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In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone indicated there will be no Turkish Grand Prix in 2013 and the Nurburgring will host the German Grand Prix.


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Ecclestone hopes for Nurburgring deal this week (Reuters)

“It should be the Nurburgring and we are trying to make it happen. I’m talking with them today.”

Nurburgring close to German GP deal, says Ecclestone (Adam Cooper)

“Ecclestone also said that the calendar will stick at 19 races, which means that his attempt to revive the Turkish GP has failed.”

F1 disorganised, blasts Sir Jackie (City AM)

“Was the judgement of yellow and green flags right or wrong in Brazil and why would that have to come up on a Wednesday or Thursday? That is a huge statement of a disorganised function that it should come up then. The whole world is celebrating a new world champion and then that happens on a Wednesday. That is a poor declaration of management.”

A new year and a new project under way (Ferrari)

“In the very first days of February, the new car will be officially unveiled at Maranello ahead of its debut on the track at Jerez immediately afterwards.”

Q&A: Adam Parr (, PDF)

“At the end of 2006, when I had first joined Williams, I attended a dinner in London organised by a sponsor to celebrate the season. After dinner, James Allen interviewed some of the people there. When he approached Bernie to give his views about the season, Bernie [Ecclestone] said ‘I won’t answer unless everyone here has signed a confidentiality agreement.’ I thought he was joking but he said nothing else??”

Marussia sure ’14 costs not impossible (Autosport)

“What the fans want is close competition, not a spending competition.”

‘I am not crazy’ – Grosjean (ESPN)

“That’s what cost me the nickname ‘first lap nutcase’ last year, but even that must be taken in context. Mark said it straight out of the car in Japan, with all the adrenaline of the race still inside him. I apologised which is the most I can do. I am not crazy, I am aware of the risks and I have worked hard to correct my mistakes. Over the last five races, I didn’t have any other problems and there is no reason to believe that I will have any more.”

Maldonado refusing to change (Sky)

“I have won in each of the categories in which I have competed and, every time I walk down the hallway in my house and see everything I’ve achieved with this style, I think I should continue.”

F1 Austin race rings up $2.8 million in alcohol sales (USA Today)

“The Texas comptroller’s office says circuit-related events had $2.8 million worth of beer, wine and mixed drink sales.”

Real Transformer Formula 1 Ferrari (YouTube)

Via WTF1


F1 Race Stars

Codemasters have announced three new downloadable tracks for F1 Race Stars: Canada, China and India. Pictures and more information below.

Comment of the day

Helmut Marko rarely has anything positive to say about Mark Webber but was his latest view really that unreasonable? @JerseyF1 says no:

I actually thought Marko was pretty fair on Webber. To me it sounds like he was saying Mark can be as fast as anyone in races but isn’t able to sustain that over the course of the season – could Webber, looking back at the last two seasons, really argue with that?

He also made clear that the drivers have different preferences in terms of set-up. He didn’t say that they made Mark use Vettel’s set-up but clearly when it goes beyond set-up to car development they will develop towards Vettel’s needs as the main championship contender in the team. The alternative would be like suggesting Ferrari focus development on Massa’s preferences.

Mark had the chance towards the end of the last decade to earn the right to number one status in the team. He had a two year head start at the team and that period pre-dates exhaust blowing which is supposedly his Achilles’ heel. He failed to do that and Vettel grabbed the chance with both hands. If Marko had suggested that Mark was as good as Vettel it would have been ridiculous so why berate him for telling it straight.

From the forum

  • The WRC season starts soon with the 2013 Rally Monte Carlo and @Polishboy808 has written a cracking introductory thread

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Del Boy, Romulo Shortback and Leonardo Antunes!

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On this day in F1

Having been out of a seat in 2002 Jos Verstappen announced his F1 comeback with Minardi on this day ten years ago. But the 2003 season turned out to be his last.

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53 comments on “Nurburgring expected to appear on 19-race calendar”

  1. So this 20th race that was shoehorned into the calendar, and forced many other events to change their dates might not even happen… Nice one

  2. It shows you what sort of human beings Grosjean and Maldonado are, two completely different ones. We saw flashes of emotion after Japan when he did punt Webber off, he apologised, and has attempted to make amends. Whereas Maldonado uses his car as a weapon (Spa, Monaco), and then claims it’s a ‘bad moment’ or something silly like that. There’s a big however with that comment, his performances from after Spa were rather error-free, notably Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Not a big fan of his attitude though. But Grosjean, if he clears his head, as we have seen in 2012, he is able to keep up (and even beat) Kimi, no easy feat.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th January 2013, 0:28

      well said @craig-o I never saw or heard any Pastor’s comments , not even in Spanish, where he apologizes or makes up his mind. He never accepts his mistakes and nothing else aused him the loss of so many points. He showed in Spain what he is able to do and what the car was able to do. I don’t think the car “deteriorated” throughout the season, it was his unability (and Brunno’s) to get the most of it.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        9th January 2013, 0:36

        aused? CAUSED I mean

    2. I agree. I remember feeling quite sorry for Grosjean after Japan. It seemed more like a wrong place/wrong time incident, and he handled it well.

    3. I don’t think that Maldonado hasn’t learned anything from his wild moments. His performance after Spa suggests that he has. I believe he just doesn’t want to show that to his competitors. I don’t blame him for such an attitude in a sport where it is common practice to play mind games.

      1. @girts – I don’t blame him either, it makes other drivers hesitant to pull bold moves in an attempt to overtake him! I doubt you’d see Kimi try doing to Maldonado what he’s done to Schumacher ;)

    4. @craig-o I agree on the issues of the two driver’s attitudes but in terms of the danger they pose to other drivers I feel Grosjean is more of a threat. He appears seemingly unable to concentrate on more than one vehicle and this is particularly evident at the starts, where he has been involved in several collisions. If he survives the start though he is actually very good in wheel-to-wheel combat but his lack of spatial awareness at the start is a problem which I don’t think will be easily remedied.

      As for Maldonado his problem is not a lack of spacial awareness; it is the fact he is far too aggressive. He seems to think that no-one ought to ever overtake him but he can overtake as he pleases. This I feel is an issue of “taming the beast”: Maldonado needs to learn how to pick his fights. If he does that I think he can develop into a fantastic driver as we could see from last year (qualifying in particular) that he is immensely fast and when he stays out of trouble, such as in Spain, he is capable of winning races against no less than Fernando Alonso: a very promising sign indeed.

      Grosjean I feel though is less of an easy fix: his problem isn’t to do with his attitude or aggression but the rather more fundamental issue of his focus – a harder task to resolve. If that can be fixed though I am sure he too can develop into a fantastic driver.

  3. Agree with COTD.

    Watching the Brazilian Gp… what a great race…

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th January 2013, 0:48

      Lucky you, I’m working!

      1. Yeah, Vettel is hugging Schumi right now… what a great moment…

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          9th January 2013, 1:11

          at least I got my race copy too.. Oops, i shouldn’t be saying this it’s illegal nooooo!!!!

          1. Share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeee!!!!

        2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          9th January 2013, 1:31

          @celeste my twittr is @omarenfb there I can tell you where I got it

          1. I just followed you…

          2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            9th January 2013, 1:38

            oks, now I’ll tell you the links , but in a couple of hours cause twtr is blocked by my company network. See you later then!

        3. @celeste how about SKY+? I used to download them but since they’re in HD it takes hours, now i just make copies and also watch them without having to wake up at 6-7am lol (I’m not in europe)

          1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            9th January 2013, 1:47

            @mantresx it’s something I download torrent-way, takes hours but you don’t really have to be there on your computer waiting. I mean you can turn your pc off and continue the D-load at any other time

          2. @mantresx Thanks I live in Latin America, so I can´t access to Sky.

            This conersation is turning highly illigal ;)

          3. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            9th January 2013, 1:50

            Hahhahaa yep we’re busted

  4. Stewart backs France, but its Istanbul or bust for Bernie

  5. Well Helmut Marko was right, Alonso spends his time reading about F1, I know it’s ok because the season hasn’t started yet but I can imagine him doing the same after each race!

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th January 2013, 1:40

      @mantresx I guess to see how many more people buy his samurai quotes!!!

  6. In the site for The Red Bulletin there is part of the interview with Helmut Marko that wasn´t refered to in the earlier post.

    1. Here is a link to the entire article

      THE DOCTOR Is In Session

      1. Thanks!!!

  7. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    9th January 2013, 1:43

    I enjoy reading that redbull

    Fernando, Adrian Newey is not Lewis… he WON’T let any info leak on his Twitter

  8. That interview with Jackie Stewart is a joke. What should FIA have done on Sunday? Issue a press release saying: ‘No one has asked us anything but we just wanted to say that Vettel did not overtake under yellow flags. Moreover, there are no penguins in Jean Todt’s fridge.’? You cannot blame the FIA for bad quality videos that appear on YouTube or misinterpretations of yellow flag rules.

    The rest of his views are not much better.

    “How can you possibly have four different stewards at every Grand Prix? Why have you not got one professional?” said Stewart, who called for “one man who goes to every race who is going to make consistent judgements and has got authority”.

    Sorry but it’s like saying that you don’t need a parliament because one ‘professional’ should decide everything. It’s democracy vs North Korea.

    1. @girts Yeah I’m not with Stewart on this one. I have no difficulty believing that a two-hour Grand Prix featuring 24 competitors requires at least four stewards to keep on top of the various penalty disputes, even with the degree of automation they use now.

      And as for Brazil, I thought the FIA responded very quickly. If anyone deserves criticism for that mess it’s Ferrari for trying to make a fuss over a move which they must have known was legal.

      1. @keithcollantine, I think Sir Jackie has a point that goes beyond this “incident”, as soon as commentators mentioned the possibility that the result could be in doubt the FIA should have issued a clarification and an explanation ( sounds redundant but isn’t). I think Stewarts suggestion of re-instating a professional steward (chairperson of the panel) for all races, like Whitings role in technical direction, is a good idea and with the FIA charging fees of around $1.8 million per race they should be able to afford it.

      2. ferrari did nothing wrong, they asked for clarification and got it.

        Red bull liked to claim they are whiter than white. yet they had another team let them through (STR) as dirty tricks go thats worse than anything they accused ferrari of.

    2. I can, honestly, understand the argument for having one ‘consistent’ steward (or at least one that covers more than one consecutive race, apart from the Driver steward), because it might give more insight into drivers, especially juniors, repeating mistakes.

      Of course, the side effect is you then end up with the situations where every incident may not be considered distinctly/without bias.

      Re: the YouTube thing – Ferrari were right to ask for clarification given the vocal uprising based on iffy video AND the inconsistency of the flags and light boards. It’s not like they argued with the FIAs word – in fact, I think all parties were fairly accepting of the judgement.

      1. @optimaximal

        Ferrari were right to ask for clarification given the vocal uprising

        I disagree entirely. Just because a bunch of people who hadn’t read the rulebook got themselves worked up does not mean Ferrari had to take them seriously.

        1. A clarification is not an objection. They basically said ‘Dear FIA, Did Vettel do something illegal?’. The FIA said ‘No’. Ferrari says ‘Ok, well done Red Bull’.

          The majority of the noise came from the internet, as it does because the footage was sketchy given the weather conditions. I don’t honestly think Ferrari did take it seriously, they just wanted an official ruling on it to shut it down before everything dragged on and on.

          1. Or Ferrari could have just issued a statement that said basically “we are Ferrari and KNOW there was no illegal passes so don’t need to request anything of the FIA.” Instead they came across as either some understaffed HRT who couldn’t keep track of what was happening during the race with their only real competitor on the day; didn’t know what the rules are and how to go and check the timing sheets; or more likely, that they knew there was no issue and they just were being poor sports.

        2. I think it would have been enough if Ferrari themselves had explained why Vettel broke no rule, if they were really so concerned about the confused fans. There was no need to go to the FIA as Ferrari’s confirmation should have convinced everyone even more than FIA’s explanations.

        3. I disagree entirely with @keithcollantine

          There was widespread concern, and rightly so, as it appeared that Vettel overtook 2 or 3 times under yellow flags at various points in the race. The video footage seemed to confirm this and even on this site the self proclaimed ‘fanatics’ could not understand why no penalty was given. Neither was an explanation given by the many Ex-F1 drivers acting as pundits for TV broadcasters around the world who did not seem to know the answer. The rule is confusing and even Keith and others attempted explanations were confusing and inconclusive. Someone at the FIA needed to clarify something before Vettel’s title was de-valued (either correctly or incorrectly) in the publics mind. As the FIA was not forthcoming it was left to Ferrari to seek clarification. I for one am glad they did as it has put the whole issue to bed which was their intention anyway.

          Suggestions that they were somehow trying to steal the title from Vettel are a nonsense only perpetuated by the old ‘Ferrari International Assistance’ brigade who’s thoughts on such matters should be ignored!

          1. @asanator I don’t feel that was an issue for the FIA to resolve: it was a problem created by the media making claims without evidence; the one which particularly surprised me was Alan McNish (himself a race steward) proclaiming during the race that Vettel had overtaken Kobayashi under yellows when in fact it was a slippery surface flag (which is easily distinguishable by its’ colour and the fact it doesn’t flash). So Keith is absolutely correct in that Ferrari shouldn’t have made public their request for clarification as they should’ve known that the move in question was entirely legal and as I have stated below would’ve been better to make the statement themselves if they felt it necessary to silence the wave of ill-informed, ungracious in defeat fans on the Internet.

        4. for max and keith to claim people wanting clarification on a rule are a bunch off ill informed, ungracious fans getting worked up and not reading their rule book is very sad to read, and does not reflect well on either of you. Dont judge people that want info- otherwise no will come to your site would they? Are you saying people wanting to know are a bunch of dim wits. If that is the case it might be worth reminding you of it when you get a rule ‘clarification’ wrong in future. Or when you even question one.

          Is everyone wanting to know about why the team orders rules that were ignored by mclaren in 2005 a bunch of bad losers? Or why ferrari were allowed to run with illegal barge boards in 99 bad losers? the list goes on.

          Rule clarifications is something we hear every other race since f1 started and will continue to do so.

          1. q85 I refer only to the “fans” who jump to conclusions proclaiming that “Vettel should be stripped of his title because he’s a cheat” without actually understanding the rules regarding flags. In actual fact many people have had perfectly reasoned debates on the issue pre-clarification but I am not challenging these people, I am challenging the “devoted” Alonso fans who have a deep-rooted hatred for Vettel for no apparent reason.

            Rule clarifications is something we hear every other race

            Ah, but this wasn’t an issue on rule clarification. The rules regarding flags are longstanding and easily accessible to everyone, so what I am protesting (and what I believe Keith is also protesting) is the fact that fans have jumped to conclusions before actually looking at the evidence.

            That wasn’t the main issue here though: it was the fact that Ferrari requested FIA clarification on the supposed illegal overtake when surely they knew themselves that it was entirely legal – all they have achieved in requesting a clarification (and making public they had done so) is give them a false reputation as being “sore losers”.

            And as for this comment:

            If that is the case it might be worth reminding you of it when you get a rule ‘clarification’ wrong in future. Or when you even question one.

            …I stand to be corrected on any error I perhaps may make and will accept any wrongdoing on my part graciously. So feel absolutely free to challenge me if I misquote, misinterpret or misunderstand any rule I reference to or challenge.

          2. I don’t actually know what happened there! It should look like this:

            Rule clarifications is something we hear every other race

            If that is the case it might be worth reminding you of it when you get a rule ‘clarification’ wrong in future. Or when you even question one.

            I also stand to be corrected on any typo’s or error’s in my comments such as that! ;)

    3. I feel over the issue of Ferrari requesting a clarification that they indeed shouldn’t have publicly announced they have written to the FIA. A much better solution, which would have avoided putting Vettel’s championship in doubt unecessarily, is if Ferrari themselves issued a press release stating the validity of Vettel’s overtake: that would better resolve the issue as I doubt that Ferrari were unsure over the passes’ legality. If Ferrari themselves had clarified the issue as soon as the situation arose that would have probably stopped me from having this rant!

      No matter how delusional the fan (or ill-informed) I fail to see how they could argue with a statement from Ferrari themselves. Really the only reason this situation arose is because the media made a story from it without actually having an understanding of the circumstances which is poor journalism as far as I’m concerned and because F1Fanatic doesn’t make these claims I hold it in such high esteem!

  9. I spotted a scent of disbelief in Fernando’s tweet, like as if he himself were almost entirely sure Ferrari won’t be one of the two fastest cars in 2013.

    Clearly, he still needs rest. He has to turn away from these things and focus on what can he do for that elusive third title.

    1. @atticus-2 I sniffed that out too. The fact he took the comment as praise rather than for granted suggests to me his expecting Ferrari to be out of touch with Red Bull yet again in terms of raw pace. Of course, we will only find out the true story at the very earliest in Barcelona (if Red Bull are to miss the first test) and more likely in Q3 in the dying minutes at Australia!

      Actually while I’m on the subject of Red Bull’s presence (or lack thereof) at the first test, any news on the matter @keithcollantine?

  10. Haha I loved reading alonso’s tweet…tongue and cheek in there. Great come back hehehe. By the way..if helmut marko thinks alo wasn’t fully focused last season, then I can’t wait to see how a perfect alonso drives..doesn’t bode to well for the fully focused vettel who just beat an unfocused alonso in a car that on average was slower than the redbull ;) ok dig over now

  11. Don’t agree with Jackie Stewart’s view on the Brazil yellow flag incident (Or lack of) with Vettel.

    It was not flagged up after the race because there was nothing to flag up. It only became a story because some fans felt it was an issue (Having missed the waving green flag) & posted video’s & images on the internet which someone from Ferrari saw & felt a clarification was needed.

    On the issue of having a permanent steward, You don’t need the same people at every race in order to get consistent rulings because the stewards at each meeting can go back & watch video of past incidents as well as see detailed information on why a decision was made in the past & this should allow them to reach consistent rulings on similar incidents in the future.
    Also consider that we had a permanent race steward from around 2006-2009 I believe & people still complained about a lack of consistency.

    The only thing consistent is the fact that fans will moan about a lack of consistency regardless of what stewarding system is in place.

  12. Bad news about Turkey! Good about the but Nurburgring though! The summer schedule looks like a mess.

    Oh and yeah, people ought to check out that WRC forum thread, brilliant stuff!

    1. Why can’t they have Valencia or even Hockenheim to fill the gap.

  13. Far and away the best part of the Transformer’s video was the woman walking by at around 0:39, looking at the moron in the box, and deciding she wants nothing to do with this. I’d like to think that she carries with her, a little bit of all of us.

    1. you mean the one dressed up like a character out of Avatar? lol

  14. Didn’t the Beeb choose the unassigned race as one of their live ones. Can they choose another race to put on live if it is dropped, or will they be stuck with 9?

    1. Yes they did.

      I would hope that they can get hold of Austin or Singapore instead. They did a good job of avoiding the boring races this year (Bahrain -if it happens and it is boring, Monaco is a boring race to watch, Hungary is a pole to flag procession without overtaking).

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