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Formula E launches Fanboost: Will you vote?

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    Iestyn Davies

    @ajokay Lol. @craig-o Let’s hope it doesn’t have the opposite effect… “Fanboost is working well in Formula E. We need this in F1!!!”

    20-20 is actually not that bad of an analogy, in that it was also aiming to develop a younger fanbase and get cricket more popular for the long-run. It’s test audience, like F1’s audience, is probably primarily older than average.

    Bradley Downton

    I have to agree completely with the post of @magnificent-geoffrey.

    Formula E is something new and different, and I feel we should give it a chance. Some people may not like some of the rules that have been decided, but they’re never going to please everyone.

    Ok, the fan-boost seems a little ridiculous, but you could also view it as a nice way for the fans to get involved in the racing.

    In my personal opinion I’m not really bothered by what gimmicks are implemented into a series. To me a good race is a good race. If I sit down and a race happens and I enjoy it, then I’m happy.

    On another note, I’ve voted Sam Bird, but I was torn between him, Jaime Alguersuari and Bruno Senna, and cannot wait for the app to come out so I can vote all three.


    I wouldn’t have a problem with this series trying to be a laid-back show if it wasn’t an official FIA championship. The FIA recognises the winner of Formula E as a champion, and hence it’s a sport and not a show. If they get rid of that and stop pretending like this is something serious, I might enjoy it.


    @Andae23 Can it not be a sport with entertainment elements? After all, the champion is still going to be the driver who puts the best performances in over the course of the entire season. One single 2.5 second boost a race will only do so much. You could even argue that DRS provides more of an advantage to a driver over the course of a Grand Prix than one of these FanBoosts.

    I just think that to completely dismiss the idea of this series purely because of this one element is a bit excessive.

    Bradley Downton

    From now on, for my opinions on Formula E, see @magnificent-geoffrey’s posts! :P


    I Trulli am excited about fanvotes and I Trulli intend to use them. I am not sure I think Formula E is Trulli the future of motorsports, but it could Trulli be a new form of mixing entrainment with motorsport, kind of like some countries alter existing sports to have higher scores or make it easier for different physiques.

    Honestly, a look at British or Italian F3 gives a good insight into the problem with ‘pure’ motorsports; it’s too expensive at any level and often finds itself racing empty tracks with money problems. If anything, I hope Formula E can work for the benefit or both entertainment and motorsports. Heck, if it is successful, people are going to wonder what else is there.

    To me, this isn’t just tending to a different audience than F1, WEC, WTCC, WRC et. al, Formula E is a new concept and does not strive to be what those categories are.

    Iestyn Davies

    @andae23 The FIA couldn’t recognise something if it bit them in the butt.. the Mosley admittance from 1994 is another example of that.

    The reason British F3 et al. are collapsing is because the FIA are making them run newer chassis and engines, to be able to continue using the title “F3″…. they also happen to cost a lot more than the older ones. Brazilian F3 for example has managed to increase its fields to over 15 this year as it’s running the cheaper F302.


    Will I vote? No. It’s hard for me to not tear my hear out when I hear of utterly absurd gimmicks like this!


    I’ll probably vote, but only because I am excited to see what Formula E will be like. They have included Fanboost as a part of the formula, so I want to see how it works when it is used as intended.

    The thing I am liking most about Formula E, and which I think F1 can learn loads from, is just how positive every story coming out of the series has been so far. Every single interview with a team owner, driver, promoter, is positive. When they talk about Fanboost? It is positive. When they talk about the noise of the cars? It is positive. I’ve been surprised by that, but I suppose I’m only surprised because of how much negative talk has been coming out of the F1 paddock in recent years. I’m a fan of Formula E already and the cars have barely even got any miles on them yet, that has to prove that the promoters, teams and drivers are doing something right, even if hardcore motorsports fans like us think it may be gimmicky at times.



    And considering the ‘FanBoost’ is just for a single, 2.5 second boost that may or may not result in an overtake to begin with, is it really all that ridiculous?

    I think it is a matter of principle. ‘FanBoost’ is something completely different from double points, DRS and standing restarts. These rules might be dumb but teams and drivers can still work to improve their cars or driving techniques so that they get maximum results. ‘FanBoost’ has nothing to do with the car or driving skills, it is a popularity contest. You might as well give 5 extra points to the driver, who has the hottest girlfriend.

    As for “taking it easy”, I get your point of view and hope that other racing series do not start to adapt all the funny stuff…


    @magnificent-geoffrey @Andae23

    Can it not be a sport with entertainment elements?

    I would say no, at least as far as this “entertainment element” is concerned. Sport is supposed to be a competitive activity, and once you start giving an advantage to some competitors based on how popular they are then the integrity of the competition is compromised. It crosses the line between sport and reality television.


    Like most things that are different, some people will look at it with an open mind and some people will look at it with a closed mind.

    If you don’t like the idea of Fanboost and other elements of Formula e just pay no more attention to it and stop getting your knickers in a twist.

    It’s only racing after all.


    I wouldn’t mind the boost if everyone had it, but the way it is implemented is extremely unfair on the drivers who will rarely get it, if at all. Entertainment should not compromise fair competition, even if the 2.5 seconds of boost turns out to be negligible.


    I will say one thing: The XFL.

    That is all.

    Uzair Syed

    This is a terrible idea. Whoever thought of this ‘fanboost’ crap should be sacked immediately!

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