time. He’s driving for Ferrari, he should be smiling. Respect him as a driver though.


    Did like Force India, can’t bring myself to like them now because of Vijay. Had reservations over the way he handled the management restructuring after the first year. Then some of the comments about Fisi going to Ferrari. Now the Lotus issues this year. Don’t like vindictive whiners. Take it like a man, concentrate on boosting your own team not dragging others down.

    Maybe RedBull now after the Turkish Grand Prix. Have always liked Webber, he’s always struck me as a very honest, honourable down to earth driver who’s been unlucky. Thought his treatment from Red Bull after the Turkish Grand Prix stunk.


    Favourite drivers: Kovalainen and Glock – gotta love the underdogs!

    Favourite teams: A bit more difficult, perhaps Toro Rosso with it’s Minardi roots – again with the underdogs :P


    Given my background, Watching every race from the beginning of 2007. I came in right when Hamilton came in. so for me Hamilton is the best driver on the Field and has my full support. Mclaren, as such is the team that I root for.

    I have a soft spot for naturally fast young drivers. So as such Vettel coming in for Kubica in 2007 and being fast drew me to him early on. Was pulling for Red Bull prior to this year as they where in the quint-essential “underdog” spot, but after completely dominating this year with pace, I have been turned of to them.

    Thus my dread for Brawn last year along with Button and Barrichello.

    And the final Driver I root for is Kobayashi. Following his great drives at the end of 2009, he earned my full support.

    I like racers, not strategist or drivers who look after their equipment.. That to me is BS. Your a F1 driver to Race your car not look after it, so my Biases follows those who RACE.

    Dan Thorn

    Told you so Steph! *Smirks* Haha.

    Hello everybody. My name is Dan Thorn and I am an Alonsoholic.

    I also like Webber, Button, De La Rosa, Rosberg, Schumacher, Liuzzi and Trulli. I’m also a massive Gilles Villeneuve fan. For me, he’s the best ever and that’s the end of it.

    I’m not really a supporter of teams, but it’s hard not to be attracted to the passion and history of Ferrari and I have a huge respect and admiration for Frank Williams. Wish Alfa Romeo would make a return…


    Knew you wouldn’t be able to resist a smirk! OK you were right then…

    I also completely agree about Gilles and about Alfa. I swear you’ve brainwashed me somehow Dan


    Well its Mclaren for me since the late 80’s, remember making them out of lego. Still the best team out there imo. Bring back the red and white tho, oh no it might make me smoke again!!!

    Hamilton is imo as well (SoLiDG & TommyB89) the fastest and best racer out there, but other do come close with speed but don’t show his determination when needed. Just my opion that.

    If we are all having second and third choices it would be Button (patriotic), Vettel (v quick and has a sense of humour although German) and prob Rosberg. for cars only Lotus and Wiliams for their past performances only.

    Should we start a most hated driver/team forum??

    Tom L.

    I’m surprised this discussion hasn’t yet degenerated into a pro-/anti-Heidfeld debate, as was the fate of a number of driver-related discussions on the old forum!


    My favorite drivers are:

    Ayrton Senna

    Michael Schumacher

    Kimi Raikkonen

    Jean Alesi

    David Coulthard

    My favorite teams are:





    Well, my avatar gives it away:

    All Brit drivers, and whatever teams they drive for.


    Ferrari, Massa.


    My favourite is Schumi already since 2000. When he wasnt driving in F1, I had already become Ferrari fan, so my favourite was Massa. As of Top 5 drivers- I hate Hamilton because of his character, Im trying not to hate Alnso, but i have 2006 still in my memory :( , Button… he is ok, but… well… he hasnt champion’s mentality… Vettel? Well at the beggining i liked him, but now he become more like Hamilton. Webber is my fav to be champion. Over these years I like some mid-field drivers: Wurz, de la Rosa, Zonta, Winkelhock (:D), R Schumacher (when driving Williams). Probably I would like Hakkinen too, if he wasnt racing side by side with Schumacher…

    Driver I hate the most: Glock. He is lyer. He said he will be champion in 2010. Is he? No! He said that next time Hamilton passes him, he will crash him (in 2008 end). Did he done it? No!

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