quality of races in 2011 and your personal top 5 of the year!

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    I was so excited for the start of the 2011 season, especially after the vintage 2010 year. Followed the winter testing and expected a close and dynamic season come Bahrain 2011, then Bahrain was cancelled and we all had to wait a little longer fro Australia before the season started. I enjoyed Australia and Malaysia but come to china the races had become very processional and i lost interest in the sport, i thought the results were predictable, in regards to who would win and what teams would follow him home. I stopped watching formual one and finally came back to it in Belgium and i’m glad i did, i wish i had watched the parts of the season that i missed and hadn’t jumped to the conclusion that 2011 was a whitewash. bring on 2012, lets hope things get a lot closer, and that mercedes gp wins the championship…

    5, Singapore
    4, Australia
    3, India
    2, Japan
    1, Belgium


    1: China – I really loved this race, one of the best I’ve ever seen. 10/10
    2: Germany – three way battle for the lead all the way through, Vettel showing he’s human. 9/10
    3: Malaysia – The first real test of Pirelli tyres, was the sign of things to come. 10/10
    4: Britain – Very interesting race, some great battles at the front and exciting finish. 9/10
    5: Belgium – Loads of brilliant overtaking moves, lots of incidents, interesting race. 8/10

    You might have noticed they’re not in order of rating, that is what I gave it on the poll, I obviously haven’t been very consistent in my scoring this year ;).

    Other races of note were:
    Barcelona – 9/10
    Canada – 9/10
    Hungary – 8/10

    It’s been a really great year for racing, I think every race on my lists deserves to be called a classic.

    Master firelee

    1:Canada 10/10
    2:Belgium 9/10
    3:Hungary 9/10
    4:Great Britain 8/10
    5:China 8/10

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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