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As we bid farewell to 2011 I have a few words of thanks for everyone who helped make the site possible over the last 12 months.

Firstly I’d like to thank our regular contributor and round-up writer Cari Jones, and all-round technical wizard Ed Marshall.

Thanks also to Leandra Graves who covered two of this year’s F1 test session in Barcelona for the site. Read her test diaries here and here.

Dan Selby did loads of work editing videos and adding voice-overs for various features that appeared on the site and especially deserves my thanks.

This year we introduced a new version of F1 Fanatic Live developed by the brilliant Jamie Atkinson – thanks very much to you!

Using it, we took our live coverage beyond Formula 1 for the first time to include the Le Mans 24 Hours, several IndyCar races plus the odd bit of touring car action. This wouldn’t have been possible without our team of moderators including LAK, Mohamed Sakr, Elly, Sebastian, David Wormald, Vikas, Magnificent Geoffrey, Arun Srini, Robert McKay, Ignacio Dal Re, Armen Abrahamian, Damon Smedley, Mike, Chris Humphreys, Chris Colantonio and Steve Jones.

We had a look at the top guest articles of 2011 earlier this week. Thanks to Jamey Price, Ben Packer, Gerard Hetman, Greg Morland, Christian Z??rner, John Beamer, Adam Smith, Kevin Parrott, Steven Smith, Damon Smedley, Ben Evans, Daniel Thomas and Ewa Zaborska for writing them.

Paul Adamaszek, Vikas Singh, Vivek Manghnani, Oana Popoiu, Bastiaan Bunnik, ‘Mr T.’, Nilesh Gorsia, Laura Newman, Nikolas Gouloumis and James Scantlebury did some serious data-crunching for this article in August so thanks to them as well.

Thanks to Sam White for his sterling work in the forums this year.

Big thanks to everyone who supplied competition prizes for the site this year. Thanks to Silverstone Circuit one of our number has a pair of tickets to next year’s British Grand Prix. We’ve also had prizes from Duke Video, Haynes, Icon Publishing, Johnnie Walker, Goodwood, Rob Ijbema, FanVision, Nissan, Haymarket and Unlap.

Thanks also to everyone who’s advertised on F1 Fanatic in 2011.

Earlier this year we introduced the new F1 Fanatic Quizzes on the site. The code behind this was developed by Adel Zairi and his team at Citrus Marketing, so thanks to them.

With over 140,000 comments being published on the site since January 1st, I’ve struggled at times merely to read all of them, let alone reply to everyone. Thanks very much for your contributions to the site this year. I know there are many places you can go to discuss F1 online, and I especially appreciate the comments from those who help make a constructive, informed debate on F1 Fanatic.

I’d also like to thank Manish Pandey, Peter Windsor, Drew MacDonald, Maurice Hamilton, Mark Gallagher, Clive Allen, Ellie Williams, Ben Needham, Chris Yurhee, Mark Hemsworth, Gary Calladine, Bryn Williams and everyone who emailled in with tips, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Special thanks as ever to Ratboy!

And finally I’d like to thank everyone for the many generous donations to F1 Fanatic received this year, and everyone who bought products through our affiliate partners.

I do hope there’s no-one I’ve overlooked – if there is, please accept my apologies.

Here’s hoping for an even bigger and better 2012!

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50 comments on “Thanks to F1 Fanatic’s stars of 2011”

  1. Hear hear, and a final cheer for Keith himself!

    1. Spot on Gridlock
      Best f1 site on the net.
      Happy New Year Keith and all the F1Fanatics.

      Now lets bring on Albert Park!!!

    2. Well said mate, Happy new Year to everyone.

      I look forward to meeting up with the people attending the Aussie GP this year.

  2. And no thanks whatsoever to Prisoner Monkeys; he just wanted his name mentioned in an article.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys

      With over 140,000 comments being published on the site since January 1st, I’ve struggled at times merely to read all of them, let alone reply to everyone. Thanks very much for your contributions to the site this year.


      1. With over 140,000 comments being published on the site since January 1st

        70% of them from Prisoner Monkeys.

        30% of them from people complaining about the views of Prisoner Monkeys.

        Happy New Year everyone! :)

        1. Yes thanks for the Prisoner Monkeys F1 blog it’s been a great year!

          1. Prisoner Monkey one of the best here! Just wonder why he’s not mentioned in this article…

    2. It will be for next year then!

    3. This is dodgy but, thank you PM.

      Thank you Mag Geoff, Steph, Lak, Robyn, Tanner, Bas, Verstappen, Imperious Duck admirers, US people, Ned * 2, All the Daves (My god you guys breed quickly), Wasi, Sato, DamonSmedley and everyone else who comments on this site. Without you guys… ok, well it’d still be a great site. But without you guys… No wait, ermm… Well, You guys are bloody awesome… And I like you. So there. :D

      And a extra big thank you to Keith for running the site.

      (And Ratboy for putting up with him.)

      And now I’ll be quite because I feel dodgy… -.-

      1. That isn’t dodgy! :-) Thanks to you and everyone, too — you’re all fun to argue/discuss/celebrate/rant about F1 with.

      2. @Mike Cheers, Mike! Much appreciated :) I feel very humble whenever I’m mentioned. I feel honoured :D

        Here’s to tagging the hell out out of you for discussion next year :D

      3. @Mike Wow. I’ve not been on F1F (or the internet for that matter) much over the last few weeks, so I’ve only just read that. Thank you very much! There are a few more I’d like to add but I won’t because I’ll end up mentioning everyone! :P

        1. :D I had to stop myself when I saw the comment was turning into a wall of text.

    4. Days of Thunder
      1st January 2012, 2:55

      Prisoney Monkeys Rockkk :D

      1. the Best here! PM am a huge fan

      2. And yes, I’m a massive fan of @Prisoner-Monkeys, too. I think we should have PM t-shirts made.

  3. Thanks Keith & also to everyone here for a wonderful 2011, I also hope that we have a very exciting 2012 in front of us.


  4. I share the message most of the comments above mine:

    First of all, many thanks and a very happy new year to YOU, Keith!

    Without your vision this community wouldn’t have come together.

    Cheers, and yeah… bring it on, 2012! :)

  5. thanks to those who get COTD! i got it once early on. thanks keith!

  6. Thanks for all the peoples that contributed to the success of F1Fanatic
    a special thanks to you Keith!!!!!!!!!!!! & all F1Fanatics especially those who makes debates more exciting
    Happy new year for all the community of F1Fanatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Aww thank you Keith for the mention! It’s an absolute pleasure to contribute to the BEST F1 website out there hands down! We are the ones who are supposed to thank you Keith for all your efforts of running such an awesome website and making this possible for us :D Here’s to another successful year of covering our beloved sport!

    Happy New Year F1Fs!!! May it be a year filled with health and happiness for All! \o/ :D

  8. First, thanks to @Keith-collantine
    And after this, thanks to all (guest)contributors
    …and of course thanks to all commenters!

  9. Thank you to Keith and to everyone else who’s helped contribute to F1 Fanatic. Happy New Year, one and all!

  10. Thanks keith! This site is the best F1 site, so much good content on it!

  11. thanks for the Mention! Thanks Keith for another year.. it’s still (now more than ever) the #1 place to go on the Net for F1 News, Debate and Discussion.

    Bring on 2012!

  12. Many thanks to Keith and a Happy New Year to all. This has been a fantastic site – you could always find a debate and some great commentary and sometimes links to obscure videos.

  13. Keith and the whole F1F community,

    Happy new year and a enjoying new season..


  14. Big thanks to Keith and everyone else involved and best wishes for the new year :)

  15. I’m really proud to belong to the F1F community. There’s no better web place for me to be. I wish every F1 Fanatic a merry New Year. Or, as Lady Gaga would probably say – Marry the New Year! :)

    1. @Girts I love that song!

      …ahem. Back to man-mode!

  16. Thanks Keith for creating the best Formula1 website. :D

  17. Thanks to Kieth and the team. Love the site.

  18. Happy new year Keith, and to all of the contributors to this great F1 site!

  19. Haven’t been here long. But its definately the best place for F1 on the net. Do you do anything else Keith apart from this? Can’t imagine you do cos this si so brilliant. Very intewlligent posters without sucking fan-boys.
    Happy new year everyone!

  20. Wishing you (all) a very Happy New Year, the labor of love is much appreciated Keith.
    Here’s to a wheel banging rock em sock em 2012 season…..Cheers! :)

  21. It would be rude not to thank you for the mention – and to not thank you and everyone else! Happy 2012 to everyone.

  22. Happy New Year, everyone! Kind of nice to see how many of us are online at the moment. They don’t call us “fanatics” for nothing! ;-)

  23. I join everyone in thanking you @keithcollantine for all your efforts in making F1Fanatic such an amazing community (yes, it’s more than just a site now, isn’t it?)

  24. Big thanks goes out too to Keith and the entire F1F community!

    Happy New Year to one and all!

  25. Days of Thunder
    1st January 2012, 2:57

    Happy New Year Keith Collantine and F1 Fanatics. Now waiting for the car launching

  26. Happy New Year guys..F1F Rocks..

  27. Happy new year to everyone.

    Thanks to Keith for running the site and everyone else who has contributed to it. The features to the site have coem on leaps and bounds.

    I hope 2012 will be just a great for F1 as 2011 was.

  28. To Keith and all F1 Fanatics, HAVE A GREAT 2012

  29. Happy new year to everyone, have a great 2012 everyone :)

  30. Thanks Keith and everyone involved.

    F1F is by far my favourite F1 site, it’s full of interesting analysis and interesting, balance (usually) debate. Here’s to 2012 and another great year for F1.

  31. My first full calendar year on F1 Fanatic, very happy about that! Thanks to @keithcollantine for all his efforts and of course those who have also contributed in their various ways.

    I’m especially happy to have been part of the testing team for the new social-networking aspect of the site, it was quite fun and it was an honour to give something back.

    Happy New Year to everyone and especially my close friends on here. You’ve made me feel part of the fabric here. I’ve been on a few forums in the past and never really managed to ‘gel’ with everyone as they were too busy talking amongst themselves so it’s been refreshing to have been welcomed aboard!

    1. I know what you mean @andrewtanner, and I fully agree!

      Happy new year and thanks everyone.

  32. I just wanted to say thanks to you Keith.

    I live in a small country town and I am pretty sure that I’m the only person who knows about F1 let alone likes it. :) Being apart of this F1 community over the last few years has allowed me to talk/discuss/argue/celebrate with like minded people about the greatest sport in the world.

    It has helped me gain a better knowledge of the sport, not only from you but also from the many many comments.

    It has also allowed me to form friendships that I otherwise would have never been able to and I look forward to catching up with some of you at this years Australian GP.

    So once again, thank you, not only to you Keith, but to everyone on this blog that makes it what it is. Happy New Year

  33. Thanks Keith for the great site to allow us to have the lovely discussions about F1 and other motorsports here.

    Thanks for the mention, I am happy to help crunch more data this year for the pleasure of reading the clever analyses of it!

    And thank you all for your interesting commments and nice words that make it a real treat to regularly visit here.

    Happy New Year!

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