Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    I did go to canadian grand prix 2 time, one time in grandstand 11 and 12, and I can tell you the grandstand 12 is the best place to watch the race


    Good race to everyone, I hope the protests don’t scupper what should be a good day. I’m not going this year and hope that while you all have a memorable race, it doesn’t beat 2011 for drama. If it does I’ll be miffed!

    Douglas Johnson

    I have a seat at Level 15, Section 1, Row Q, Seat 8. Any one fancy swapping for FP 1/2/3 or quali?


    John Graham

    Just picked up my gen adm ticket, I got some good pictures last year.


    I picked up a general admission ticket yesterday and am taking amtrak up from nyc today, can’t wait to go to my first grand prix! Now to go read through the rest of this thread to see what I missed…

    Luke B

    Quick question: Does anyone know if there’s a way to get a look at the pit area without tickets for those particular grandstands? My ticket is for the hairpin but I was a bit confused on if/where I could see the pits because there were people checking tickets as I went that direction.


    @Luke B you can make it to the pit straight but you have to take the long way around. You will NOT be able to make it to Grandstand 11 & 12. BUT you can make it behind grandstand 1-2 (across from the pits).

    You will need to walk along the far side of the track (and pass grandstand 31 & 33) & will have to go over one of the small covered walking bridges. Then you will be stopped and not allowed to go into the Senna corner (GS 11& 12) but you can just walk along the straight behind GS 1+2 & go to the final chicane & get a good view


    @S2G-Unit do you know how to get onto the track after the race ends?



    @bjoy I usually just follow the crowds right after the race ends. Somebody will open hole in the fence. After a while security will usually open a gate.

    Check for weak spots in the fence tomorrow during the sessions. lol


    Is there an F1 pub where people go after the race, I’m here for the first time and would be interested in chewing over the race if anyone is interested


    @S2G-Unit Thanks for the tips. So far met Kimi (got autograph at the event downtown) and have visited found some good viewpoints for the race tomorrow.

    The kids are LOVING it. Here’s my eldest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRNazO2ebfo

    As for track access post race, I’m thinking that somewhere along Casino straight is our best bet, also a good spot to wave at the winner on his victory lap….. unless you have a better suggestion.


    Hi , I have general admission tickets for tomorrow. Is it possible to reach Senna corner, in front of grandstand 11 and 12. Is there a better location ?


    To quote the omniscient S2G-Unit:

    “You will NOT be able to make it to Grandstand 11 & 12. BUT you can make it behind grandstand 1-2 (across from the pits)”


    Well, I’m out on the town once I get the kids to bed. @S2G-Unit, I’d love to buy you a pint.


    @bigdaddyc . Back home now, such a fun weekend…….

    Hope you guys stopped off the Hotel Nelligan? JB’s trainer & father were there. There were also a few groupies waiting outside for the drivers. Waved & said hi to Martin Whitmarsh & Ron Dennis. Who eating by the open window by the street at the Nelligan.

    So now, those from out of town & visiting Montreal for their first time. How did you enjoy yourself here?
    What did you guys do while in town?

    Secondly, for those who were here for their first Grand Prix. What did you think of it all?

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