Jacques Villeneuve says Kimi Raikkonen did not deserve his Formula 1 title

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    Give a break JV! To me he is the least deserving WC ever.Secondly on what basis is he commenting that for? I don’t remember he & Kimi had any clash.Just that guy being kicked out of F1 & not getting any value anywhere,need the spotlight so picked up to talk negative about someone who don’t care this thing.Shame his dad such a great legacy he came no where near to it both on & off track.


    Shame his dad such a great legacy he came no where near to it both on & off track.

    I tend to agree with that. Sometimes it doesn’t even seem like they’re related. I didn’t see Villeneuve (Jacques) at the peak of his career, but from when I started following F1, he’s been one of the most boring drivers I can remember, as you say, both on and off track.

    Kimi was a top-class driver throughout his career, even in 2009. But JV was only good for a while then disappeared.


    Who knows, JV might be fighting for the same sponsors to enter a NASCAR full season bid next year, so he is talking down the competition now!

    I do think Villeneuve was a very good driver and deserved WDC (first saw him in CART, that was amazing and he was at that level when he started first in F1), but Kimi achieved a lot more and could have been multiple champ if things had turned out only a bit differently, where Jaques went for the big bucks and bragging at BAR.


    I think it is absolutely stupid when anyone says Driver X didn’t deserve their championship. Raikkonen wasn’t always solid in 2007, but none of the other title contenders were either. If Massa, Alonso or Hamilton deserved the title, then they should have beaten Raikkonen in races such as Australia, Britain or Belgium.


    Completely agree with BasCB. Villenueve was pretty awesome in his first 2 seasons in f1, but there is no way he should make a statement regarding Kimi’s WDC. Kimi could have won even more championships if it wasn’t some rotten luck. I thought both drivers were similar champions, as they both lost their motivation once they won the crown. So neither driver should be trashing each other.

    I guess we all have our lists of least deserving WDCs (jenson on the top of my list), but nothing we say or do can change the history books anyways. So I really don’t see the point in JV’s statement.


    JV just being JV. I don’t agree Kimi was deserving of any more than his one title though.


    I’d take these comments with a BIG pinch of salt. What JV said was that Massa deserved to win the WDC more in 2007. And he said this at Interlagos so he could have just been trying to win favour with the local crowd/sponsors.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Is this the same JV who scored less points from 1999 to 2006 than he did in 1998 alone?

    Ned Flanders

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. JV is the obvious candidate for the most undeserving champion of all time award


    This saddens me from JV. It’s unnecessary.

    There’s a lot of irony in the fact that Raikkonen and JV were very similar champions. Loads of talent, big risk takers and exciting to watch. JV was superb in 98/99 and in the early 2000’s but we didnt have the chance to see that.

    If Raikkonen doesn’t deserve it then JV certainly doesn’t either. JV has always been passionate about his sport though, and I admire him for that. That is the only thing that Raikkonen truly lacked.


    I never rated JV and I still don’t. Kimi on the other hand was and still is a very good driver and I wish he’d come bak to F1 some time soon.

    Ned hit the nail on the head with: JV is the obvious candidate for the most undeserving champion of all time award !


    Well, the most undeserving champion for me is Rosberg but I don’t like to get into those sort of topics.

    In my opinion, even as an Alonso fan, Kimi deserved to win in ’05, but I don’t take anything away from his ’07 title. If Jacques thinks having a bit of luck means you don’t deserve a title then I guess Lewis didn’t deserve it in ’08. It’s a shame because Jacques is one of the characters I like in F1 but he keeps on piping up with these stupid comments which is making me respect him less and less. Just button it JV.

    James Brickles

    Aye dear Jacques.

    Ferrari had some reliability issues in 2007 compared to the McLaren which was bulletproof, so for Kimi to win the championship is even more of an achievement. Kimi probably deserved it more in the 2003 or 2005 but still, he deserved it in 2007.


    Past F1 drivers do have a tendency to come out with these kind of dejointed comments though. Like Lauda, again insisting Schumacher is going to quit at the end of this year.

    But I agree with GeeMac and I think he was just playing to the Brazlian crowd more than anything. Without Massa’s help, Raikkonen possibly wouldn’t have won the Brazlian GP, but that still would have left him with one more win than either of the McLarens.

    Yeah, stuff seemed to conspire to give Rikknen his WDC, but previously, stuff had conspired to keep it from him. Swings and roundabouts as they say.


    Before Lewis, Jaques was probably the best prepared F1 entrant ever. He had about 10,000 Km of testing before his first race & did’nt have to face a world class team mate.

    In the words of Patrick Head, “We gave him a car that was 2 seconds a lap faster than anything else & he took till the last race to win the championship.

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