2013 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 109
2 Lotus 93
3 Ferrari 77
4 Mercedes 64
5 Force India 26
6 McLaren 23
7 Toro Rosso 7
8 Sauber 5
9 Williams 0
10 Marussia 0
11 Caterham 0

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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50 comments on “2013 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points”

  1. So weird to se Mclarean in 6th place …

    1. the 3rd mercedes team !

  2. You have to give it to Hamilton, he’s been driving very maturely this season. I think a win is imminent.

    1. Agreed, considering the pace of the Mercedes I think he did a truly brilliant job of damage limitation today.

    2. I can see him being very consistent for the entire season, but struggling for it all to come together for a win. If Mercedes have stronger race pace anywhere, then he has a real shot, otherwise he will be strongly relying on retirements.

      1. I think Monaco/Canada will be his best bet for the win. In Monaco MSC had provisional pole last year and ROS was on the podium, so the Merc should be quick. And in Canada, well it’s Lewis… 5 appearances, 3 wins, 3 poles, another front row start. Only 2008 (Pit lane crash) and 2011 (Pit wall crash with JB) has he not finished there with a win on the cards in 2008 as well.

        If not then a really consistent year will be heaven for Lewis after last year. Totally in the right frame of mind and always pushing as he showed today :)

        1. @loomx92 – not to mention tyre degradation is far less of a problem.

          1. @vettel1 mmm, I think that’s the biggest thing for them at the moment.

        2. I think you’re probably right about Monoco, I think it’s Mercedes’s (and Lewis’s) most realistic chance for a win. Canada is also a good bet.

    3. I have agree with you when it comes to maturity but I’m not sure a win is imminent. Mercedes always disappointed me for recent years…

    4. I don’t think Lewis will win a race anytime soon, because Mercedes has no race pace. Besides, top teams will outpace Mercedes in development race and they will fall behind.

      1. Maybe not, they surely aren’t above spending the money recently, also I am keeping an eye on Spanish GP. Hamilton is quick around there and the Mercedes went well in testing. But it will be a toss up with everyone hustling upgrades.

    5. Excelent season so far. 3rd on championship points with a car with little race pace.
      But people will overlook that.

      1. lol if people think Alo maxed out last years car then Hamilton is doing the same, people said Ferrari were not quick last year well their race pace last year was much better than Merc this year, so Hamilton is doin a Fernando and maxing is opportunities, granted they are quick in qually but that means nothing these days. 5th 3rd 3rd 5th is good imo.

      2. its not like it has little race pace, it has quite good pace, especially compared to last year, and it has 2 poles already.

        1. yes and 2 times on pole they go backwards Merc do not have good race pace, getting 2 poles is what to do with race pace exactly?

          1. There race pace is certainly decent. Definitely not a good as Red Bull, Lotus or Ferrari, but better than the midfield teams of which Mercedes was formerly a member (and McLaren).

        2. I think you understood what I sad. Little pace compare to the other top runners.

    6. Have to give that, his driving has being very calm, it doesn´t show the impatien e of last years. Kudos to Hamilton for improving…

      1. “Doesn’t show the impatience of last year”

        A common misconception that seems to have carried over from Hamilton’s 2011. He drove a lot better last year than many give him credit for, because they remember 2011, and for me, this year is just a continuation of his great form. If we accept the the Merc is the 4th fastest “race car”, he is 6 places higher in the championship than his car deserves to be, yet we hear nothing like the compliments Alonso received last year for doing a similar job (although Alonso arguably had the fastest or 2nd fastest “race car” in Malaysia, and didn’t do that great in the other flyaways)

        1. Sorry, 4 not 6.

  3. Johnny walker
    21st April 2013, 15:01

    I hope kimi wins the next race

    1. I hope he wins the championship. The Vettel-Alonso battle is a bit boring, it would be nice to have a third member in the party and with Kimi driving really well and with great consistency I think, and hope, we can see him do more great things.

  4. Do Minh Thai
    21st April 2013, 15:01

    Vettel is a Wind Angel. This year, he will be number 1.

    1. I’ll +1 that!

  5. Vettel is most consistent so far and fast. Shame that Alonso suffered 2 bad weekend. Still I think there’s enough race to catch up.

  6. Lewis has more championship points than Rosberg, Button and Perez put together. He is even leading Alonso. Brawn says money well spent :)

    1. Lewis has surpassed Schumi’s total points of 2012 (49) in just 4 races

      1. For further comparison:

        142 is the modern Mercedes points record (Rosberg 2010).
        76 was Schumacher’s best Mercedes total (2011).

  7. Engines Championship:
    Renault 202
    Mercedes 113
    Ferrari 85

    Just for fun so Renault don’t feel left out! ;)

    1. I like this.

    2. *Ferrari – 89

    3. Cosworth???

        1. Sarcasm?

          1. Okay? ;)

  8. Vettel’s the only one to have led a lap in every race so far – that definitely reflects in the driver’s standings. Consistency is key, and he is also the only one to have finished in the top 4 in every race so far (3rd, 1st, 4th, 1st) and very nearly made that a 3rd in China so if that continues he’s got to be favourite for the title yet again.

    1. Max, Ham 5th 3rd 3rd 5th is good two I think it all depends weather Merc can challenge in the devolopement race but your guy was brilliant today I have to say, I think Hamilton was v god aswell 9th to 5th Rosberg 1st to 9th.

    2. He had startling pace today. For the championship’s sake he can’t have too many more afternoons like he just had or it’ll be more 2011 than 2012. I still feel Alonso and Ferrari can challenge. If it weren’t for Alonso hitting Vettel in Malaysia and the DRS disaster today I’d say Alonso would have been on the podium in every race.

      The pace is there in both cars for it to be a great dogfight between Vettel and Alonso all season. I hope it happens.

    3. He did drive extremely well today, there’s no doubt he’s incredibly skilled at getting his car to where it needs to be. Still it’s very early on in the season and there’s no doubt that it’s going to remain close. Alonso and Raikonnen (and Hamilton, to a lesser degree) pose a very serious threat to Vettel’s championship hopes. The only reason Alonso isn’t up there right now is because of a poor strategic decision in China and a technical failure today, Vettel should be thanking his lucky stars that no such misfortune has come his way.

  9. A quick point what was every one saying about Sutil after Aus, Di Resta as dominated Sutil since.

    1. Sutil was pretty much taken out by a certain Sauber driver in China and suffered an early puncture after being hit by Massa this race. They both retired in Malaysia. I wouldn’t say either has been dominating the other yet.

    2. U have to consider Sutil’s incident with Guttierez and Massa in the last 2 grand prixs. I still think Paul wud have beaten him today and it was a great drive

  10. @Adam. I agree 100%. I was very impressed with him today. The car had no race pace and yet he finished 5th! That’s very good for someone who started down in 9th.

    1. it was a weird result for hamilton, he was never fast, not the 5th fastest as the result shows, but at the end a few others required further stops at the end or their tyres ran out, while hamilton had for once a well timed tyre management run through the whole race – possibly as a direct result of not having the pace – so the tyres didnt wear out that fast. that and 2 ferraris falling apart ahead of him. mercedes have a strong package, 2 poles in a row, but it already looks like they are falling away to 4th or 5th in race pace, just like the past 3 years. today was probably more tyre related, but force india even seemed faster then them. another year of starting good and getting worse and worse for mercedes?

      1. “hamilton had for once a well timed tyre management run through the whole race”

        Yet another common misconception about Hamilton.

  11. Paul Di Resta confuses me. Every time I quite make up my mind that he is no good, he manages to pull of these drives, not spectacular ones, but cool, calm ones. And the funny thing is even afterwords I can’t seem to recollect any special move that he made or any piece of amazing defending.

    While, I’ve always felt that he has more skill than out and out pace, he seems to me more like a Jenson Button than a Hamilton or Alonso. Yet, for the moment he drove his two-stopper well and while it can be argued that a three stopper would have dropped him quite down the grid, I am sure he would’ve pulled it off. The only tactical error was the team’s by keeping him out for that one or two laps more early on in the race.

    1. Is not that confusing really. He ain’t that great but his decent. And that’s about it. A decent driver in a good day with a decent car so is not strange that he pulled that resold.
      A great driver would pull that more often. That’s the difference. Also his defense against Gronjean in the end was miserable. He didn’t even bother fighting for the inside line that would force Gronjean to go around him from the outside.

    2. I also get the feeling he could out-whine Button quite easily…

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