2011 Australian Grand Prix championship points

Championship points

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Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel25
2Lewis Hamilton18
3Vitaly Petrov15
4Fernando Alonso12
5Mark Webber10
6Jenson Button8
7Felipe Massa6
8Sebastien Buemi4
9Adrian Sutil2
10Paul di Resta1
11Jaime Alguersuari0
12Nick Heidfeld0
13Jarno Trulli0
14Jerome d’Ambrosio0
15Michael Schumacher0
16Nico Rosberg0
17Rubens Barrichello0
18Narain Karthikeyan0
19Pastor Maldonado0
20Vitantonio Liuzzi0
21Kamui Kobayashi0
22Sergio Perez0
23Heikki Kovalainen0
24Timo Glock0

Constructors’ championship

1Red Bull35
5Toro Rosso4
6Force India3

2011 Australian Grand Prix

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    28 comments on “2011 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. I almost forgot about this silly points system!

      1. Agree with you there, it’s a bit shocking to look at.

      2. Meh, least it’s 25 points for a win and not a gold medal.

        To be honest, I think we will get used to it.

    2. Vettel’s first and only 25 point pick up =)

      1. Agree with you there, it’s a bit shocking to look at.

        1. That reply should have been to Icthyes

          1. You’re not wrong though ;)

    3. Amazing Perez. He had Bridgestone alone for sure!!

      1. Yeah, great job all around for Sauber. 5th in the constructors at this early stage…

      2. LOL. Interesting choice to see him taking the 1 stop chance. He evidently showed he knows how to take care of the tyres.
        And nice moves to overtake in the end as well. Very impressive running.

    4. My predictions were horrible.

      1. I predicted Hamilton 2nd so how much points do I get for that.

        1. I did that too! had HAM for 2nd, I totally forgot how is the point system for the championship prediction

      2. You are definitely not alone…

    5. Finally the story about Vettel leading the championship just once in his life + the occasion where he did is over.

      1. And yet he has still not won by making a passing move on the track. He hasn’t had to, but it’s still a niggling asterisk.

        1. You must have missed his pass on Button.
          Unless you meant a move that puts him in the lead, but i don’t see how that qualifies as “a great unknown”.

          1. Yes, a pass for the lead, like Alonso and Hamilton before him. I just mean that it’s an achievement to be unlocked (too much video gaming there).

            1. I don’t agree with you, but i see your point (it’s tastier to win that way, for the driver himself and for the fans), as long as you’re not implying that Vettel needs to prove himself any further by doing that.
              An overtaking for the lead is just more important, not necessarily harder and more challenging.

          2. He went off the track to complete it though. He was past when he went off, but would not have been able to make it stick without going off.

            Buemi wasn’t penalised for the same move, but I remember everything raving and ranting about how Raikkonen’s starts at Spa must be illegal because he went off track there. Surely the same must be said of this overtake.

            That said, it was a gutsy move and he was well within the limits of gentelmanly behaviour. Unlike a certain Mr. Barichello on Rosberg ;)

            1. I don’t think it’s fair to compare this to Raikkonen at Spa. KR at Spa didn’t even *think* of *trying* to stay on track, and the difference between what he did and what it was evident he would have accomplished not doing it was massive.

              Ok, Vettel’s is not the cleanest move ever, but at least he performed the main part of his overtaking move completely on the track. To me, it qualifies as “fair enough”.
              I also don’t think the rule can realistically say “don’t put your wheels out of track any moment during an overtake, or you should immediately give the position back if succeded”. It would probably mark the end of wheel to wheel fights, now that circuits have plenty of tarmac outside the track line and gravel is becoming more rare.

              If you ask me, as long as it’s not completely mental like Sutil/Badoer or KR at Spa, i’d probably be fine with it.

        2. He doesn’t have to prove himself by passing if he is that fast

          1. if his car is that fast

    6. Welcome Petrov a championship contender!

    7. What is Sakon Yamamoto’s name there?

    8. Are the drivers with no points in the correct order? Obviously in the race D’Ambrosio was the last classified driver so he is in the correct place in the standings, but do the rest of the places just get put as equal/random? Is there no bonus for completing more laps before your car expired/was taken out?

      1. Yes, they are inccorectly ordered. Both Saubers should be at the very bottom due to thier unfourtunate DSQ at Melbourne. Then it is, as you say, based on laps completed.

    9. Sauber lost a lot of points with the DQ :(

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