F1 Fanatic round-up: 18/6/2010

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The weekend’s nearly here so here’s your Friday round-up:


Gran Turismo 5 – Fuelled by Red Bull Racing (Red Bull)

“For months the F1 team has been working with Polyphony, the company behind the game after Red Bull was asked to become part of the latest chapter: GT5 – The Real Driving Simulator. In this version, gamers will get the chance drive the Nordschleife, try out the Top Gear test track and unlock a special car which… well, let’s just say Adrian Newey is involved as is Sebastian Vettel and they both met the game’s designer Kazunori Yamauchi in Milton Keynes earlier this year.”

Bridgestone to make super-soft push (Autosport)

“After a weekend in Montreal where the racing was spiced up by high levels of tyre degradation, Bridgestone says it wants to try and engineer repeat situations in the future.”

Comment of the day

Guilherme Teixeira spotted a clever device responsible for Mercedes’ fast pit stops:

Mercedes had the clever idea of making it’s front jack ‘turnable’. When the mechanic lifts the front of the car, he immediately moves his body in the direction of the pits. The jack can rotate on itself but the part which lifts the car stays where it is. This way the mechanic can get way from the front of the car faster. I’m surprised no one copied that already.

From the forum

Tell us about the cars you’ve owned, loved, loathed, crashed…

From the archive

Luca di Montezemolo’s latest whinge got us talking about some of the more infamous backmarker-related escapades in F1. Read more in the Top ten?? Most notorious backmarkers

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Chris P!

On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher won a wet Canadian Grand Prix on this day 20 years ago.

Team mate Rubens Barrichello ended the race close behind his team mate despite losing a lot of time with a slow pit stop earlier in the race.

But while Schumacher struggled with a car problem Barrichello, in his eighth race for the team, was told not to pass. It was a taste of things to come:

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39 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 18/6/2010”

  1. Ned Flanders
    18th June 2010, 0:17

    Sounds as though the RB6 might well be featuring on GT5… if they ever get round to releasing the game that is!

    1. It’s just a myth surely lol, they’ve been talking about for long enough. Though if it is true and Red Bull have had some imput it could be worth a look. Personally I’m waiting for F1 2010!

      1. I’ve just seen the E3 2010 trailer for GT5…as well as a North American release of November 2, the video features Red Bull Racing prominently, including an interview with Adrian Newey and a voiceover by Vettel.

        Also, VirtualR.net reports that Ferrari isn’t going to be the only marque with its F1 cars in the game…

        The delay may have been long, but boy Polyphony really know how to make up for it!

    2. It always annoyed me that GT3 or GT4 had two generic open wheeled cars – one Indycar style and one F1 style – in the European release while the US and Japanese versions had six different specific cars (Senna’s Lotus, Mansell’s 1986 Williams, Hill’s Williams etc). Surely hardly any of the US players knew the significance of the cars, while I’m sure most European’s would have recognised a few of them at least…

      1. By the way, the versions of those cars in the US versions all had the wrong names (e.g. F090/S instead of MP4/5B), and most of them also had incorrect liveries.

  2. Michael Schumacher won a wet Canadian Grand Prix on this day 10 years ago, not 20!

    1. Well, Keith is just that much ahead of his time. ;)

      1. You might have spelt your username wrong, TommyB :P

      2. Well the 90’s are so last century anyway. :-)

        1. Only the caption says 2000. :-)

          1. Suppose that’s exactly what got both of you confused ;-)

    2. Lot’s of smiley faces in this thread!! :-) :-) :-)

  3. If Bridgestone are planning on making more rounds SS-M tracks then that’s good news for Ferrari’s championship hopes.

    1. Found a cue. Come on, let’s get into conspiracy theories.

      Todt made Bridgestone do this to help Ferrari win the WDC this year!

    2. That was my first thought as well.

  4. Amazing video with Lewis and Jenson building a McLaren:


    1. Sush Meerkat
      18th June 2010, 8:34

      I was right to be suspicious, its a video about tyre graining.

      If your not too show what tyre graining is, I recomend wacthing Becken limas video.

      1. Anyway, a good video Sush. Sorry for the wrong link! :)

  5. Schumacher won the Canadian race 20 years ago?? I think it must’ve been something like 10 years ago…definitely not 20!

  6. Hi Keith – would you happen to have any high resolution pictures from the Alguersuari demo of the Red Bull showcar on the beach in the Dominican Republic?

  7. i think the link Becken Lima was taking about is actually http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zf40OzfwOo

    1. That video is great. Cracked me up.

    2. Thanks the both of you, that is a great video.

      I would love to see the follow up where they have to make it race ready for Gary Paffet and actually start it up thoug :-D

    3. Anyone else reminded of Top Gear. Some bad acting going on there! Still pretty entertaining though

  8. Love the video. The 2000 era were the best looking cars in my mind, they are just beautiful cars.

  9. Thinking back about the Fontana bussiness. What would Petr Sauber do, if Ferrari (not alleging anything, just hypothetical) asked them to do something similar now?

    He might just throw the whole bunch of engines out of the door and bang it shut. Or tell them he hardly has to do anything, as they will probably spray oil over everybody anyway.

    1. The Saubers these days don’t tend to last long enough to be lapped.

      1. That hurts!

        Maybe Sauber is one of the parties interested in getting a Renault supply for next year (maybe even Cosworth, if the price is right)

  10. I would hope they bring Kimi into the Gran Turismo 5 as well. He could be driving the Ferrari or Red Bull (compare/dice it out with Vettel) as well as the WRC car.

    It would be a leap in sales figures especially in Finland with the large fan community he has!

  11. Might the delaying of a tyre deal have something to do with FIA and FOM rather wanting Michelin to have the deal, and not giving Pirelli a chance to get it ready in time?
    Joe Saward hints at something like that in his blog:

  12. Kieth, in several papers today there has been a lot of talk about Peter Sauber’s attack at Ferrari and how 5 engine failures are uncceptable for the team and Ferrari have let them down badly. It was from an interview in Blick, the Swiss paper. Another story is that some teams are working on a ‘mobile’ rear wing for next year where the driver has control of the downforce created. Do you have any more info?

    1. The “mobile wing” will be the planned adjustable rear wing the FOTA discussed. It was mentioned at the start of the race weekend.

  13. The video makes me sad. The reason is I miss Muddy Talker (Murray Walker) so much. Imagine how much more exciting Murray would have made Canada, an already perfect grand prix. I hope he comes out of retirement for just one more race so I could say to my kids “Thats the greatest commentator who ever lived”.

    1. Yes, I agree. It would be great. But he just wouldn’t be the same. Best to leave things like they are (note to Schumahcer!)

      That said, I actually thought Legard wasn’t _too_ bad this time around. I also liked the understated Brundle comment ‘he never did’ in reference to Schumacher giving way :)

  14. I came across this insight piece about Renault being pretty much determined to get another customer on board for next year.
    They are reported to have a all but signed deal with Williams and ongoing talks with Lotus, next to that they might be interested in the 13th team. (http://joesaward.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/renault-to-expand-to-eight-cars-in-2011/ )
    The most interesting perspective Saward voices here, is that ART is working on the deal to clinch the Toyota 2010 chassis and Mercedes engines (associated with McLaren through ownership background).

    When thinking about the option of having ART get a mostly ready chassis and a top range engine, the warning call from Epsilon Euskadi owner Villadeprat yesterday makes warning bells go off.

    Because with such a combination in hand ART (with Todt JR) should be very well poised to be the only serious candidate for entry with a halfway competative car from the start of 2011, especially if the FIA gives the go ahead as late as they are going to do it.
    I think it could also work with a Ferrari engine though (but maybe heat problems), so maybe N. Todt spoke with Sauber to release him of his Ferrari engine deal when he was there a month ago.

    Maybe it sounds a little bit like conspiracy theory, but from past experience i would not count such a twist out at all.

  15. “But while Schumacher struggled with a car problem Barrichello, in his eighth race for the team, was told not to pass.”

    Hmmm. That sounds familiar… Red Bull anyone? Thought not.

  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/andrewbenson/2010/06/help_shape_classic_grand_prix.html

    BBC looking for new ideas for their Classic Grand Prix series. Some people suggesting a ‘Classic Year’.

  17. You guys only noticed the swiveling jack now? I remember it catching my eye back in Australia. I kinda thought it was obvious by this point.

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