Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix.

    mark adams

    looks like 2015 might be last chance to go to the belgian grand prix it is not on the calendar in 2016.


    Alex Yates

    I finally signed up to F1Fanatic to join this board as I’m going to the Belgian GP this year. There will be a group of six of us, going for the weekend in general admission.

    At the minute, I’m looking into transport and accommodation plans.

    We all live in the South of England, and at the minute I think taking 2 cars would be the most practical option and driving there, which presents the issue of how to cross the channel.
    I’m also open to either train or coach.
    Does anybody have much experience with any of these options?

    Accommodation wise, if we go by car I think it’s fairly likely we will choose to camp. I’ve read The Elephant is a good alternative to camping at the circuit itself, and am looking into other options too.

    I know it’s a little early to plan this, but I’m too excited!


    Hi, we are going to Belgium go this year for the first time. Anyone used camping f1 before? Site looks good and the bus shuttle to the track each day sounds inviting.

    Also view in general admission tickets please, if we get there around 8-9 am where is the best place to pick a spot?

    mark adams

    I don’t know about camping but good viewing spots for GA are Les Combes, Pouhon and bus stop.

    mark adams

    I don’t know about camping but good viewing spots for GA are Les Combes, Pouhon and bus stop.


    With a GA ticket I’d go for Pouhon. Big screen is ok there, and you certainly want it.
    We were at there last year at 9:30 and there was already a lot of people.
    Expect it to be hilly, muddy, cold and very rainy (last year there was hail).
    Big shoes or boots, rain ponchos, folding stools.


    Hi, my partner and I are going to the 2015 Belgium GP – travelling all the way from Australia. We are thinking of staying in Maastricht, would anyone recommend this? Is it easy enough to get from Maastricht to the track via public transport?

    Madi Murphy

    Whatever you do, DO NOT underestimate how cold it gets! My friends and I thought we were well-prepared last year with our wellies and waterproof jackets/trousers… little did we know, we’d want gloves, hats and thermals! We sat at Pouhon which is great, but you do need to get there early to get a good spot, and because of the position of the hill, you won’t be in the sunshine till about midday. So dress for December, not August!
    That said, layers are essential, as once the sun reaches you it can get pretty hot. It’s basically four seasons in one day, every day.

    mark adams

    I have only been to Francorchamps by car but from what i Heard it is a nightmare to go to Francorchamps with public Transport. I would advice you to hire a car and come by car.

    Alex green

    i always use public transport and find it the best way,as ive spent many an hr in traffic jams
    i usually stay in a town called Leuven and train it to verviers and outside the station theres buses to take you to the circuit,marked gold/silver/bronze and they drop you off at the appropriate part of the circuit
    I was looking at staying in Maastricht last year but due to work couldnt go,and a lot of the tour companies stay in a village close to Maastricht called valkenburg

    Si Timo

    Hi all,

    I’m going to the Spa GP this year (2015). Last year I went to my 1st ever live GP at Silverstone after forty years of being an armchair supporter.

    Getting the Hull to Zeebrugge ferry, grandstand tickets at Spa and camping at the Elephant. All in £500 each, ouch.

    Looking forward to having a drink at the Allo Allo bar near the Elephant, do they sell food also?

    Or is there anywhere else within walking distance of the Ele to buy hot or cold food?


    The Allo Allo sells food, meatballs, frites, that sort of thing but it’s basic in the extreme! You can walk into Francorchamps from the Elephant, there are restaurants there which get busy after the race but are ok most of the time.


    With GA I can strongly advise Pouhon. You can see the casrs coming towards you take the mighty corner and see them make the exit. Use Friday and Saturday to see the cars at other places like Les Combes, Eau Rouge and also make a stop at Blanchimont and the busstop. Spa must be one of the tracks where GA allows you to see almost every corner.

    I do advise to come very early to Pouhon. It gets crowded real quick.

    I have been to Spa several times and even though I’m going to Silverstone this year I already feel like missing Spa. I’m in Corsica during that weekend so had to find another GP.

    If you’re late on track on raceday don’t bother going to Pouhon, you’ll find no spot. Go for the Kemmel right away, with the steep hill there is always a spot to be found and wherever you sit you have a good view on Les Combes.


    Oh, don’t bother about food, there’s always plenty if you walk from the north exit towards where you got your tickets.

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