Super Aguri name drivers and complete the 2006 grid

2006 F1 season

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Super Aguri have confirmed press speculation that they will run an all-Japanese line-up in 2006, partnering Takuma Sato with F1 rookie Yuji Ide.

Ide joins Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed as the three new drivers for 2006. They have not yet announced a test driver.

The full driver line-up for 2006 is as follows:


1 Fernando Alonso
2 Giancarlo Fisichella


3 Kimi Raikkonen
4 Juan Pablo Montoya


5 Michael Schumacher
6 Felipe Massa


7 Ralf Schumacher
8 Jarno Trulli


9 Mark Webber
10 Nico Rosberg
T Alexander Wurz


11 Rubens Barrichello
12 Jenson Button
T Anthony Davidson

Red Bull Racing-Ferrari

14 David Coulthard
15 Christian Klien
T Robert Doornbos

BMW Sauber

16 Nick Heidfeld
17 Jacques Villeneuve
T Robert Kubica

MF1 Racing-Toyota

18 Tiago Monteiro
19 Christijan Albers
T Nicky Pastorelli

Scuderia Toro Rosso

20 Vitantonio Liuzzi
21 Scott Speed
T Neel Jani

Super Aguri-Honda

22 Takuma Sato
23 Yuji Ide

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