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Ferrari F2012 - edited by Jeremy HancoxRecent rules changes have conspired to give us a very strange-looking generation of F1 cars.

The aerodynamic changes introduced in 2009, followed by the reduction in nose height brought in this year, has led to creations which run the gamut from awkward to outright ugly.

Maximum-width front wings, plus disproportionately narrow rear wings, plus stepped noses equals some decidedly unattractive cars.

“The undoubted ugliness of 90% of the 2012 F1 cars just means it’s more of a challenge to make them look good in pictures,” lamented photographer Darren Heath on Twitter recently.

Happily the FIA is planning to tweak the rules in the future: reducing the height of the front bulkhead to do away with the steps, and reducing the width of the front wings.

So how could the improved generation of 2012 cars look? It’s over to graphic designer Jeremy Hancox who’s already posted some excellent designs in the forum.

First up Jeremy tackles one of the least attractive cars on the grid. Ferrari told us the F2012 would look pretty when it won a race. It turns out they were wrong – what it really needs is a break from those restrictive 2012 rules.

Note that these designs don’t obey the proposed new technical rules to the letter – they’re just intended to show how the current cars would look if the key offending passages of the rules were tweaked.

In short: narrower front wings, lower and wider rear wings, and no stepped noses. Here’s how they look.

‘Fixed’ Ferrari F2012

Ferrari F2012 - edited by Jeremy Hancox

Ferrari F2012 - edited by Jeremy Hancox

View the original car:

Improving the liveries

Jeremy also turned his attention to some of the cars’ liveries – have a look at these three re-skinned racers:

Sauber C31

Sauber C31 - edited by Jeremy Hancox

Sauber’s current livery is one of the most unfathomable on the grid. Jeremy replaced the mishmash of black and white with a more cohesive black and blue treatment.

View the original car:

Williams FW34

Williams FW34 - edited by Jeremy Hancox

With the Williams, Jeremy moves the design closer to the retro style already aped by the current car.

View the original car:

Ferrari F2012

Ferrari F2012 - edited by Jeremy Hancox

Finally we turn our attention back to the Ferrari. Here Jeremy does away with the white in favour of black wings with a splash of yellow which suits the soft Pirellis very nicely.

View the original car:

Share your thoughts on Jeremy’s designs in the comments. You can also contact him via his website.

If you want to post your own designs, head over to this thread in the forum where you can embed images of your own via Flickr.

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126 comments on “Improving the look of the 2012 F1 cars”

  1. They look nice, although I think the C31 really needs to be white instead of grey.

    1. Agree. I actually only prefer the Ferrari to the current cars. The 2010-2011 Saubers were good enough in comparison to this year’s.

    2. Noooo! There’s too much white on the grid as is

      1. I think that only the ferrari looks better as well. I think that whatever is the most efficient design and the most functional shape should be used. I personally don’t mind the new noses. The paint on a Formula 1 car just covers up the inner beauty of a functional working body.

  2. Out of these designs I really like the Sauber livery.. I cannot wait until 2013 when we can get rid of these ugly noses, the w03 looks horrible when you see the onboard camera!

    1. Great job on the Sauber livery – they should adopt it immediately :) Or hire Jeremy.

      1. Agreed, he has made that car look like the winner it should have been last weekend!

  3. Beautiful! The sauber looks like an angry beast!!

    Jeremy should be employed to revamp F1!

    1. Exactly, all those cars look way better than they currently are. Just said ‘Wow’ for the Sauber, ‘Beautiful’ for the Williams and ‘Great’ for the Ferrari…
      Hope there is more to come from Jeremy on this topic, would like to see custom Red Bull and McLaren for instance, good job!

  4. I have to admit, while not a huge fan of the Sauber livery, I really do like the look of the Williams this year. You could argue for a bit more white, I guess (Lotus shows that revisiting classic tobacco sponsor-era livery on current cars can be a great success), but I love the dark tone of blue they have now, and it’s one of my favorite liveries currently racing.

    1. @leucocrystal Yeah, the Williams looks more aggressive than previous and it seems to be paying off so far.

  5. Wow…absolutely beautiful liveries, and a much better proportioned Ferrari as well. First, I hope F1 designers take note (especially with regard to the liveries, they can’t do much about the technical regulations), and second, why did they make the current Williams so dark, and the Sauber so boring?

    1. Marlboro will love the white being removed. Not too impressed with the liveries to be honest. There were some great ones pre-season, especially the Williams, with more yellow in, harping back to the Mansell era..

      However, it’s interesting to see the cars without the lobster wing, and stepped noses.

  6. I don’t mind them keeping the wings how they are, just drop the chassis height to eradicate those stupid noses.

    1. I’m not a fan of changing the rules just to make the cars more aesthetically pleasing.

      1. On the other hand, the chassis are as high as they are for aerodynamic reasons. Anything that diminishes aerodynamic reliability is a plus. Ergo, lowering the chassis would kill two birds with one massive, ugly stone. :)

    2. I actually like the cars since 2009. The narrow rear wings and wide front wings suit me just fine.

      1. I must admit, I called these cars ugly in 2009 and now seeing the Ferrari with the wing sizes of 2008 and earlier, it really looks strange to me because I really got used to the current wing specs.

        1. but still before 2009 it looked much better ;-)

  7. I like the Red, Black or Yellow of the Ferrari reskin. Very early-90’s Scuderia.

    1. Same here – in fact very much like the Ferrari 643, which Alain Prost derided as handling like a truck and was promptly sacked.

      Always been a fan of the red and black Ferrari liveries though, much better than the red and white.

      1. You’re thinking of the F-150. Definitely handles like a truck.

        1. I was definitely thinking of the 643 which Prost definitely said handled like a truck.

          1. He was making a joke there.

  8. These look much, much better.

  9. These are beautiful designs mate, what programs did you use to make these changes?

  10. Very nice images. I really like the Sauber and Williams liveries.
    The Ferrari is a bit of an easy target. Even this would improve its appearance×300/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/FAD748.jpg

  11. the Williams looks very good they should try this, but i didn’t like the ferrari

  12. Sauber looks stunning…

  13. Nice. I noticed the step noses are on the detachable part of the front wing so it wouldn’t be hard for the teams to do away with them in favour of a slightly more step curve. However i think a lot of teams are using the step to vent air around the car and out over the rear wing/rear wheel area so it’s probably more than just an aesthetic change.

    1. The problem is that FIA wants a lower nose so that it doesn’t hit the driver in the case of a t-bone. In order to both have a lower nose and and no step, the front bulkhead must be lowered. All teams except 2 pushed the bulkhead to maximum height for maximum amount of air passing under the nose.

      Nobody wanted the step. It creates unnecessary drag and airflow detachment. The thing is the FIA wanted lower noses for better safety and the teams wanted maximum air; the result was the flat nose.

  14. The Sauber does look incredible, as does the red and black Ferrari.

  15. I actually quite like Ferrari’s Red with white details livery, but with the black it just does look better overall.

  16. Those liveries are amazing!

  17. Bit like 2006 really.

    1. And we’d have trains of cars only passing during pits stops with those wings again as well.

      But that doesn’t matter because they look pretty. -.-

  18. Lovely Idea. The cars look a lot better like that. The Sauber is amazing, the Williams really brightens up and the Ferrari without stepped nose suddenly looks great.

  19. Oh the Sauber is SO good. Kudos, Mr. Hancox

  20. I don’t necessarily mind the high rear wings, they also hark back to the supposedly good ol days of F1. The cars don’t look too bad, the stepped noses though, are possibly the worst looking thing in the history of F1. So most of the 2012 cars are ruined, although I think the Force India has probably done the best job with the stepped nose, then Lotus.

    That redone Ferrari livery is just amazing, really wish they would go back to that style, but Santander won’t allow that.

    1. It isn’t nearly as bad as some of the creations from the 70’s. Those were eye wateringly ugly. Most of them anyway.

    2. I also don’t mind the full width front wings when they’re matched with the wide rear wings. Ideally I’d like wide, high rears, and fronts that are either full width or narrower, but definitely higher than the pinched ones from 05-08.

  21. That Ferrari livery alone would make the car faster, i´m sure :)

  22. Dzi (@dzaci214sid)
    30th March 2012, 14:06

    Williams and seccond Ferrari are amazing, they are BEAUTIFUL!

  23. The Ferrari with the yellow and the black looks simply superb. If that was on the grid it would without a doubt be the most attractive car.

  24. Nice logo @Jezson, quite clever.

  25. That C31 is gorgeous

  26. Beautiful images Jeremy – Sauber looks amazing and Ferrari and Williams have that lovely retro design ! Would be nice if these are brought to the attention to all the F1 teams for future reference ;)

  27. Great designs its a wonder the teams dont spend a bit more time and effort to come up with these themeselves instead of rehashing the old designs again and again

  28. The red/black/yellow ferrari looks like a big improvement over the real thing,
    but the sauber looks simply delicious! I’d probably buy a scale model it! (or the real thing, if I where that rich).

  29. Gibo is driving (@)
    30th March 2012, 14:40

    Stunning! All these new designs look so much better than the current ones. Rules aside, none of the current liveries in the grid is anything special to be honest, it would really make a difference if the teams would get a bit more creative.

  30. These are beautiful.
    But if I remember correct, the narrow rear wings were introduced to reduce aerodynamic wake. And that could mean that bringing back those wide wings would create even less real overtaking and more of that artificial DRS humbug.

  31. I’m still sticking to my point, especially after having seen that Ferrari with different sized wings on it. The most important thing that needs to be changed are the hideous attachments running from the nose to the front wing, directly attaching the wing to the nose, automatically forcing the tip of the nose down.

  32. Firstly, i’d like to congratulate Jeremy for his awesome work.

    Personally, i believe Ferrari and Sauber look so aggressive and dynamic. You should definitely forward those designs to the teams. As for Williams, i for one, who love to get back to early 90s, with the dark blue/yellow/white Mansell red five style. :)

  33. Oh yes I wish Williams would bring back that Rothmans livery, just makes me remember being a little kid again when Williams were dominant.

  34. They are what they are. Why don’t you live in todays world and accept them for what they are. Trying to relive the past and having everybody rave at your ideas here makes me wonder what side of the fence most of F1fanatic fans are on. My suggestions over the years for F1 to return to its roots to a certain degree, have been meet with sarcasim, insults and questions of my passion for the sport. Accepting the current rules and how they affect the appearence of the cars seems to be of the utmost importance. Until today the idea of such drastic change was unacceptable and the majority so far who have responded to the brilliant artwork by the way, are all about it. We can only hope for better looking cars in the future.

    This generation of cars has given the fans what they want, a fairly even playing field. The 2012 Formula One cars look superb. Tough, aggressive and challenging.

    1. This generation of cars has given the fans what they want, a fairly even playing field.

      Who’s to say we can’t have close, exciting racing with good-looking cars?

      Take the nose steps, for example. They’re not there for performance reasons, it’s purely a question of safety.

      I don’t understand why you seem to think creating close racing and having good-looking cars is mutually exclusive.

      I don’t understand the “trying to relive the past” remark either, at least not when it comes to the rules. Two of the liveries have a retro edge to them, so I could see where you’re coming from there, but even then Williams’ existing livery is clearly a nod to the old ’90s design.

      1. Formula One has always been about how the cars look and with that ofcourse the performance of the cars. I would love to see a really great looking racecar and one that kicks the ass of its competition. I have watched Ferrari very closely over the years and often find myself anxious in anticipation of the next generation of cars. When the 2012 car was first released I was troubled by how bad it first looked. Now having seen the entire 2012 field I admit to really liking what they have become.
        Sure the step noses are kind of unusual but as I wrote make the cars look rather aggressive. These cars are what we have for the rest of the season so I have decided to accept them for what they are.
        Trying to relive the past is more about this whimsical attempt to imagine what the cars could be if this and that was changed. By the way the renderings were superb but my comment is more about how everybody was gushing at what the artists concepts were for these imaginative cars and also saying that many who read F1fanatic have been critical of comments I have made raising the idea of stuff from the past that was and is still good. Many have challenged me by questioning my interest and commitments to the sport. Today I simply challenged the need to romance the idea of what the 2012 cars should or could be. They are what they are, get used to it.

        1. I think you took the whole article way to seriously by far.

          1. Your right…I have taken Formula One seriously from when I got into the Grand Prix garages at Long Beach after hours and witnessed Clay Reggazoni have a mishap when fitting his seat. As he stood up the liquid foam had leaked through his seat shape and had covered the back of his clothes to the delight of the crew and just two days later I watched him fold his car up at the end of the straightaway in a crash that paralized him and ended his career.Wowed then and really wowed on race day. I have taken the sport seriously since then.

        2. They’re just pictures, ideas. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, much less because it has no effect on the way things are run in the sport for real.

  35. I didn’t even notice the wings had changed dimensions in the F2012 initially! Maybe it’s because they look normal like that? :P
    In the 2nd picture the rear wing looks strange, perhaps too low… but it’s better than current ones.
    The nose without the step is clearly a good step forward (pun intended :D ), but it still looks enormously wide!

  36. Loving the Sauber design!

  37. I love the liveries, but the narrow front wing just looks dumb to me. The front wing needs to be as wide as the tires, period. I suspect if the rules were changed to reduce the width of the front wing, the shapes would be altered drastically to deflect air around the tires.

  38. I have to say they are all brilliant liveries! One has to ask how some people (i.e. Sauber’s livery designer) churn out the bland crap that they do when the potential for creating something so aesthetically beautiful is so great!

  39. I do see some difficulties though with the changes. The lower nose probably would matter only very little concerning speed, looking at McLaren, but the smaller front wing and lower rear wing would create huge losses in downforce. I hope they trade that off with changes that increase speed, like they did in 2009 (where they reintroduced slicks.)

  40. A-Safieldin (@)
    30th March 2012, 15:38

    Can we see one with the wide front wings and the wide and shorter rear wings? Cause the front wings arent all bad.

  41. Keith, get the McLaren a black livery and see what the Ferrari would look like with the livery of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2’s Francesco Bernoulli.

  42. I dislike the stepped front nose as much as the next person… but I must admit I do like where Ferrari positioned the car number on the nose. It’s pretty neat to see ‘5’ on Alonso’s car when he’s driving straight towards a camera during the race.

    Oh ya… and implement ALL 3 of these proposed liveries immediately!!

  43. That “fixed” Ferrari actually looks just as weird as the current one! I’d say keep the rear wings high, although make them wider like pre-2008. As for the front wing, it relly looks out of place given the extreme height of the nose, so the wider one would look better there in my opinion. Or just make the nose lower, although with the diffuser advantage recently found out they will never go back as low as before I guess.

  44. Ferrari- inspiration of 1991’sFerrari?

  45. ferrari probably have about 100 people working on the livery of the car or something. think about all the cost cutting that could be done if you let this guy design the car

  46. My favorite one is the Williams although the Sauber looks amazingly striking too

  47. This is a great and important topic of conversation. The aesthetics of F1 cars has been sorely overlooked for a long time now. Today’s cars are an abomination! The thing is we’ll never have truly good looking F1 cars until the track is increased to at least 2000mm and low noses are made mandatory (along with your other suggestions on wings etc). The stance of F1 cars hasn’t looked right since the introduction of the narrow track (1800mm) rules back in 1998. A wider track and low nose also gives the impression of the cars moving faster on TV. I would also add a titanium skid block to the underside of the car, to bring up sparks when the car bottoms out. This looks spectacular and adds to the sense of speed. People sometimes say going back to a wider track would make overtaking harder, but my argument is – back in the 80’s, the cars track was 2150mm and the circuits were generally narrower and they could overtake fine back then. Love the re-imagined liveries as well.

  48. They do look nice, but with the Williams you do think “Rothmans” rather than PDVSA with that livery.
    So, I doubt that would be acceptable to the main sponsor.
    That is always the problem. The cars main sponsor, as they are paying the most money, will get the ultimate say on the livery.

  49. i think williams curently have a cool looking car (obviously aside from the platypus nose)

  50. The liveries look great but personally I like how the new-spec wings look. That top Ferrari just looks weird with a really low and long rear wing now.

  51. I actually like the Ferrari as it is. With the smooth nose, it looks out of proportion and loses the aggressive look of it.

    The Red and black livery is nice, but I’m always in two minds of designs that hark back to a previous era. They might looks nice, but why not make new designs that people will look back on fondly in another 20 years?

    1. @dan thorn,

      out of proportion


  52. When I was at winter testing at Barcelona, the worst car to take pictures of was the Sauber, I called it the ‘Cow’, I did think a carbon effect car would look amazing, like a darker version of the McLaren, that is exactly what i was picturing, very very good, the Williams looks a bit like the 97 Arrows and the Ferrari is just beautiful also.

  53. No offense or anything, but the Ferrari looks plain wrong. the reason could be that the different parts are not created to work together, since the car is made up of different years.

  54. the ferrari and the sauber look great!! send the proposal to the teams!!

    dont dig the so low rear wing.

  55. Loved the retro look on the Williams car

  56. This Sauber looks of some other Galaxy ! awesomest design ever

  57. Am I alone in thinking the current cars are too long and narrow? I much prefer the the wide aggressive look of last years indycars.

    Wider tyres would help too provided we could get rid of some downforce.

  58. ugly wheels on first two pics.

    And NO, the cars don’t look good even without the nose. Better, but still not good. The cars looked best in 2008!!!!!

  59. Those liveries are great especialy the Sauber, haha I can tell all three are retro modern day versions of the three teams 1996 livery.

  60. the Williams car looks incredible nice with the new colour scheme

  61. I have a challenge for Jeremy, Keith.

    That morphed 2012 Ferrari front nose, Red Bull RB8 stepped-nose (With that little slot), Mercedes AMG W-Duct, Drag Reduction System on the Williams FW33-Belgium spec Rear Wing, McLaren MP4-25 F-Duct, McLaren MP4-26 L-style sidepods, Ferrari 150° Italia-Spain Practice rear wing uphold and Mercedes W01-Spain/Force India VJM04/Lotus T128 style middle air-pod.

  62. The red and black Ferrari looks absolutely evil. Well done, although I don’t like the yellow on the rear wing.

  63. Nothing has conspired more than the red bull conglomerate. They were the ones to veto a reasonable solution to stop the cars looking like extinct birds.

  64. nice!, especially a fan of the williams livery. All 3 are much better than what they are currently.

  65. Silver/Or the current colour of the Ferrari Rims would look even better on the reliveried Ferrari. can we see all the cars re-done?

  66. That Ferrari livery is gorgeous, send that to Ferrari asap lets see if we can make them include this livery into their F12 2.0.

  67. All of these pictures are nice but as for the 2012 cars i don’t think they are at all ugly,ok the stepped noses do make the cars look a little different but i think most of the teams have incorporated the step quite well(apart from mercedes).I know its personal preference but i think the 2008 ferrari,with all the little winglets everywhere was far uglier than this years ferrari car,i think alot of the 2012 cars look very agressive in appearance with the noses,large front wings and narrow rear wings.

  68. I’m not really sure what’s going on with Sauber, livery-wise. I suspect that Carlos Slim is holding off, waiting to fully-invest in the team until Esteban Gutierrez gets a drive. I’ve heard rumours that he eventually wants to buy the team from Peter Sauber and re-badge it as a Mexican team. If Sergio Perez goes to Ferrari, then I imagine that Ferrari will get some backing from Claro, and Sauber will become a flagship for Telmex and/or Telcel.

  69. Bar the stepped noses on some cars (The Red Bull looks nice), there’s nothing wrong with them.

  70. Personally I don’t care too much about the noses or wings, whatever is fast and isn’t a McLaren or Ferrari is beautiful in my book, but those liveries are fantastic!! LOVE the Sauber, much more aggressive looking, less like a corporate banker’s casual wear and more like a proper race car. Who’d have guessed that simply brightening up the Williams’ blue would be such a drastic improvement? I like the yellow rim touch as well. Goes very nicely with the soft Pirellis. Very nice. Hopefully some eyes in Grove and Hinwill will be steered in this direction.


  72. The re-done cars look great! Stepped noses are bad for F1`s image.

  73. Sauber livery is superb. I can’t stand their current colours, they have been horrendous from 2010 onwards. To quote Murray Walker, “it looks like they’ve loaded logos into a can and fired them at the car”. Grey and white colours are so dull too. Their classic Petronas liveries were so beautiful. 

    I was saying to someone last week that if Williams want the retro Rothmans livery, they should go all out and replicate it properly, just like this design. Looks great. I’d make the blue a halfway house between this and what they have now. Needs to be metallic too. 

    I wish McLaren would make a small change to their current livery; I think swapping the current chrome for a smoked chrome would make their car look awesome and separate their colours from Mercedes ‘Silver arrows’. 

    On the subject of aerodynamics, the Ferrari here unquestionably looks better than anything we have seen since 2008, but I really think the wings we have now aren’t so bad. 
    Yes, they were shocking at first and there were some ugly cars to begin with in 2009 (McLaren and BMW), but equally there were some nice looking cars too (Brawn and Toyota). 

    These cars really came into their own in 2010 though, with the slightly narrower front tyre balancing the appearance of the front wing and the longer chassis having a similar effect on the car overall. I really liked the 2010 grid of cars, the Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari were all beautiful machines. Force India and Renault were tidy too. 

  74. Oh the cars were so much better looking back in our day. Syndrome.

    Give it a rest. All those pics are no worse or no better than the current models, just different.

  75. I dońt understand why you guys think the step-nose is ugly. It is a little uncomfortable when you look at it the frist time, But when you get used to it, it’s just a fine design. As a paper model maker, the step-nose is much easier to buil than the V-shape nose IMO.

  76. Jeremy did an awesome job on those cars. I hope he does the black & gold Lotus/Renault next, as well as the Red Bull.

  77. I wish I had @jezson‘s skill with Photoshop. I have an awesome idea in mind for a Visa-themed livery, but what is in my head rarely translates well onto paper because I have no graphical design skills.

    Basically, it’s like Jeremy’s Sauber design. Except the grey is light blue, and the blue section is white. There is also yellow running around the bottom edge of the car. It’s kind of ahrd to explain, but it looks awesome in my mind’s eye.

  78. Mark from Toronto
    31st March 2012, 6:14

    The cars all look great, congrats on the Sauber livery, they need to change their livery to this IMMEDIATELY, it’s fantastic compared to the awful look they have now.

  79. I like the Sauber and Williams, but really think that the Ferrari livery looks better in 2012-spec to that mock-up.

  80. They look superb, especially the Sauber – Well done Jeremy!

  81. The renditions misses one critical aspect in terms of looks. With reduced front wing width to the level showed in the first picture, endplates would likely change back to in-wash rather than remain out-rash oriented in design.
    A pleasing change though, the pre-2009 in-wash wings looked brilliant.

  82. Thanks very much for all your feedback, guys. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

    It was a pleasure to put these together for F1 fanatic and I’m glad they’ve produced some great opinions on how F1 cars look today… be it from an asthetic or technical point of view.

    1. Absolutely adore the ferrari, I wish so much that they would use this. The others too, fantastic job. Please could you have a go at the Mclaren and Mercedes, giving the merc the chrome that should be theirs, and changing the Mclaren’s silver to white (as it should be as Marlboro haven’t patented the colours read and white, and besides, vodafone is red and white!) This would be hugely appreciated :)

  83. Well Ferrari have to have white because that’s the colour used in their 2 main sponsors (Marlboro and Santander). I think the design of the current Ferrari livery looks good, and no one has mentioned the fact that they have a top of a Marlboro packet on the side of each car yet :)

    The black would look good if they went back to the proper colour of Ferrari (the more darker shade), but whilst they have Marlboro and Santander as their sponsors (who’s red’s are virtually the same shade) they won’t be changing any time soon, and that goes for using black and yellow like they used to as well.

  84. And whilst we’re on the subject of liveries….

    Does anyone think that Vodafone are gunna be on the ‘fone’ to McLaren soon about their livery? I ask this because looking at the car during a race you would think Lucozade is the main sponsor as that’s all you see. The only time you see Vodafone is on the drivers clothes and on the rare ocasion you see a camera shot from 90 degrees. They might as well be called Lucozade McLaren Mercedes.

  85. Amazing, these changes looks pretty good, but i prefer Ferrari only in red. Do you have more looks for other cars?

  86. 09 cars looked great, I like the current wings, maybe just reduce the nose height, alla 09 Brawn GP001

  87. All the renditions by Jeremy look great.

    The Ferrari looks a lot like the beautiful Ferrari 641/2 and 643. They were, in my opinion, the best looking modern Ferrari F1 cars.

    The grey Sauber looked very good. But I doubt the sponsor logos would look good on TV.

    The Williams looks superb.

  88. Can you please do that for all the cars???

  89. Great work, Jeremy Hancox. Was really impressed by your creativity and graphic skills.

    But can you modify some cars with wider track at the front and rear, wider rear wheel and low nose (with the nose cone tip touching the front wing)? Would love to see how that looks. I bet it would be awesome!

  90. That C31 would be the most gorgeous car on the grid! Loving the retro Ferrari look too.. Great stuff mr. Hancox!

  91. Lower and slightly wider rear wings – yes!
    No bumpy nose – yes!
    Narrower front wings – to match the rear – yes! Would also make racing easier, without fear of clipping your end plate and ruining your race.
    Surprise no team uses fluo livery, like Massa’s helmet, would stand out so much, surely great for advert revenue.

    Can’t wait for China !

  92. Well well well, “narrower front noses and wider, lower back wings”, well YES, that’s the pre-2009 configuration and it looked a lot more purpose-built, aggressive, than the current line up of big nosed ugliness.
    I think it could even reduce the front nose clipping incidents (and some resulting punctures like Vettel last race).

    Anyway these look great. I don’t particularly like the black on the Ferrari, has to be said, but the Sauber looks sweet. The Williams, I could see them using that livery maybe in one race as a tribute, perhaps the Brazilian grand prix, for Senna. Ayrton couldn’t finish the only brazillian GP he drove for Williams.

  93. Since 1998 until now they are all ugly anyway. I still can not get used to these narrowed wheelchairs. Bring back those 2m wide monsters

  94. The williams design brings back memories when it was the Rothmans williams of 1994, the car senna drove when he tragically died. To bad Bruno senna doesnt have a race seat as yet !

    agreed sauber looks HOT !

  95. Each new detail is something new for those who notice that. My opinion is that slight retro procedures, can significantly improve the appearance of car,s look. ;)

  96. that Williams looks so nice

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