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    Please help me out here as I have never been to a GP before, only found out Friday that someone had sorted out tickets for me and I know this is going to sound like a really stupid question to all of you – why do I need to get there for 5.30(6.30, 7.30) but it’s OK to start queuing for where I want to watch a session 30 minutes before it starts? I really don’t get it (also, I have no info as I don’t even know what type of ticket I have, and probably won’t until I get there, so don’t have anything to go on other than what all you helpful veterans are telling us!).

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Mags

    It all depends on what tickets you have and car parking. If general admission, if you want to get a good spot to view from, the earlier you can get there the better. People queue for the gates to open so that they can stake their claim to the best viewing locations for GA. If you have a ticket which is for an allocated seat on a grandstand not so much of an issue, but you do need to queue to get back onto your grandstand about 30 minutes before to ensure you get back to your seat in time as all tickets are checked before you go onto the grandstand which causes the delays. Also bear in mind time to park irrespective of whether you have a car park pass for the circuit or have to get the bus from the other car parks and then into the circuit. On the Friday last year it was a little chaotic with the car parking at the circuit as it was the first day and the car park attendants were not up to speed, and then the queues to get in were horrendus. From where we parked we then had to get round the other side of the circuit which was about a 30 minute walk from where we parked. Qualifying and race day were more organised but were even busier and therefore volume of people moving around/trying to get into the circuit increases. Based on ticket sales this year to date however I am guessing every day is going to be pretty busy, if not already, looks like will be a sell out and at that they have added extra grandstands this year due to demand. Also remember there is not just F1 over the weekend, so if you want to see other track action, which starts usually circa 8.30 am you do need to be there early.


    Hi, thanks for that. I’m still waiting to find out what tickets we have and then I shall heed everyone’s advice and probably ask for more!


    Looking through my photos from last year, the post-race party finished at around 2000. The last driver to appear (Vettel) left at 1900. You should definitely go along though – great fun!

    There are no restrictions on lenses at Silverstone. Last year there were even some fans shooting with 500s and 600s from the spectator areas. Shoot away!


    Hello, I have a question about camping at the Woodlands campsite – What is the situation like regarding getting your pitch? Is it simply the case that the first people to arrive will get to setup wherever they want (as long as it’s in the correct section, i.e. lively/quiet) and then the last to arrive will have to take the remaining spot? Or are you allocated a certain pitch?


    Camping is first ones there get the best pitch, last ones fill up the gaps. Last year we got there Wed afternoon and it was still busy. Plenty of space but for sure busy. By Friday lunch time it was well packed, but people were still turning up Sat morning and everyone was ok for a pitch.


    We’re taking the park and ride from Northampton on the Sunday and was just wondering what the deal was with how much stuff you can take.

    We have general admission tickets and want to take two folding camp chairs (the ones that fold into a bag) – do people take stuff like that on the buses? Will we be able to store things in a luggage area like on a coach – or is it basically carry everything with you.

    We don’t want to take too much, likewise we don’t want to be the only ones sitting on the grass while everyone else has chairs!

    Can anyone advise?



    For Friday and Saturday where are the best places to sit with a Gold 3 Day Farm Curve Ticket?
    Also, do I have to sit in the Farm Curve grandstand for the other races on Sunday too or is it that just for the F1 race?

    Barry B

    I am booked into woodlands lively camping arriving wed. If you can pick your own pitch which are the better areas ?

    Mark O’Donnell

    I went 2 years ago and sat at Stowe. Friday and Saturday were roving grandstand seats but i’m not sure if its limited to Friday only this year due to availability. I like to get there early and soak up the atmosphere and have a general walk around. I certainly won’t be there at 0530hrs but will be in the circuit by 9am both days as the GP2 and GP3 races can also be very entertaining.


    I was just wondering if anyone knows about the electrical hook ups on the site. ie when are they normally all taken by. If anyone could let me know that would be great.


    This’ll be my first GP as well, and I’ll be in the Paddock Club all 3 days.

    Some questions though:

    • How is Wifi around the circuit? Is it free or paid?
    • Regarding earplugs, will standard iPod headphones do or so I need more protection?
    • How easy is it to get from the infield (Paddock) to the outfield (Becketts etc.), is the bridge over the Hangar Straight available to the public and/or ticket holders?
    • What’s a good time to get to the circuit each day? I’m staying at a BnB near Towcester so I’m only a few miles up the road and can walk/taxi it.
    • What are the queues like each morning (walking-wise)?
    Mark O’Donnell

    You don’t need earplugs.

    Walking is around the outside of the circuit only so people at Stowe/Vale have a long way to walk once inside. In terms of time to get there, depends what you want to see. Not wasting my money on track parking, i am parking in Silverstone Village at the school as its easy to get away from.

    I live locally – wouldn’t recommend walking from Towcester – be about 1hr 30mins each way. I would either cycle or park in Silverstone village – visit http://www.silverstoneschoolsparking.co.uk

    Tim Welch

    I’m also going to the GP for the first time – and am staying with friends in Milton Keynes.

    Can we get along the A5 to join the A43 at Towcester, or is there a better route from Milton Keynes on race day?

    James Brooks

    Hi there, my brothers and I are camping at Woodlands for the entire event and I was wondering if it is possible to leave on the Sunday evening ( we need to be back home for Monday morning). I can;t see anything on the website about this. Is it possible?

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