Alonso and Massa test drive Ferrari’s rollercoaster

Abu Dhabi GP pre-race pictures

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Ferrari have has a busy start to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend.

As well as revealing a new sponsor Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have been exploring the new Ferrari World theme park and riding the Formula Rosso rollercoaster. At 240kph (149mph) it’s the fastest in the world.

See below for more pictures of what Ferrari and the other teams have been up to since arriving in Abu Dhabi.

Here’s a video of Alonso and Massa on the Formula Rossa:

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    50 comments on “Alonso and Massa test drive Ferrari’s rollercoaster”

    1. Ayayayayayayay!

      1. Great video! Fernando looks terrified when it starts. You’d think he would be used to extreme acceleration! :P

        1. really funny vid who would imagine seeing an f1 driver nervious cause hes traveling at 240 kph

        2. Probably because he’s not in control of the thing, a common thing with racing drivers is that they don’t really like being passengers if they can help it (which is why some of them take flying lessons and operate helicopters and the like)…

        3. I loved the way Massa was clearly enjoying it from the outset and Alonso was holding his breath from fear?

          Looks like Felipe likes riding rollercoasters a lot more than Fernando does. I do get it, going fast and having everything under control is OK, but not being able to react and steer it and anticipate is quit something different.

          Just remember the last time you were not in the drivers seat on a trip through the mountains.

          1. I’m sure fernando would have taken a different line to the roll. The designer chosed the dirty part of the mountain and took the apex too wide :)

        4. Really capable people don’t enjoy letting other people do their job. I imagine he doesn’t like to be driven by someone else. let alone a machine.

          I love how he (and Massa) duck when they go close to a pole.

      2. :D Ayayayayayayay!

        I wonder if he does that in an F1 car as well!

        I love the personalities in F1, Alonso is so serious (probably why he is so good come to think of it)…

    2. Haha! In the 4th photo Massa seems to be coping with the speed better than Alonso is :P

      1. Oh crumbs I just watched the video of Felipe and Fernando! That is comedy gold in every sense. At 0:31 Alonso looks like Buzz Lightyear…

        1. lol Fernando’s face is funniest i have ever seen in my whole life!

    3. Fastest Felipe’s gone in months…

      1. hahahaha .. thats a good 1

    4. I don’t blame Fernando for wanting to hold on so tight – I hate those kinds of rollercoasters! I haven’t got the biggest build in the world and often there’s enough space between me and the restraint to make me slip around – not a pleasant experience!

    5. they were probably bored. like mister bean that time.

    6. wow!! alonso like buzz lightyear? HAHAHAHAHA

      at 0:34 and 0:35 i believe that alonso lost something from his pocket! :O

      1. Thought that was a bird!

      2. He’d managed to keep hold of his wallet for the whole weekend in Brazil, only to lose it on his own team’s rollercoaster.

    7. Not only is it the fastest but it uses an aircraft carrier like hydraulic catapult to accelerate from 0-150 mph in 4.9 seconds.

      1. Space Mountain in DisneyLand Paris has that system too, but its top speed is 90 mph, which ends with a quite violent spin.

        Come to think of it, the acceleration is pretty brutal on Space Mountain too.

        1. And the aerosmith roller coaster too!

    8. Fernando’s initial reaction was to cope with the G-Forces presumably in a way that he does in an F1 car, then he realised he just needs to let himself go because he doesn’t have to bother about doing anything else except being a passenger!

      That’s what it looked like to me, and that’s what I also feel when I’m in roller coasters. Too many times I try to fight the G-forces instead of just have fun!

    9. Hahaha! Felipe is going crazy, Fernando looks like he’s going to vomit!

    10. Have you noticed that it’s shaped like the F2008? Ferrari use the F2008 as a common design, rather than the 2009/2010 cars.

      1. yer I noticed that as well, think gthe F2008 looked pretty cool tho so its ok

        1. The F2008 is my favourite F1 car ever.

    11. I remember in 1996 (I was only 6 yers old by then), my dad’s wife (my dad is a chicken… that’s why he’s my dad) and I got to a fairly easy rollercoaster.

      it was the worst ride of my life! I was the first one to step out, and I think i’ve never ever ran so quickly in my life. Got to my dad’s arm and started crying… hehe :P

      daddy’s a chicken… and me too!

      1. nice find dude.

    12. Can someone Photoshop it so Massa is in the front seat when it leaves the station but he third row when it comes back? :)

    13. That video is actually the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Highlight of 2010!

    14. Haha, I like how everyone ducked for the pole at 1:09

    15. Half way round the rollercoster…Filipe gets a message in his ear….

      “Filipe….Alonso is faster than you…..”

    16. Its nice to see F1 drivers actually having fun instead of racing each other on the track …. Great video Keith .

    17. Looking through the photos at the end of the post, I notice something:

      In nearly every shot, every single one of the remaining championship contenders looks completely relaxed…

      … except for Mark Webber.

      (I’d really like to see Webber take the title, but I seriously think Alonso’s going to take it.)

      1. DeadManWoking
        12th November 2010, 8:17

        I don’t know, Webber looks pretty relaxed here! :D

        1. Hahaha wonderful!

    18. I may have to make the trip to Abu Dhabi one day…

    19. Good to see they have all shaved for the occasion!

      Makes Mark especially look so much younger.

    20. No matter what Alonso says Massa seems to laugh at it, Kimi on the other hand would have fallen sleep in that.

    21. It sure was nice of Ferrari to let Massa sit up front with Alonso.

      1. True!! For once Massa ignored him!

    22. I wonder how much downforce does that front wing produce…

    23. What a great acceleration, its a shame that after it looses its rythm and becomes quite slow. Where are the loops? :)

      Alonso’s face is so funny :)

    24. Fact: the rollercoaster acceleration is quicker than the grand prix car.

    25. That video is hilarious, watching Alonso’s face turn into a rubber mask!

    26. Hahaha!! Alonso you make me laugh!

    27. Haha, best video ever!

    28. Lol laugh to tears when first time saw it…funny side of F1, nice to see f1 drivers having fun.

    29. Whats the bst thign about the video? that at 0:34, Alonso’s wallet goes for a flight on the right hand sie of the screen. ^_^

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