Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2013 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    sbl on tour

    there is a camp site outside the circuit at the lesmo park gates, you just show up and pay your money, early arrival advisable

    Mark O’Donnell

    Ok, thanks for that. We’ll be arriving by car on Thurs AM so hopefully this should be ok? Also, is there not a site by the main circuit entrance? Are there other sites that spring up too? Just worried about driving there and not being able to get in. When we went to Spa, there were loads of sites!


    Hi guys, I’m considering going to Monza this year. I live quite close to the track and I’ve never been there for a Formula 1 grand prix, that’s embarassing, I know. Actually my first time at the track was last month, to see Formula Renault 3.5.
    I have a few questions:
    For money reasons, I’m considering the general admission, the grandstands are quite expensive. What’s the best place? Where can I find a screen? Is it possible to understand what’s going on on track or you just see cars going around?

    sbl on tour

    we did general admission in 2004, went to the second lesmo, craic was mighty, there was a screen opposite, that year we stayed in the lesmo camp site, of the 5 of us, 2 slept in the tent, the rest of us took the sleeping bags out and kipped on one of the little stands to keep a place for the sunday, we got the better deal and got a bit of sleep, the guys at the camp site , got none as the music etc was deafening.
    mark, get there as early as poss on the thurs


    Hi Guys,

    Looks like a pretty good community here! I’m looking at driving with a few friends from Birmingham – Monza. Tickets seem fairly straight forward, but i’m a little confused about camping from the monzanet website.

    From what I can gather it’s €30per person per day and €15 per car per day. Has anyone done it this way before or is it best to go to the one by the Lesmo park gates as mentioned by sbl on tour.


    sbl on tour

    from what I rem there is a fancy campsite on the outside of the first chicane, dont know how you get in,
    anyway the main campsite at lesmos is where it all happens, you will not be disappointed

    we have now booked our ferrari museum trip for maranello and modena, plus weve got a trip around fiorano too, doing this on the wednesday before driving up to monza on the wed night, cant wait


    Hi – I too am confused by the campsite arrangements for Monza. We plan to arrive there Friday late morning and want to book a campervan in for 3 nights.

    The main website and email is less than helpful, in fact the reply I got seem to indicate the camping in the park wouldnt be open this year?

    SBL – Is the Lesmo camping different and can you book? ANy links? I dont want to turn up Friday and it be full, though I may be worrying about nothing as reading between the lines it seems it should be ok…

    Thanks for your help guys

    Michael Moran

    No turning back now! Purchased my ticket & airfare today. With all the help from this Forum, I’ve pretty much got the logistics down for getting to the track from Milan. Got seats in 26B mainly because I wanted to be able to see the pre & post race ceremonies. Figured while the race is going on I’d try & make it to various parts of the track to get some pics.

    I live about 10 miles from the Circuit of the Americas and the one thing I don’t get to see from my seats there are the ceremonies. Looking forward to maybe running in to some of you at Monza.

    Pics from last years F1 at CoTA here: http://www.mmtravelpics.com


    I’ve purchased the ‘print at home ‘ option from monzanet. Reading the small print they start sending the tickets in emails at the start of june. haven’t had mine yet .

    Michael Moran

    I haven’t received anything yet either. Having mine delivered so I’ll have the hard ticket for a souvenir!

    sbl on tour

    simon, didnt reply was on me hols, dont think there will be a prob getting in, but youll be squashed in like sardines by then , all part of the fun as they say
    as for me hols, went on a road trip to holland, belgium and germany, convientely passing spa on the way and the ring on the way back, her indoors didnt expect that!!


    Hey guys, I just bought airfares from Sydney to Milan, arriving the 5th of September. The Italian GP will be the first stop in my month long Europe trip. Can anyone suggest a hotel to stay in? I’d prefer if it’s as easy as possible to get to the track and can spend about 350 Euros if necessary. Planning on buying a weekend grandstand ticket to the OUTER FIRST VARIANT – B grandstand (outside of the first corner/chicane).

    sbl on tour

    see what booking. com has in the monza/north milan area

    Michael Moran

    If you are staying in Milan, for transportation convenience, look for something close to the Central or Garibaldi stations. On TripAdvisor, looked like there were several hotels close to Central that would fit your budget.

    On a ticket note…Monza.net says tickets started shipping on June 17 starting with orders from December and progressing forward. Tickets ordered by June 18 should ship during July.

    We finalized our accommodations. Rented a condo in Fiumelatte right by the train station. About an hour & half trip. Wife wanted to enjoy Lake Como while I was at the race.

    sbl on tour

    michael, i,m surprised her indoors didnt want to go to the race with you…
    my wife came with me in 1999, she hasnt been to another gp since!

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