Second reprimand for Schumacher for impeding

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher has been handed his second reprimand of 2012 for impeding a rival during practice.

The Korean Grand Prix stewards found Schumacher had impeded both HRT drivers during second practice in Korea. During the session Schumacher was seen overtaking Pedro de la Rosa at turn three, then delaying the driver whom he apparently felt had held him him.

Schumacher received a similar penalty during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend after cutting part of the track and then slowing at the chicane to hold up Lewis Hamilton.

If Schumacher receives a third reprimand before the end of the season he will receive an automatic ten-place grid penalty under article 18.2 of the Sporting Regulations.

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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    41 comments on “Second reprimand for Schumacher for impeding”

    1. Didn’t know it was possible to hold up an HRT…

      1. LMAO …… that was funny :-)

      2. Nice one :)

      3. Hahaha nice !!

        1. lol good 1

      4. @andae23 A jogger couldn’t hold up an HRT, but that didn’t stop Schumacher from doing it! :)

    2. Funny that who got upset at the scene was MSC himself. Lol.

    3. Is Damon Hill the driver steward this weekend?


      1. No, Cornelly. But as we know, he was the right hand of Max.

    4. Schumacher was out of order. “Impeding” is a euphemism: he blatantly swung his car at De La Rosa to intimidate him. He is lucky not to have a straight drive-through penalty.

      Same old Schumi. Embarrassing.

      1. Nah, the old Schumacher would have busted him off track, driven with illegal Traction Control, bought the FIA, give his teammate a poor car and probably stood on some kittens too.

        1. Don’t forget steal a team-mate’s girlfriend.

      2. @mhop

        He is lucky not to have a straight drive-through penalty.

        That would have been a curious thing to see in a practice session!

        1. @keithcollantine Oops – meant a grid place penalty, of course.

        2. Lol on the drive-through in practice. That would be a first wouldn’t it? Practicing a drive-through penalty for when you get one in the race.

          1. Could be worthwhile for the Williams drivers.

    5. Like him or not… no driver has more WDCs than MSC. He’s a bit ruthless perhaps, but far less so than Senna was in my opinion. If I’d just heard the news that I was sacked and to be replaced by Lewis Hamilton, I wouldn’t be happy and I’d be making everyone’s life miserable on the track… He really doesn’t have to be gracious at this point in his career.

      1. Welll if he’s as tetchy as you say, he’s a danger to himself and everyone else – drivers, mechanics, marshalls.
        Time to go, Michael?

        1. It’s only Lewis that really has to worry ;)

      2. So MSC lunging toward HAM during the race in the card? It would be hilarious.

        1. Where is the like button when you need one? It would be historic!

      3. @alex-bkk I think he has to be as gracious as any other time! You don’t want anyone leaving the sport with that mentality.

        1. @andrewtanner It’s just not the way he wanted to go out Andrew… He retired on his own terms the first time and not too many drivers can say that. He’s done better this year, but then comes the axe. Just getting into his head a bit maybe, and yes he should be gracious… but going out of F1 this way has got to be very frustrating for him with his record.

        2. MS has never been gracious on the track and he certainly has been the most ruthless driver in the history of F1, imho. He wasn’t gracious in 06 at Monaco either. So obviously pending retirement has no effect on his poor behaviour. He would obviously just as soon go out on a sour note than on a high. What does he care? If bad news, which he could have affected by performing better and by inserting himself on the team before they felt they had to go ahead and make a move on a replacement for him, is an excuse to make everone’s life miserable on the track, I shudder to think what that would mean in some races for some drivers.

          1. @robbie … no offence intended, but do you actually think that F1 is a gracious sport? It’s cut throat business from the very top to the very bottom. He simply learned the business better than most.

            1. I did say ‘gracious on the track’ and yes I have always felt that there is room for sportsmanship on the track and MS has displayed the opposite more often than not. Thankfully most F1 drivers would not feel they won honourably by whacking/impeding/bullying someone off the track. MS has always been able to sleep at night with this kind of behaviour which is one of the big reasons I have never been able to garner respect for him. If you are equating ‘cut throat business’ to mean act like you run with your own rulebook on the track, then all I can say is I wholeheartedly disagree and thank goodness the stewards have been putting up with his nonsense far less upon his return to Merc than they did when he was MS/Ferrari.

            2. @robbie He’s always had to play by the rules just like any other driver. Maybe punting Hill off the track was a bit out of line but that was indeed a different era in F1. I haven’t done the math… but perhaps you’d like to do the “Whose had the most reprimands and penalties tally” for the last 3 years. I’m sure it’ll give you someone think about

            3. Ya whatever…this isn’t about whose had the most in the last 3 years…you saying that if someone else has had more reprimands and penalties that somehow erases how many MS has had? Somehow turns him into an angel? Or somehow gives everyone else permission to do it too? For me it’s about how a certain bloke has conducted himself over the last 20 years. You obviously haven’t minded…I have. You consider 94 when he whacked DH a different era. I don’t, and I don’t see how this kind of bad behaviour matters as to when it occured. And you call it a ‘bit’ out of line? That’s the understatement of the year. If that was a bit out of line then I guess you consider all his other behaviour fair game, so we will definitely have to agree to disagree when it comes to MS.

            4. @alex, I hate to bring this up but it was actually DH who punted MS off. @robbie, if you dIslike MS so much you must detest Senna, whose antics on track bordered on criminal at times.

    6. I know others have found him more endearing this second time around, but I still don’t see why. Behavior like this makes me think he hasn’t changed at all.

      1. There have actually been several incidents in his 3 year return that have shown without question he hasn’t changed at all. The biggest and most glaring one that I can recall would be running RB toward the wall at high speed in his first year back with Merc. A leopard can’t change his spots. MS has been consistant in his bullying throughout his career, and it started before F1.

        1. and that’s what most of his fans love about him @robbie

    7. My little joke, before I got sidetracked with a couple of responses, was going to be that if MS keeps this up he’s going to have to get a ride next year rather than retire, just to serve all the penalties he’s about to accumulate in these last handful of races. If he doesn’t get a ride he’s going to have to start his retirement 10 spots back.

      1. What happens if he gets a third reprimand during his last race? Do they move him back ten seats on the plane out of Brazil?

        1. No.. he’ll fly home in a private jet with more dough than you or they’ll ever know… Now that’s the news.

        2. @bullfrog Cargo bay, obviously! :)

          1. Lol, good thing for him and other planes in the area he’s not flying the plane himself…methinks the swerve, the chop, the block, and the whack might have slightly more dire consequences than when he has done it in his car.

    8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      12th October 2012, 17:21

      As said lines above, he can practically do whatever he wants in Brazil, get black flagged and keep driving… of course we won’t see that, i think he would love to do the best he can in Brazil, even try a podium result

    9. I saw the issue involving MS & PDR, from what I saw it was Michael on a hot lap and not the HRT, in fact the HRT got in the way of most of the drivers in both of the practice sessions so are they getting the same treatment that MS has had thrown at him. Probably not, isn’t PDR the Chairman of the Drivers Association, so obviously he could not have been in the wrong, yeah right. The HRT’s need to develop bigger wing mirrors cause they cannot or don’t seem to use them! How come we only seem to see Michael on the receiving end of these penalties, yet we see see other drivers doing worst things like running a driver completely off the road on to dirt (and there have been quite a few just this season), yet all they get is a slap on the hand. Lets be consistent Driver Stewards!

    10. It is what it is. I think we’re making a bit too much out of this. Heck, even Vettel has 2 reprimands, but we don’t talk about his reprimands like this. And he’s a title contender!

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