Who is the Rainmaster?

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    Rick H

    I’d say Hamilton although everyone seems to have good and bad days in the wet.


    Sadly, I believe that today even wet-weather drives are too car dependent.

    Hamilton was a brilliant rain driver from 2007-10, but as of late he just can’t get the mood going. I guess that Mclaren isn’t as good in the rain as it once was.

    Alonso won in Germany and took pole in both Great Britain and Germany; he is great in the rain but I don’t know how much that has to do with the Ferrari itself.

    Vettel had a reputation of being a good rain driver back in 2007-09, but I can’t think of a single good wet-weather performance of him for the past 3 years.

    Schumacher, in my opinion, is still the best rain driver on the field. His drive at Canada last season, his comeback through the field in Britain ’11, and not to mention that he managed to get his Mercedes on the 2nd row in both Silverstone and Hockenheim with a car that isn’t easy to drive at all.

    Younger Hamii

    @Kingshark I think you just summed up my statement: It being a combination of car setup, driver & importantly of recent, being out on the track at the right time.

    Just to add, the latter reminds me of Alonso, I’d say he’s average at best in the wet (he admitted at Silverstone that wet conditions weren’t one of his strongest area) but If he’s got the requirements, the right tools to be specific then he’ll deliver as he so often does in dry or damage-limitation circumstances.

    James Brickles

    If we take poor decisions out of the equation, for me, the current rainmaster is Sergio Perez. He was just awesome in Malaysia and was flying in the rain at Silverstone qualifying, until after the red flag period when the team were too eager to put the intermediates on.


    I think lately we’ve been seeing cars stronger than others in the wet. It’s always been the case, but somehow I feel lately the disparity is greater.

    That said, of the current crop I value Hamilton and Vettel as the quickest rain folk. Button is good in drying, as opposed to wet, IMO. Alonso won Malaysia and Korea as wet (or at least semi-wet) races, but he was never at any point the quickest man on the track (unless the faster guy ran into trouble, see Vettel in Korea and Perez in Malaysia). He had the last two wet poles, but I put that down to his fresher tyres and better timing (IIRC he was last across the line in a drying track both times)


    Schumacher. His performances in wet qualifying confirms this. Some of his wet weather drives in his 1st career are the best I’ve seen. Hamilton also has tremendous pace in the wet whilst 4 of Alonso’s last 5 wins have been rain affected.


    vettel, hamilton, button or kovalainen, or petrov as well; he won an ice racing title, so knows a bit about slippery tracks

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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