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Chrissylyn got off to a perfect start in the first round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship.

With a top score of 50 points, they were the only player to get the top five finishers and pole sitter exactly right.

Chrissylyn wins our top race weekend prize of a 1971 Autocourse eBook.

Three players tied for the next-highest score with 48 each, so the pole position time tie-breaker had to be used to pick a runner-up prize winner.

Of the trio it was Carpy3 who got closest to the correct pole time, so they win an F1 poster from PJ Tierney.

Sebastian Vettel was your top choice for pole position (46.8% of you picked him) and the win (33.3%).

Actual pole sitter Lewis Hamilton was nominated by 34.4% of players, and 23.1% correctly picked Jenson Button as the race winner.

The top 15 predictions are listed below, and you can view the points standings in full here.

You can enter your picks for the Malaysian Grand Prix and every other round of the Predictions Championship below. Remember you can edit your prediction for a race at any time up until the start of qualifying:

[motorracingleague race=62 limit=15]

View the full Predictions Championship standings and statistics here:

2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship overall prizes

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2013 British Grand Prix

The person who scores the most points over the whole season will win two grandstand tickets to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The grand prize winner will receive tickets to all three days of the event with reserved seating for the race.

Second place prize: An F1 painting of your choice

The second place finisher will win a Formula 1 painting by Rob Ijbema.

You get to choose which F1 driver, present or past, will feature in the painting.

Or you can pick one of the other motor racing paintings on Rob’s site:

Runner-up prize: Racecar Engineering subscriptions

The five players with the next highest scores (positions three to seven) will each win a year’s subscription to Racecar Engineering magazine.

Racecar Engineering is the world’s leading motorsport technology magazine. Every issue is packed with in-depth features, interviews and analysis from Formula One, Le Mans and all forms racing and rallying.

Runner-up prize: Autocourse calendars

The five players with the next highest scores (positions eight to 12) will each win a 2013 Autocourse calendar.

The Autocourse Grand Prix calendar contains images taken during the season of all the major players competing in the Formula One World Championship.

The images are high resolution and taken by one of the world’s leading Grand Prix photographers, the calendar is printed on art quality paper and comes with a stiffened backing board and shrink wrapped for protection.

More prizes to be announced

Further prizes will be announced during the season.

2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship race prizes

Race winner’s prize: Autocourse eBooks

The highest scorer in each race will win an Autocourse eBook. The 1971 edition will be the first prize up for grabs.

The Autocourse eBooks are faithful reproductions of the original annuals in digital form. The colour, clarity of images and text have been improved to modern standards, but the content remains in original format.

Autocourse has become the definitive record of Formula One racing the world over and early editions are collector’s items, which regularly trade for hundreds of pounds.

  • The 1971 Autocourse eBook is available from for 19.99 with free postage/packing to UK customers.

Runner-up prize: F1 posters by PJ Tierney

The second-placed player in each race will win one of PJ Tierney’s excellent unofficial Formula 1 posters.

You can view PJ’s posters along with his other work on his website:

2012 Australian Grand Prix

    Browse all 2012 Australian Grand Prix articles

    Image © McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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    39 comments on “Perfect prediction for Chrissylyn in round one of championship”

    1. Congrats @Carpy3 :)

      You can contact me here and let me know which A3 poster you’d like:

      Bear in mind that I’m away (in America of all places) this weekend so I won’t be sending it out till I get back.

      Congrats again :)

    2. Keith i always wondered. Can someone put the same driver in the top 5 twice? The little prediction seems to allow it. So can someone put Hamilton for example second and third?

      1. little prediction program.

        “F1F needs edit button.”

      2. Yes – if someone were to do it accidentally they can amend their predictions before the deadline.

        Here’s why there isn’t an edit button for comments:

    3. Waow 31pt! That’s the best I’ve done in 3 years!
      I could have had a perfect result if Grosjean didn’t retire and finished 5th.

      I hope I’ll keep scoring big points this season!

    4. Is there a way to check your predictions? I believe I only made one mistake in my first ever attempt at the prediction championship! I predicted Webber would finish 3rd and Hamilton 4th. I’m actually impressed by myself. 24 points!

      1. You could check the automated e-mail that’s sent to confirm your prediction.

    5. 22 points. My best ever result! It may not seem like much but hey, I’ll take it!

    6. 1 person managed to score 0 points. Interesting! Extremely unlucky or extremely weird entry?

      5 points, meh. Expected a Red Bull resurgeance..

      1. Yeah, me! I was at Albert Park without a solid internet connection. I somehow did manage to get five email message confirmations though! Will have to check and see if the glitch was me, the predictions system or my flakey 3G suffering network congestion…

    7. apparently, even though I thought I did quite well, I actually did just as awful as usual. maybe next time I’ll do better?

      1. Same here. I always think “if only I had put X instead of Y” I would be quite ok. But the ifs add up.

        1. The thing is at 1 point i was doing ok with But, Ham, Shu, Vet in that order, result left me with a pathetic 5 points! Practice does not make perfect, i seem to get worse with age!

    8. On the standings page, the black thing at the top of the page is interfering with viewing the page on my browser (ie8). I can’t see what it is and I can’t see anything above krtekf1’s score….. not that I’m any where near that!

      1. Hover over the black thing and the text will become clear underneath, otherwise, use Firefox.

    9. 7 points. That’s encouraging :). Somewhere in the backfield

    10. I was betting on a much stronger pace from the Merc. Thus I only ended up with 5 pts.

    11. wow chrissylyn! Not only a perfect result, but only .1s off the correct pole time!!!!

      1. thanks Zecks! Can’t believe it….I’ll probably still have 50 points come November lol

    12. Hi Keith. I think I should have scored 13 points instead of 11

      my prediction was Pole – Jenson Button
      Position 1 – Jenson Button
      Position 2 – Sebastian Vettel
      Position 3 – Mark Webber
      Position 4 – Lewis Hamilton
      Position 5 – Michael Schumacher

      So 2 points for pole, 6 points for Jenson and Vettel, and 5 points for 4 drivers in top 5

      Does that sound correct?


      1. Hamilton was on pole, not Button.

        1. Doh. (palms forehead)

    13. Cool… 29 points!
      Hopefully my upgrade package will get me some better performance in the upcoming races. I have this F-duct thing that that kinda works and my KERS is not performing as the team had hoped. :)

    14. Quite frustrating that halfway through the race, I was on course to getting 31 points, but by the end, that had seriously diminished to a mere 9 points.

      It seems nothing has changed over the winter for me, and I’ll continue with my mediocrity of points scoring.

    15. Hmm, seems like I didn’t received confirmation e-mails when I sent my predictions. Am I supposed to tick the “Tick this box if you are happy to receive emails from F1 Fanatic’s partners.” box to receive them?

      1. no need to tick the box @xivizmath

      2. @xivizmath

        No it’s optional as it has always been.

        If you have a technical problem report it here and I’ll look into it:

        Reporting a technical problem

    16. I’ll try and enjoy my tie for 45th. It will no doubt be my highest ranking for the season!

    17. Good start with 7 points and 564th place with some other people, heh :D , not really!

      And @doodie111 , how did you manage to score 0 (zero) points!? :)

      1. Haha, no idea! See my previous reply to @meander. But I’m blaming my mobile carrier!

    18. 31 points! Its my second season and this is the best result so far :) I expected better Mercedes, but Ferrari surprised me :D

    19. Equal 564th, not the best of starts :(

    20. Whoopie!!! I am a part of the leader board!!!!!

    21. yay…can’t believe I was the only one to get them ALL right….pity its only a few days ’til the next race as I’m sure I’ll soon be off the top spot…beginners luck maybe…but so so pleased with myself :)

    22. Mercedes disappointed, so I only got 7 points

    23. I always seem to pick the right drivers but in the wrong order, which limits me to single figures, like my 7 points this time.

    24. A pretty dreadful start from me. I don’t think my pole time was out by much, a couple of tenths but it was just downhill from there.

      Hamilton snatched pole (I played it safe and went with Vettel) and the only result I got correct was Vettel finishing in second.

      Hamilton could have done me a favour by not throwing away his chance of a win but hey-ho :D

    25. 11 for me. Not a bad start to the year. Not great. Not zero.

    26. Guess I got lucky with my 11 points, I thought the prediction was all about Qualifying positions, so didn’t even put LH down to finish in top 5, so by putting him in pole, JB to qually 2nd (No. 1 position) and Vettel to qually 3rd (No. 2 position) I got 3 right! Nearly did even better, but reversed Nico and Webber. I wonder how I’ll do when I know what I’m doing!

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