Fans’ videos from the 2012 Indian Grand Prix

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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A crowd of 65,000 turned out for the second Indian Grand Prix. Here’s what they saw – including Lewis Hamilton’s unusual five-wheel pit stop.

Practice perspectives

Views from two different parts of the track in the build-up to the main event.

The view from turn 15 during the second practice session.

The high-speed turns ten and eleven during qualifying.

The start

A blast of noise at the start line as the race begins.

Alonso vs McLaren

Fernando Alonso and the McLaren pair dispute third place at turn four while the Red Bulls make good their escape.

Schumacher lapped

Lap nine begins and Michael Schumacher appears to be in the lead – but he’s actually about to be lapped after picking up a puncture.

Further back, Timo Glock overtakes Pedro de la Rosa for 20th place.

Five-wheel stop for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton makes an unusual five-wheel pit stop during the race, swapping his steering wheel to fix a gearshift problem.

Hulkenberg stops

Alonso is welcome by the crowd on the slowing-down lap and Nico Hulkenberg pulls up after taking the chequered flag.


Alonso, Vettel and Webber on the podium after the race.

A cheer for the marshals

And finally… the support vehicles and marshals get a cheer from the crowd too.

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2012 Indian Grand Prix

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  1. good to see the marshals getting a cheer. :)

    1. Seconded!

  2. Wow, credit is due where it’s due, the Indian crowd is great and builds an atmosphere!

    1. Yeah, it really gives the impression the crowd is genuinly interested and enjoying the event. It never feels cold and emotionless like Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Korea or Bahrain.

  3. Seriously going to miss the sound of these engines :(((((((

  4. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
    8th November 2012, 6:05

    I was there, I’d like to upload some of my videos too.
    How to do it?

    1. @sksahukanker62 Hi Saurabh, you should create a new Google account here , then you’ll be able to upload videos on YouTube. After you have published them on YouTube, just paste the address in this F1 Fanatic forum thread:

      You can similarly use Flickr as well but I guess YouTube is the better option.

      1. thanks girts, i’ll share some of my pics too :)

    2. Looking forward to them @sksahukanker62!

        1. Sure did! Lucky you to meet up with all these guys :-)

          1. :) :) :)

  5. That pit-stop video gives you an impression just how fast these guys are. When you watch the onboard there’s so much to look at and focus on but from the outside it’s a total blur!

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