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F1 Fanatic Quizzes is a new feature launched today on F1 Fanatic.

Is your F1 knowledge a match for the other F1 Fanatics? Now you can find out.

F1 Fanatic’s all-new quiz pages will offer quizzes on a range of F1 topics and allow you to compare your scores with the rest of the F1 Fanatic community.

Answer 20 questions against the clock to test your Formula 1 expertise.

The quizzes use a mix of multiple choice and free text input, with an auto-correct function to ensure answers are typed in correctly.

The first two quizzes are already available for you to take. Before jumping in, take a moment to familiarise yourself with how the quizzes work to make sure you enter your answers correctly and get the best score possible:

Once you’ve done that, pit your wits against the first two quizzes available:

You can compare your score against other F1 Fanatics after taking the quiz. At present it’s not possible to check your answers to see which questions you got right or wrong, but that is among the future developments being considered.

If you don’t already have one, you will need an F1 Fanatic account to participate in the quizzes. Details on how to get one can be found here:

More new quizzes will be added next week. An overall leaderboard will also be produced to show who’s the leading quiz-master!

You can find all the quizzes and related resources in the Community menu.

F1 Fanatic Quizzes thanks

Big thanks to Adel Zairi and his team at Citrus Marketing for developing the code for the quizzes.

Thanks also to Sam White, Alex Odell and Greg Morland for help with testing and to Alianora la Canta for fact-checking.

The quizzes have been tested across a range of desktop and mobile browsers. If you notice a technical problem, please follow these instructions on how to bring it to our attention:

Please share any other feedback on the quizzes below including whether the difficulty level is pitched right and whether the time limit is the right length.

Author information

Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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83 comments on “Test your F1 knowledge with F1 Fanatic Quizzes”

  1. Just as I’m going away for a week…You’re cruel Keith!

    Look forward to doing these, great stuff!

    1. They are brilliant, but if they were to be improved over time one thing I would say is it would be nice to see which answers you got wrong. They are a great addition. Made me realise how poor my F1 knowledge is though, when I thought it was so good.

  2. Looks fantastic! Gunna start one now :D

    1. Oh dear… 14 on F1 2010 quiz, and a shocking 8 on Fernando Alonso quiz :/

      1. I am pretty much comparable, got 15/20 for the 2010 season quiz. But I did even worse for Alonso knowledge!

  3. This is a fantastic idea!

    1. It surely is! I’ll try them better next week, now it takes too much to load because I have a slow connection.

      1. Really awesome idea Keith. Something to keep us petrolheads occupied over the summer break. perfect timing

    2. Completely agree. And having it ready for the mid season holidays is an epic feat!

      Thanks Keith, great job by Adel and his team as well as a thank you to Sam, Alex and Greg for being the testers. And lovely work from Alianora la Canta as well.

      Love it.

  4. Some of the questions were very tough, but fun all the same. Thx Keith

  5. :D! Cool feature!!!! :D

    1. Got 18 out of 20 :P

      1. So, will we have to go for Fanatic classifications, say, 1-10 casual fan, 10-14 Fanatical-ish, 15-17 hard core fanatic, 18-19 True Fanatic and 20 Extremist?

  6. Typo: It says “2011 Quiz” but apparently it’s a 2010 quiz.

    1. It looks like it’s been changed now. :)

      1. Ah wait, I though you meant on the menu, not in the article. lol

  7. Typo in this article:

    Once you’ve done that, pit your wits against the first two quizzes available:

    2011 F1 season quiz

    Isn’t it 2010? :)

    1. It is, looks like a typo in the text of the link Keith :-(

  8. I really enjoyed those! I scored 19/20 in the 2010 quiz, and 15/20 in the Alonso one.

    I wonder who will be the first to score 20…

  9. Haha yeah, leading the Alonso quiz… For now.

  10. 20/20. Got every one of the right. Fantastic!

    1. Extremist!

  11. Is it possible to make it so players can only take the quiz once? Because I think it would be better if your original score only showed up. :)

    1. Only the original score shows up already!

      1. Only the original score shows up already!

        Is that only if you do equal or worse than before? What about if you better your score?

        1. I got a better score the second time I did the 2010 Quiz and it said something like: “you had already played the quiz, only the original score shows up”

    2. I was on my first go. I’m just good at F1 quizzes.

      1. your not on the leaderboard though…

        1. I’m Walsh F1. It’s my log in name and its my name for the predictions championship. I use Ciaran just for comments and the forum.

  12. These are epic. Thanks a lot, can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  13. Brilliant feature Keith! I always missed those quizzes you used to do before each weekend, so thanks! :)

    1. Wow, that was quite a few years ago! Yeah, I’ve wanted to bring it back for a while but needed a more sophisticated system.

  14. Not as good as I thought :P the timer makes it harder, especially with my browser nto being able to see it lol.

    I can’t wait to see what ones I got right and wrong.

  15. I would love an historic quiz, I’m better in it than in the modern era.

    I’m going to prepare for these two. :D

    1. I’d love a giant Ferrari quiz and a Massa quiz please ;)

      1. If I beat you in those, we then know there’s something very, very wrong. :P

        1. I have to admit I’ll be a bit nervous if those two are made as I’d expect myself to do fairly well. I really couldn’t tolerate you beating me either ;)

          1. Game on!

  16. 15/20 in the 2010 quiz, actually a bit better than I expected. And I didn’t use Google/Wiki to cheat :P

    1. Oh, and 15/20 in the Alonso one as well. How come I don’t like him and still know so much about him?

  17. I got 17 on the 2010 quiz! Quite pleased – mainly got stumped by the Petrov fastest lap and the last race Klien competed in! A great new feature though! :)

    1. Only 15 for the Alonso quiz – very difficult, but very enjoyable!

    2. I remembered Petrov’s lap record. Unusual record breakers are sometimes impossible to forget ;)

      1. That was the logic I used, I seem to remember it later on in the year but I couldn’t pin point the race – I think it could have been Hungary but I don’t think I put that!

        1. I put Istanbul, I know Vitaly was very quick at the end of the race.

  18. I made 16 out of 20 in the 2010 season quiz within the time limit. Obviously, if I had had all the time I wanted I would’ve came up with everything, but I don’t usually remember certain little details. Anyway, awesome idea, looking forward to more soon!

  19. argh 13 points, I only guessed a couple too :(

  20. Really good! F1 Fanatic never stops, no summer breaks here!

  21. Pretty good results i got.
    19 in Alonso (i am his fan, so i did not expect any lower score :D )
    and 18 in 2010 quiz.

  22. This quiz made me finally create an account, couldn’t resist to see how I performed. But my scores are horrible !

  23. Who sys this place lacks the community andf fun feel these days? :P

    1. I’ve only been here a year but I can’t see how anyone could say that.

      1. *says. I really should proof read :P

        It’s been said a few times on the forum.

  24. this is absolutley superb, now it pays out that i’m so busy with f1-statistics, however i completley missed some questions with absolutley no idea, but it was fun to reveal to answers. thatnks for this, really made my awful day much better!

  25. 19 out of 20 in 2010 (knew which one i got wrong redid it and got it right next time)
    and 16 out of 20 on Fernando Alonso

  26. Brilliant idea! Would like it more if you got to see which ones you got wrong

  27. great! Only thing i would suggest is when time runs out your answers are entered automatically. I could do the alonso quiz twice, didn’t help much only 9 good, but it’s a way to ‘cheat’

  28. Nice feature. Bring more !!

  29. 20 on 2010, 18 on Alonso, not too bad…

  30. wow cant believe we didnt already have this! brill!

  31. Great idea, I love F1Fanatic

    1. I’m considering proposing to it.

  32. 17/20 for me on the 2010 F1 quiz, quite happy with that :)

    Not gonna do so well on the Fernando Alonso one though!

    1. I had only 7/20 for the Alonso quiz!

      1. Ouch. I’ll give it a go now…

  33. 14 for the 2010 and 9 for Alonso one. Would be nice to see which questions you got right and wrong :)

  34. 15/20 for the first. Thought I’d do worse to be honest. Not tried the Alonso one yet, don’t think I’d get many correct anyway.
    This is a great feature!

  35. 9 and 13 for the Alonso and the 2010 season quizzes respectively. Not bad, if I say so myself.

    I look forward to further quizzes.

  36. 19 on the 2010 quiz (I bet I got the Klein one wrong), and 17 on the Alonso quiz :)

  37. This site…. is perfect. Can I live here?

  38. Something went wrong.Surely I can’t get 4 when I see at least 10 of them are right.

  39. I think the time limit should be even shorter so there’s no time to go on Wikipedia, Google etc., as that would limit the enjoyment of these quizzes, I think.

  40. These quizzes are very fun, I probably shouldn’t have done them when I wasn’t sober and very tired, though!

    One other thing, the marking is a little inconsistent between the two quizzes. For example, for one quiz, the second word of the circuit title is needed to get a mark and for the other one, if you include the correct second name of the track, it is marked as incorrect… I think there needs to be more ‘triggers’ that give correct answers for future quizzes.

    Also, I believe that I’ve put in all the correct answers (after my first attempt, and having done research to confirm my answers) and I only get 19 for the Alonso quiz. It looks like I’m not the only one with this problem as no-one else has 20 yet, strangely.

    I think this has great potential, great work so far!

    1. Agree on the part of being tired, it did cost me some answers, I guess.

      But on the other part, for me, when I type “2010 Ital” it brings up the drop down menue and I can just click on that to get it right.

    2. Thanks for the info on that inconsistency, I’ll look into it.

  41. On questions where the answer is simply a number, you shouldn’t need to activate the autocorrect.

    I kept trying to answer 2 for a question and it kept putting in “2011 Australian Grand Prix”

  42. Minor bug – before I took the test, the reported high score is 16 out of 20. As it turned out, some people already got 20.

    Nice new feature, though.

    I’ll have a Michael Schumacher quiz, please. :D

  43. I got 15 on Fernando Alonso, 13 on Michael Schumacher and (surprisingly) 11 on the 2010 season.

    I believe there are more quizzes coming, which should be fun :)

    1. That is quite supprising, I would have expected you to do better. Guess its the time limits ;-)

  44. I’m not sure yet how good I am at the Alonso one, but since I saw most of Schumacher’s career I should be able to do well there at least! Great to have these, nice way to keep the summer F1 break manageable :)

    1. Ha, that’s what I thought as well, but I learned I was wrong.

  45. 2/20 for the Fernando Alonso quiz. Absolutely. Dreadful.

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