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    Hi Rosie

    Sorry I had not seen your post otherwise I would have replied before.

    Elephant Camping get good reports here and it looks like they might be able to help


    There is also Eau Rouge which is the site we use:


    I suggest you email Frank and Franka who speak very reasonable English to ask them (fb22047@skynet.be)

    Hope this helps



    There is a Lidl in Stavelot just as you enter the town on the left hand side (from circuit end).

    We can also recommend Stavelot for an evening out. No clubs so not raucous but a number of good cafes, bars and restaurants. One of our favourites is Casino Pizzeria which we always go to on the evening before all our guests start arriving – their pizzas are just superb.


    This is the link for the Northampton-Silverstone/Whittlebury bus timetable:



    I researched this for a customer about a month ago :-)


    http://www.londonmidland.com/ (from London to Northampton)

    The rail station is about 1.25 kilometres from the Greyfriars Coach Station ( see below)


    http://www.nationalexpress.com/ (from London to Northampton)

    You can actually get a coach from many places in London to travel to Northampton. They appear to go at regular intervals so that is not a problem.

    You would arrive at the Greyfriars Coach Station in Northampton

    http://www.stagecoachbus.com (from Northampton to Silverstone)

    From this bus station there is the 8 or 89 bus which travels through Silverstone. I can’t attach the timetable but you can download it from their website as an adobe pdf file. The buses run Monday – Saturday only ie not on race day.

    Also, if you go to Silverstone’s site

    and click on the “Getting to Silverstone” link (3rd para), it says that Stagecoach Bus company “will be providing a Grand Prix bus service to and from Northampton train station on all days of the event.” Unfortunately the specific link to their website is out of date.

    I hope this helps.

    You will certainly have options either by train/coach or just by coach

    Please check all this yourself though! :-)

    I would be very interested to hear if anyone else has other suggestions


    I agree with Mick. You can camp yourself at some very decent campsites very close to the circuit so no hassle with driving or you can even have it all done for you. There are at least three companies offering pre-erected camping and they are all different:



    Does this help? It’s a blow by blow account regarding setting one up.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)