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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 2013

Lewis Hamilton talked about his upcoming debut for Mercedes while visiting the team in Stuttgart yesterday. See what he had to say in this video:

Hamilton also had a chance to examine some of Mercedes’ classic Grand Prix racing cars in their heritage museum.

Among the cars in this video are a 1934 W25 of the type he drove in 2009. He also had a look at a 1954 W196 in both streamliner and non-streamliner form, the last car Mercedes won a Grand Prix with until last year:

More on Hamilton’s first public day at Mercedes:

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13 comments on “Hamilton talks about Mercedes and their first F1 cars”

  1. mercedes created some of the most stunning cars between the 30’s and 50’s.

    1. Hopefully they’ll create some more from 2013 onwards. How I wish Bernie could organize a few-lap race between Ham and Alo each driving their team’s historical car from the same season, preferably in a race weekend on some of the classic circuits.

      1. @klaas

        That would be the most awesome thing I would ever want to witness… And it should be at Spa… In the wet… :-D

        Otherwise Monaco.

    2. Ryan Fairweather
      23rd January 2013, 13:18

      At Goodwood revival would be a good place to do it.

  2. Something just doesn’t quite work on camera when Hamilton is doing his Mercedes stuff, I can’t put my finger on it!

    1. They are missing that McLaren PR touch and control, this seems more informal I think.

      1. I know and it’s a good thing. Hopefully we’ll get to see the real Lewis more, although everyone will still continue to bash him because he enjoys wearing hats, jewellery and likes rap music.

        1. @tommyb89 – From me anyway it’s all in good humour! For me Hamilton’s appearance or music tastes do nothing to affect his fantastic speed, although I have to say I am very critical of his adventures on twitter! ;)

        2. Amen to that @tommyb89, Rosberg’s after race small video’s certainly feel genuine, so I hope we get to see more of Hamilton like this too.

          In a way its funny how he is “back with Mercedes” now, that does look like a bit of a PR spin from the team to me :-)

      2. @xusen He’s not wearing a hat!

        1. Haha..good catch, that’s another trade mark missing.

  3. The old Mercedes F1 cars’ cockpits are ridiculously camped (as Hamilton didn’t fail to point out)! I couldn’t imagine now driver’s in cars where the steering wheel was so close to you face and no seat belts: it looks almost as if you could fall out of the car if you didn’t hang on through the corners! Safety has progressed immensely since then but I will say one thing: those cars are mesmerisingly beautiful.

  4. I really really want that shell jacket in the last part of his video but seeing that a mclaren one costs £120 it will probz be £200 for Mercedes one.

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