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GP2 split qualifying at Monaco – more dumbing down?

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    GP3 are also splitting qualifying, no surprise there, with the number of over excited teenagers.


    Haha, let’s see what state they’re in at 7.40 in the morning…


    Here’s the plan for the session. Looks like they’ll just combine all the times at the end of it, they haven’t said the grid will be assembled any other way:

    For the first time in GP2 Series’ history, the qualifying session in Monaco will be divided into two groups.

    Following a ballot which took place today, it has been decided that Group A will be even numbers whilst Group B will be odd numbers.

    Group A will thus take part in the first part 14 minutes of Thursday’s qualifying session, and Group B will follow.

    Group A
    02. Josef Kral
    04. Felipe Nasr
    06. Nathanaël Berthon
    08. Jolyon Palmer
    10. Esteban Gutiérrez
    12. Giedo van der Garde
    14. Stefano Coletti
    16. Stéphane Richelmi
    18. Fabrizio Crestani
    20. Ricardo Teixeira
    22. Simon Trummer
    24. Victor Guerin
    26. Max Chilton

    Group B
    01. Johnny Cecotto
    03. Davide Valsecchi
    05. Fabio Leimer
    07. Marcus Ericsson
    09. James Calado
    11. Rodolfo Gonzalez
    15. Fabio Onidi
    17. Julian Leal
    19. Giancarlo Serenelli
    21. Tom Dillmann
    23. Luiz Razia
    25. Nigel Melker
    27. Rio Haryanto

    If, as in Spain, the track is fastest when it has F1 rubber down, those in Group A are surely going to have a significant advantage?


    It does seem incredibly unfair and could potentially lead to a lot of complaints/issues.


    I actually hope one group is clearly hugely disadvantaged by the track massively improving or weather conditions- then they might not be stupid enough to ever do it again.


    Haha, let’s see what state they’re in at 7.40 in the morning…

    That’s if they even get to bed the night before!


    I wonder if rearranging the grid lines so they are two by two, and having one group qualifying for inside and one for outside, giving the best line to the group with the fastest time might be fairer – I think they do this in Indycar, with a third session for just the top 6.


    Looks like they’re doing it how @mildertduck suggested, so the fastest overall takes pole, second place goes to the quickest in the slower group, third goes to second place in the faster group etc.


    If they’re going with split qualy, they could have at least made it a bit more fair. Maybe the faster half of each group would advance, and the fastest half would then have a fight for pole…

    Bradley Downton

    I don’t understand how on the official GP2 website they say:

    Following a ballot which took place today

    when I was made aware of this after reading a story somewhere about a week ago (sorry, I was going to post about it but my mum called me for dinner and I totally forgot)

    Harry Westwood

    splitting quali is ridiculous. You get almost the same thing in f1, except in gp2 the cars are much closer together! In f1 there are often massive gaps from front 2 back, but not in gp2. For something thats supposed to be preparing drivers for f1, it’s not doing that well on some occasions

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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