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    And we’ve already got the first red of the day, as Marcus Ericsson parks his car in the gravel at turn 10.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @bascb – It was originally speculated that Caterham’s line-up would be Alexander Rossi and Pal Varhaug. However, while Varhaug is testing at Jerez this week, nothing has been mentioned about Rossi. It’s possible that Caterham are using this test session to assess both Ma and Canamasas as potential partners for Rossi.


    @andae23, you are at Jerez, or are you getting your information through some other (non-confidential?) source? And happy birthday :-)


    @adrianmorse No, I’m not at Jerez (unfortunately). The non-confidential source is the official GP2 twitter page. As there is no live timing, their Twitter updates are really good, definitely worth a follow. And thank you! :)


    Happy birthday @andae23, how old are you today? 24? ;)
    @adrianmorse: how can you tell when it’s someone’s birthday?


    Lets hope so, @prisoner-monkeys, lets hope so.


    @matthijs thanks! Turned 20 today :)
    Incredibly, there have been three red flags in the first hour: first it was Ericsson, then Berthon spun and now Nasr has also spun.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @bascb – Eh, I don’t really care that much. Ever since entering Formula 1 in 2010, the team has consistently over-promised and under-delivered. Until such time as they start making meaningful progress in Formula 1, I don’t really care what they do in GP2.


    I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it @prisoner-monkeys, although I do share the feeling that its not all that great an outfit in their current F1 nor GP2 approaches.

    They were serious with their F1 effort (put a lot of money behind it, hired 2 quality drivers and paid them) as well as with their initial entry into GP2 (solid drivers who knew their way in the series, they had better than expected results, and it seems both drivers were rejuvenated as they topped the series last year, be it different teams!).
    But after that initial good start, it seems lack of results, and the realisation that they had vastly overestimated what they could achieve quickly set in and they changed to just being there, having drivers field a big part of the budged and given up on most of their ambitions.

    Its like having Massa in the second Ferrari (before he got a bit of a confidence boost in the last 3-4 races), not too bad, but pretty much pointless.


    This is just getting ridiculous: Quaife-Hobbs and Abt have just collided at turn 14.


    Four red flags in 69 minutes? Crazy.


    Abt’s view on the tangle:


    Bah… I imagine he is not best pleased with that.


    Yesterday’s testing was very interesting for me. I’m a big fan of Tom Dillmann, so naturally I was pleased to see him top the timesheets and prove that he’s GP2 quality. Rene Binder surprised me as well, but considering he was rather rushed into the car during last season it’s good to see that he might have improved a fair bit. Of course, that was only the first session, but I’m hoping that Dillmann can get a fairly decent seat. Some things never change though, do they Pal Varhaug?


    Morning results:

    1. Dillmann (Himler)
    2. Coletti (Rapax)
    3. Calado (ART)
    4. Leimer (Racing Engineering)
    5. Nasr (Carlin)
    6. Ericsson (DAMS)
    7. Richelmi (DAMS)
    8. Canamasas (Caterham)
    9. Giovesi (Lazarus)
    10. Binder (Lazarus)
    11. Trummer (Rapax)
    12. Berthon (Trident)
    13. Rosenzweig (Barwa Addax)
    14. Evans (Arden)
    15. Palmer (Carlin)
    16. Frijns (Trident)
    17. Varhaug (Hilmer)
    18. Leal (Racing Engineering)
    19. Quaife-Hobbs (MP)
    20. Cecotto Jnr. (Arden)
    21. Ma Qing Hua (Caterham)
    22. De Jong (MP)
    23. Abt (ART)
    24. Haryanto (Barwa Addax)

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 408 total)
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