F1 blogs review: ALMS vs F1

23 May 2008 |

Is the American Le Mans Series more technologically sophisticated than Formula 1? Just one of the thought-provoking blog posts I’ve come across this week. Plus take a peek at the Monaco webcam, Ask Nigel returns, and more below…

Classic F1 publications go digital

23 May 2008 |

Two of Formula 1’s most respected journals are digitising their comprehensive back catalogues. Top annual F1 journal Autocourse, and early F1 magazine and authority Motorsport, are publishing electronic versions of their early editions.

2008 Monaco GP preview: Rain

22 May 2008 |

So often long-range weather forecasts ahead of Grand Prix weekends promise rain that never comes. But teams are increasingly wary of rain forecast for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix qualifying and race. Over at Autosport Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes have finely honed the science of predicting the weather forecast for a Grand Prix weekend … Continue reading 2008 Monaco GP preview: Rain

What F1 can learn from NASCAR II

22 May 2008 |

Regular F1 Fanatic commenter Robert McKay has written a guest article looking at what F1 can learn from NASCAR – a subject we’ve looked at here before. Here’s his take on America’s favourite motor sport. I’ve recently started watching Sky’s NASCAR coverage. Readers of Keith’s other blog, Maximum Motorsport, will know he’s a bit annoyed … Continue reading What F1 can learn from NASCAR II

Video: Monaco GP history 1974-2008

22 May 2008 |

Guest writer Journeyer concludes his two-part guide to the Monaco Grand Prix. If you thought part one yesterday was great, then you’ll love part two! This covers some of the more recent Monaco magical moments from the 1980s up to 2007:

Video: 2008 Monaco GP preview

21 May 2008 |

In the Monaco Grand Prix preview video, Lewis Hamilton discusses why it’s his favourite track, Frank Williams talks about who the greatest racer who drove for him was, and a preview of the historic Monte-Carlo circuit.

Video: 2008 Monaco GP Toyota preview

20 May 2008 |

Toyota explain the changes they make to the TF108 for the Monaco Grand Prix in this video, including a comparison of the high-speed and low-speed rear wing configurations. More Formula 1 videos in the F1 videos section.