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Here’s a video from a Williams activity day for their sponsors which was held last month at Silverstone.

Among the machinery on display was Keke Rosberg’s 1982 championship-winning Williams-Cosworth FW08B. Appropriately, Williams will be using Cosworth power once again next year, though Keke’s son Nico will not be driving for the team any more.

Nico Rosberg was on hand to drive the cars and answer the sponsor’s questions, as former fellow outgoing driver Kazuki Nakajima and one of their replacements, Nico Hulkenberg.

The team also had a 1996 Williams-Renault FW18 which Damon Hill used to win the world championship, and a 2007 Williams-Toyota FW27, albeit in the team’s 2009 colours (they cannot run their current cars due to testing restrictions).

Williams video

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6 comments on “Video: Williams F1 cars at Silverstone”

  1. Nico Rosberg drove for Williams-Cosworth in 2006.

  2. Doesn’t that 1996 Williams look awesome? A real F1 car, real proportions. I bet Nico had fun driving it.

    I wish I worked for a company that sponsored an F1 team.

    1. The 1996 car sure looks pretty – now, compared to the current era cars.
      But back in 1996 those kind of cars were ugly – compared to the early 90s’ low-nosed cars, which were the prettiest.

  3. Why aren’t they allowed to run the 2009 cars now the season is over. Brawn did at Mercedes Live

  4. I thought the 1996 car was in a museum in Scotland, or something along those lines.

  5. Ah, great memories of that 1996 car!

    I’m still astounded every time I see a 2008 car that I didn’t realise how ugly they were at the time.

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